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Aerospace Mechanic

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Military-trained jet engine mechanic offering more than 2 years of experience working on F100 jets and more than 3 years on OH-58 helicopters. Experience includes inspecting, removing, disassembling, repairing, testing, reassembling, and installing various aircraft accessories prior to flight, according to technical manuals and guidelines. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and TAMMS.


1998 - Present
Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice
Inspect, remove, repair, adjust, reassemble, and install various parts including the gear box, compressor (fan), augmentor, augmentor exhaust nozzle, turbine section, engine accessories (such as exciter, fuel pump, anti-ice valve, igniter, and fuel control), engine manifolds/electrical wiring, and core engine. Perform hourly, quarterly, and time compliance inspections to determine which parts need repair or replacement. Measure parts to determine wear, determine which parts are serviceable or non-serviceable, replace defective components, and reassemble units. Repair serviceable parts onsite or send to support/depot level for more complicated work. Operate forklifts.
• Received a Navy Achievement Medal in March 1999 for working eight hours straight until 1:00 a.m. (ran an engine in the hush-house prior to test cell equipment going down for calibration).

1997 - 1998

Diesel Engines, Starke, Florida
1995 - 1997
Fuel Injection Specialist

1991 - 1995
Cannon Crew Member
Received training at Ft. Bragg (North Carolina) from October 1991 to December 1991. Transferred to Germany until December 1992 and then to Ft. Sills (Oklahoma) until February 1995.

UNITED STATES NAVY, Texas and Florida
1989 - 1991
OH-58 Helicopter Mechanic
Performed similar responsibilities to those of a jet engine mechanic. Performed daily inspections prior to flight. Replaced main rotor mast assembly. Rigged cyclic and collective control systems. Replaced tail rotor hub and blade assembly.
• Awarded an Expression of Commendation in August 1990 for completing additional maintenance courses through the Smart Troop program


(Military) Certificate - Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice - Jet Engine / F100 (518 hours) - October 1999
(Military) Diploma - OH-58 Helicopter Repair - August 1990
(Military) Licensed to operate a 2-15,000K G&D forklift

Aircraft Common Hardware, Safety Procedures, Aircraft Electrical Power Systems, Basic Hydraulics, Hydraulic Plumbing, Hydraulic Systems and Components, and Aircraft Technical Drawings

ITT Technical Institute
A.A.S., Electronic Engineering Technology

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Air Force Medical Assistant

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Medical professional with over 9 years experience, seeking a Nursing Assistant position with an organization that will benefit from strong achievements, significant skills, and knowledge. Recognized for excellent interpersonal, organizational, problem solving and communication skills.


• Family Practice • Dermatology • Labor and Delivery
• Postpartum • Nursery • Stress EKGs
• Minor Surgeries • Infection Control • IV Therapy
• Direct Patient Care • Nebulizer Treatments • Skin/Venipuncture

• Excellent leader - Supervised five medical and four administrative personnel.
• Delegated assignments based on skill level and needs - maintained high quality patient care.
• Dedicated to development of peers - increased skills of 12 medical technicians and five administrative technicians.
• Took charge of Pseudofolliculitis program - developed database to track over 60 people treated annually.
• Proactively updated schedules - implemented new appointment types, increased access by 25%.
• Recognized patient advocate - named "Customer Service Hero" for excellent care.
• Provided thorough training and orientation to six personnel on primary care processes.
• Monitored medical expense performance reports for 16 personnel.
• Eliminated schedule conflicts - decreased weekly time required for schedules by 20%.


U.S. Air Force
1992 - Present
Medical Assistant
Assisted professional personnel to plan, provide and evaluate patient care including inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency services, and disaster preparedness.
• Provided medical technician support for over 2,500 adult and pediatric patients per month.
• Oversaw $68,000 of medical supplies and equipment, controlled and coordinated clinic requirements.
• Supervised, evaluated and counseled five medical and four administrative technicians.
• Created and maintained provider schedules and templates utilizing Composite Health Care System.
• Established, monitored and conducted initial and continuing education training requirements for personnel.
• Assisted in creation, revision, and implementation of operating instructions, policies, and job descriptions.
• Perform duties pertaining to care and treatment of neurological patients.
• Assisted in care and treatment of allergy patients and administration of immunizations.
• Maintained medical records, thorough and accurate in completion of reports and patient documentation.
• Organized, directed, and coordinated medical technician support for over 1,200 outpatient visits per month.


Registered Emergency Medical Technician
CPR Certified

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Aircraft Maintenance Technician Federal Employment

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


11/01/01 – Present, 50 hours per week, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN, $17 per hour, Vertex Aerospace, 1160 Saratoga Ave, NAS Kingsville, TX 78364, Jon Doe, 360-516-1212. Perform Contractor Maintenance on assigned aircraft to meet and exceed Contractual obligations, customer Requirements and Standards for aircraft availability, and Contract profitability. Maintain Airworthiness of C-130A, DC-6, and DC-7 firefighting air tankers for United States Forest. Meet Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple, Complex projects ranging from extensive aircraft modifications and detailed Aviation Maintenance records keeping to advanced logistical research.

AVIATION MAINTENANCE OVERSIGHT: Coordinate and conduct annual Aviation Maintenance Inspections and subsequent repairs according to Federal Aviation Administration approved and manufacturer’s Standards and Requirements. Lead team of augmentation Contractor Personnel when dispatched with aircraft to various air-tanker bases in western United States. Audit Aviation Maintenance Inspections of Aviation Maintenance Inspection team members. Train other Contractor Personnel in Aviation Maintenance Activities for assigned aircraft.

AVIATION MAINTENANCE EXPERTISE: Perform Alterations, Modifications, and structural repairs to supported airframes and other major components. Overhaul T-56 turbine engines and R3350 Radial engines. Carry out routine Aviation Maintenance Activities on wide range of aircraft electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, engine, oxygen, fire extinguishing, and pneumatic systems, including scheduled and unscheduled inspections, emergent repairs, and operational checks. Expertly operate precision measuring and test equipment, hand tools, and other special tools.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Sustained DC-7 air tanker in mission ready up status for 100% on-call firefighting support, with aggressive Preventative Maintenance and repairs over two months while sole Aircraft Maintenance Technician deployed with aircraft and crew. Secured deployment logistical and supply resources locally for ready availability. Achieved sustained Zero-Percent Defect Rate in overhaul of 28 R3350 radial engines over 19 months as Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician for project.

10/15/99 - 10/30/00, 43 hours per week, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN, $15.50 per hour Boeing Aerospace Operations, 1160 Saratoga Ave, NAS Kingsville, TX 78364, John Doe, 212-555-1212.
Performed majority of same duties as above for Butler Aircraft Company. Maintained Airworthiness of Cessna, Piper, and Beech single- and multi-engine aircraft. Conducted standard Aviation Maintenance Activities on variety of aircraft electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, oxygen, and pneumatic systems. Established strong reputation for providing high quality maintenance and customer satisfaction in safe and timely manner.

08/01/96 - 09/14/99, 40 hours per week, C-130 PROGRAM MANAGER, E-7, HQ 15th Air Force, 540 Airlift Drive, Travis AFB, CA 94535, John Doe, 707-424-2965. Provided Program Management Oversight of C-130 Program of 143 AMC, ANG, and AFRC C-130 aircraft, Aviation Maintenance Activities of 99 professionals, and $2.5 billion dollars in support equipment and supplies throughout 15th Air Force area of responsibility. Directed 15th Air Force Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives guiding Multiple and Complex logistical planning for worldwide deployment of mobility forces supporting US national interests.

Furnished Single-Point-of Contact Technical Expertise and Guidance to senior staff members and all regional Aviation Maintenance Activities, with emphasis on funds forecasting and resource planning. Inspected and evaluated Aircraft Maintenance Activities at nine subordinate units, executing total Oversight of Shops, Contractor Activities, Work Processes, and Aircraft Systems, with Continuous Process Improvement feedback.

Managed 15th Air Force Training Review Process, supplying Commander with clear overview of training quality and efficiency for nearly 17,200 enlisted personnel, including deficiencies requiring attention and change-management visibility. Oversaw Pacific Theater en route-ground-trainer program. Managed logistics unit and individual maintenance awards program.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Earned Air Force Meritorious Service Medal (Second Oak Leaf Cluster) for successful aggressively coordinated actions to ensure high state of Aviation Maintenance readiness to meet USAF Global Engagement requirements. Eliminated environmentally unsafe C-130 aircraft engine wash requirements, saving over 700 man-hours per year. Improved Pacific theater en route maintenance operations for C-17 systems, by drafting and implementing comprehensive training plan to increase lead technicians’ proficiency. Identified and resolved severe shortage of C-130 defensive armor kits. Re-equipped entire C-130 fleet to full defensive configuration for high-threat areas, through planning and coordinating funding and logistics to obtain kits from other active duty units. Developed and implemented Policies and procedures to realign improper Aviation Maintenance practices with corporate Standards and Requirements. Authored computerized training review process implemented by higher authority to assess enlisted training and provide continual improvement.

02/01/93 - 07/30/96, 40 hours per week, AVIATION MAINTENANCE PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT, E-7, 731st Air Mobility Squadron, Hickam AFB, HI, Chief Sergeant John Doe. Managed all Aviation Maintenance Program Activities as Airworthiness Expert Overseeing Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Complex planning, inspecting, repairing, and servicing of Multiple USAF aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, C-130, and C-141. Provided Technical Expertise and Guidance to manage production efforts of 123 personnel in 10 different technical fields performing Aircraft Maintenance. Served as Senior Maintenance Representative when deployed to numerous worldwide locations supporting airlift operations. Regularly assumed flight superintendent duties. Balanced people issues with mission demands.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: earned the Air Force Achievement Medal after being hand-selected to lead maintenance operations in support of Operation DEEP FREEZE ’95, and instrumental to 94% launch reliability there and 100 % rate to New Zealand. Consistently maintained 98% or better aircraft Return-to-Service and departure reliability rate within safe and healthy work environment. Salvaged launch and recovery operations for C-141 aircraft supporting COOPERATIVE OSPREY joint US/former Eastern Bloc forces exercise. Resolved logistical challenges to repair aircraft mission-critical discrepancies, ensuring minimum ground time and on-time takeoff, by exercising superior decision-making Technical Expertise and Guidance. Produced high quality technicians in short order through creation of key upgrade training program.

11/16/89 - 01/30/93, 40 hours per week, AVIATION MAINTENANCE INSPECTION TEAM CHIEF, E-6, 86th Airlift Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Master Sergeant John Doe, 960-775-6684. Managed Aviation Maintenance Inspection team of 59, providing Oversight of Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple and Complex phases of Aviation Maintenance Inspection and preplanned maintenance tasks. Directed all Aviation Maintenance Activities during inspection process, providing Technical Expertise and Guidance. Interpreted inspection discrepancies and determined validity of corrective actions. Evaluated individual system discrepancies and verified delivery priorities when ordering mission-critical components. Ensured sufficient levels of properly trained and fully qualified personnel to perform Aviation Maintenance Inspections and required maintenance.

Managed Aviation Maintenance Organization, providing Oversight of Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple and Complex weapon systems valued in excess of $500 million, as Maintenance Squadron Assistant Systems Section Chief. Managed maintenance and safety programs and performance of 59 personnel across 13 different Aviation Maintenance fields. Led safely performed Aviation Maintenance efforts to support 17 assigned HC-130 Combat Shadow, MC-130 Combat Talon II, and MH-53J PAVE LOW III helicopters. Oversaw more than $8.5 million in Aviation Maintenance resources assigned to seven different functional areas. Concurrently I performed full-time duties and responsibilities of Section Safety Program Manager, Section Self-Inspection Program Manager, and Flight Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO) Manager.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Decreased inspection flow time 30% through Aviation Maintenance Inspection process improvement and effective short- and long-term goal setting, as Isochronal Inspection Team Supervisor. Eliminated over $67,000 in duplicate supplies by integrating Inspection Dock with Heavy Maintenance shop to improve use of resources and personnel skills. Concretely increased capabilities of over 800 personnel and readiness of multiple weapons systems, while serving as Maintenance Squadron Assistant Systems Section Chief. Accomplished consistent timely, correct, and complete documentation of aircraft maintenance records, special inspections, and Time Compliance Technical Orders, through aggressive and effective management.


BS, Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL 32117, May 99, GPA 3.60

AS, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Community College of the AF, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112, Aug 95, GPA 3.99


Maintenance Engine Run C-141 Initial Course, Jun 97, 24 hours; Aircraft Maintenance Technician, C-141, 2A5X1J, Sep 96, 136 hours; C-141 Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Transition/En Route), 2A5X1J, Aug 93,186 hours; C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Specialist Courses, 431x2, Mar 81, 453 hours.


FAA INSPECTION AUTHORIZATION, Jan 01; FAA AIRFRAME AND POWER PLANT CERTIFICATE, Federal Aviation Administration, Sep 98; FCC GENERAL RADIO OPERATORS LICENSE, Mar 98; Air Force Meritorious Service Medal (Second Oak Leaf Cluster); Air Force Achievement Medal; Air Force Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter; Squadron Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter; Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, IE 6.0, and Advanced Maintenance Information System (MIS) Applications. Volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, Cub Master, Pack 27, Redmond, Oregon.

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Civil Structural Engineer Best

Heinz Schroeder
192 High Street, New York, NY 01644 / Tel# (207) 555-8833 Email:

Civil / Structural Engineer


Lead Structural Engineer with over ten years construction experience including regional and international projects specifically related to the power industry. Managed all technical aspects of highly complex construction projects. Quickly solved problems and made decisions using site data, design goals, and local and industry standards. Highly developed technical expertise with full range of engineering and project management software knowledge.


· Establishment of Master Plan to direct civil/structural design and construction activities.
· Site supervision and effective management of engineering personnel.
· Ability to handle all site civil work, from execution to hand-over phase.
· Technical expert with Staad/Pro, Robot Millennium, Safe, PCA-Col, Prokon, Powline, PCI-Mat, Xsteel, AutoCad, DesignCad, Visio, Excel, Word, Project, and GIS.


1998 – Present
Civil / Structural Engineer
Supervised two civil engineers, guided structural decisions, provided design support, and approved final design work. Managed two-year, $10M project to successful completion.
· Managed and directed a team of six engineers, successfully completing all projects on-time and under budget.
· Managed all cutting and work schedules for steel and civil work to guarantee just-in-time supply without delays or storage issues.
· Maintained the quality of work to ensure strict adherence to Municipality Regulations.
· Implemented and enforced work schedule, completing 92% of tasks on-time or earlier.

1995 – 1998
Design Engineer
Served as Structural Design Engineer for $6B international project involving design of telecommunications towers for Microwave, GSM, and SRS systems. Verified all shop drawings and designed tower foundations and modifications for RC buildings, requiring complicated, challenging, and creative structural engineering analysis approaches and solutions.
· Implemented pre-tensile beams and hollow core for large spans. Designed latticed steel structures, including cable Gantries (portiques) and towers connecting the main line to the station (380/132/33 KV).
· Achieved 24% cost savings by improving solutions, researching lower prices, controlling quality, and maintaining schedules.
· Maintained ACI-318, ASCE, and UBC standards using Staad/Pro, Prokon, and Excel software to manage project tasks.

1992 - 1995
Architectural Designer
Designed equipment buildings with extensive electromechanical requirements, including slab and wall openings, trenches, basements, rafts, overhead cranes, and various embedments. Designed to anticipate extreme vibration and dynamic loads. Analyzed topographic aerial photographs for data points.
· Issued complete shop drawings for all designs observing strict ACI-318, UBC and ASCE standards for concrete, and EIA-222, AISC, ASCE standards for steel structures.
· Redesigned 3 main buildings with a better solution for the main steam turbine building, the workshop building, and the administration building.
· Conducted and evaluated experiments and models to make reliable recommendations.
· Prepared “method of procedure” reports for various stages of construction to ensure safety.

1990 - 1992
Supported projects including recreational harbor expansion, highway repair, and residential dwelling enhancements. Provided technical support, assisted with tender stage and preliminary solution proposals, created detailed project drawings, and solved various construction difficulties.
· Produced shop drawings to support sub-contractor bid and development permit processes.
· Attended commission and planning board meetings to supply detailed technical background for development plans.
· Managed reproduction and organization of all project blueprints to ensure ready access to design and working drawings.


Master of Science (Structural Engineering), 1995
Long Island University, New York, New York

Bachelor of Science (Architecture), 1990
Manhattan College, New York, New York


· New York State professional engineering license
· Passed NCEES structural engineering examinations
· American Public Works Association (APWA)
· American Society of Civil Engineers
· Outstanding Performance Award, City of New York, 2000

Customs Enforcement Instructor Federal Employment

128 Main Street
Beaumont, TX 77710
Day: 925-555-9999 ▪ Evening: 925-555-9999 ▪
Social Security No:



U.S. Citizen
Veteran's Status:


Federal Status:

Highest Federal Civilian Job:

Immigration Enforcement Agent, GS-1801–10/5, 03/01-Present
Announcement: HHOTD/02-002JDB
Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs Service

§ 10 years proven investigative, security, and law enforcement experience.

§ Skilled in interviewing, fraud detection, and interrogation techniques.

§ Strong knowledge of immigration law, including seagoing vessel crew and passenger search and seizure procedures.

§ Well-developed people skills: Interact with multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.

§ Trained in weapons, self-defense, and physical takedown and pacification techniques.

§ Expert in fingerprinting and suspect computer information gathering.

§ Computer Skills: Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Infotek, NCIC, INLETS, and NAILS.

Bachelor of Science, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Dec. 1992
Minors: English, Sociology & Psychology
§ G.P.A: 3.325, Class Ranking: 32/277
§ Dean’s List, Three Semesters
§ National Honor Society for Freshmen
§ National Honor Society for Sociology
Frank W. Cox, Virginia Beach, VA, High School Diploma, Jun. 1988

§ Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Oct. 1995
§ Baton Certified, Jan. 1999
§ First Aid/CPR Instructor, Apr. 1998
§ Qualified, .40 Caliber Berretta, Jul. 1997
§ Qualified, .38 Caliber Revolver, 1993
126 Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX 77060
Aug. 1997 to Present
Immigration Enforcement Agent
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: GS-9/1
Ending Salary: GS-10/5
Supervisor: Mr. Roger Smith, (281) 884-5724
Supervisor may be contacted
Interviewed possible criminal aliens, often in second language of Spanish, in order to establish citizenship, and if suspects were subject to immigration charges. Coordinated interview schedule with Harris County Deputies, advising for special circumstances, and with other agents assigned to special shift teams. Operated agency computerized information-gathering systems, compiling and completing forms to detain/deport criminal aliens. Photographed and manually fingerprinted subjects. Used computer-generated program to take and process fingerprints. Informed supervisor of any important events or details that occurred on shift. Stayed well-informed of current laws and their changes and applications affecting unit.
§ Processed each alien that came into custody of Alien Criminal Apprehension Unit, preparing all paperwork necessary for presentation to immigration court or other immigration system destination.
§ Efficiently prepared accurate computer-generated documentation used for applying charges of law violations.
§ Expertly extracted accurate information and interpreted applicable law.
126 Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX 77060
Jan. 1993 to Aug. 1997
Immigration Inspector
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: GS-5/10
Ending Salary: GS-9/1
Supervisor: Ms. Marion Gladstone, (305) 742-6473
Supervisor may be contacted
Determined nationality and citizenship of persons arriving from foreign countries or territories to determine admissibility, immigration law violations, and benefit qualifications, often communicating in second language of Spanish. Coordinated tasks and search efforts with U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard when working at seaport. Worked in tandem with U.S. Agriculture and U.S. Customs for tasks and search responses at airport. Informed airport security personnel of necessary procedures for working within Immigration Inspection Area. Manually and computer fingerprinted subjects. Collected information from databases such Infotek, NCIC, INLETS, and NAILS to obtain most current, possible criminal profiles on subjects. Informed supervisors of any relevant events or incidents occurring on shift.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Immigration Inspector, Continued
§ Quickly and efficiently determined admissibility with excellent customer service skills.
§ Conducted inspections/examinations on cruise ships and freighters arriving at seaport in cooperation with U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard.
§ Commonly worked joint task forces at airport with U.S. Customs and U.S. Agriculture.
§ Ethics, Aug. 2001
§ EEO Managing Change and Transition, Dec. 2000
§ Computer Security Awareness, Aug. 2000
§ Interviewing and Interrogation, Jun. 2000
§ Collapsible Steel Baton, Jun. 2000
§ Airborne and Blood Pathogen, May 2000
§ NCIC, Dec. 1998
§ Excel Intermediate, Feb. 1998
§ Microsoft Word, Jan. 1998
§ Customer Service/Public Relations, Oct. 1997
§ Marine Inspector Enforcement, Aug. 1997
§ Immigration Officer Basic Course, with Honors, Jul. 1997
§ Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Jun. 1997
§ Received Employee Award for outstanding work performance in maintaining superior accuracy and timeliness in preparation and presentation of high volume file flow to immigration judge.
§ Received outstanding work appraisal for maintaining high speed and efficiency in providing excellent customer service relations.
§ Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Volunteer, EMT Squad 14, 1995 to 1996

Executive Office Federal Employment

Sam Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Executive Officer, CP-0301-00/00, US Capitol Police

Highest Grade Held: Grade 15, Series 0341, Date Promoted: May 1, 1999
Veterans Preference: 5-Points – US Army (10/70 to 10/95) Citizenship: USA

Over 2-Decade Background Providing Senior-Level Management Advisory Services

· Superlative record of successive, upward leadership positions in federal government law offices, including distinguished career as US Army officer.
· Definitive experience in quantitative and qualitative studies, program evaluation, and special projects, including guidance, coordination, implementation, and analysis of programs, plans, and activities.
· Proven abilities in organizational leadership, people management, and relationship building.
· Recognized for comprehensive knowledge of government and program management techniques.
· Skilled program problem solver: Apply astute experience for timely and appropriate corrective action.
· Earned 6 consecutive Quality Step Increases—1998 - 2003.
· Accustomed to working with all levels of federal, state, and local agencies, management, and staff.
· Proficient in WordPerfect, Word, Excel, Quattro Pro, and PowerPoint.


· Financial Management
· Government Budgeting
· Customer Support Services
· Interagency Diplomacy
· Projects & Programs
· Procurement & Property
· Change Management
· Policies & Procedures
· Fact Finding & Auditing
· HR & Training
· Information Systems
· Reports & Correspondence
· Records Management
· Performance Review
· Federal Acquisition Regulations


Administrative Officer
05/99 – Present
40 h / week
6 Saint Paul Street, Suite 1400, Baltimore, MD 21201
Supervisor: John Doe, 410-555-1212; May be contacted
Provided total administrative oversight of operations, management, and information for Federal Public Defender (FPD), including litigation support, records management, telecommunications, and office automation. Advised FPD on programs, objectives, activities, and administrative information systems management. Coordinated content and consistency preparation and presentation of all reports, correspondence, information request responses, and material prepared for signature. Supervised 75 or more employees across state at any one time.
· Developed, managed, and executed $15.3M budget (includes payroll) for 25 FPD offices throughout state, with over 900 people including more than 400 staff attorneys.
· Executed total onsite procurement authority and management (FAR knowledge), up to $100,000 “open marker” and unlimited GSA “Maximum Ordering Threshold.”
· Managed 65,000 square feet of facilities and office property located throughout state.

Selected Accomplishments
· Raised fledgling office to among top-rated in Federal Public Defender Office nationwide.
· Passed audit with only 1 finding and assessment with no findings.
· Lead assessor comment at exit briefing: “One of the best offices I’ve ever seen.”
· Revamped records management system:
· Baseline project included 15,000 case files spanning FY-85 – FY-94.
· System now handles 1900 files per year.
· Established filing, indexing, and safeguarding procedures with user-friendly features for easy and efficient attorney case management and retrieval.
· Converted budget and leave management program from manual to automated system:
· Created 40 linking computerized spreadsheets for budget and 75 non-linking computerized spreadsheets for personnel leave statements.
· Wrote 36 unique and complex computerized spreadsheet formulas in all.
· Wrote 97-page personnel manual, 75-page internal controls manual, and established desktop procedures manuals for 8 major functional areas to put office in compliance with higher authority rules and regulations.
· Moved main office (9,000 sq ft) into new facilities (13,000 sq ft) in 13 months versus typically projected 2-3 years.
· Only 1 day down time.
· Project included new phone system and new, expanded network.
· Worked closely with architect in designing all aspects of new space.
· Reduced phone expenditures from $42,000 to $5,000 monthly, instituting new “Client Collect Call” procedures.
· Served on 15-member national committee for Performance Measurement of FPDs (6 years).

Management Analyst
11/96 – 05/99
40 h / week
One Columbus Circle, NE, Suite G-200, Washington, DC
Supervisor: John Doe, 202-555-1212; May be contacted
Established new assessment program mandated by Congress, serving as senior assessor. Conducted onsite assessments of administrative and operational functions of Federal Public Defender organizations nationwide. Briefed chief federal judges and prepared written reports for each assessment conducted.

Selected Accomplishments
· Establish program nationwide in 6 months and conducted 222 assessments over 2.5 years.
· Developed policies, protocols, procedures, and checklists to perform assessments against 9 major functional areas, including Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Automation, Records Management, Procurement and Property Management, Telecommunications, Security, Internal Controls, and Organizational Policies and Procedures.
· Developed 45-minute presentation to brief federal public defenders and administrators on program, addressing expectations, lessons learned, and best practices. Delivered presentation to average audience of 200.

Administrative Officer
11/95 – 11/96
40 h / week
One Columbus Circle, NE, Suite G-200, Washington, DC
Supervisor: John Doe, 202-555-1212; May be contacted
Oversaw all aspects of administration and management, reporting to division chief. Supervised staff of 10 or more. Managed procurement and property resources and all HR functions. Provided automation support to staff.

Selected Accomplishments
· Developed, managed, and executed $2M budget.
· Managed project to convert all federal public defender organizations to metered mail procedures.
· Drafted 9 new position descriptions.

Senior Legal Administrator
01/83 – 10/95
40 h / week
Judge Advocate General Corps
Worldwide Assignments
Performed full range of legal administrator duties in US Army legal offices. Served as Chief, Administrative Office and Chief, Information Management Office in last assignment for US Army Legal Services Agency (largest US Army law office). Supervised 22 employees. Managed all aspects of personnel management. Served as security manager.
· Provided administrative support to 300 attorneys, judges, and support staff worldwide.
· Developed, managed, and executed operational budgets as large as $10M.
· Managed procurement and logistics of 50,000 sq ft facility.

Selected Accomplishments
· Reduced travel expenses $300,000 annually through institution of improved procedures.
· Increased reimbursements $100,000 by creating interagency agreement with Department of Justice.
· Saved $13,000 annually by establishing procedures for acquiring automation training.


Master of Science in Administration, 1990
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20783

Bachelor of Science in Management, 1987
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 14623

Simpsonville High School, Simpsonville, SC, Diploma, 1969


· Procurement & Contracting Courses, 1998 & 2004
· Certifying Officers Course, 2004
· Project Management Course, 2003
· Program Evaluation Course, 1998
· Cost-Benefit Analysis Course, 1995
· Federal Budget Process Course, 1992


· Special Act Award, 1998
· Legion of Merit Medal, US Army, 1995

Nick Marino -

Federal Air Marshal Federal Employment

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Social Security No:
U.S. Citizen
Veteran’s Status:
Federal Status:
Highest Federal Civilian Job :
Federal Air Marshall, GS-1801, Sep. 2001 to Present

Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Department of Homeland Security
Federal Air Marshal Service


· 8+ years’ proven law enforcement experience, including training and recruiting.
· Regularly assigned as Federal Air Marshall Team Leader for numerous flights.
· Graduated in first class of Air Marshals hired post 9/11, and only class to complete full Air Marshal Training Academy in Glynco, GA.
· Skilled in surveillance, undercover work, interviewing, investigation, and interrogation techniques,
· Strong knowledge of customs and immigration law, including passenger search and seizure procedures.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.
· Trained by U.S. Army in Special Operations.
· Expert in weapons, martial arts and self-defense, and physical pacification and takedown techniques.
· Black Belt in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do with over 10 years’ practical experience in Jui Jitsu.
· TOP SECRET Security Clearance.
· Computer Skills: Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, Word & Excel on Windows platform, including specialized peripheral equipment such as scanners.


Master of Science, Administration, May 15, 1997
RUTGERS University–New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, May 22, 1992
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Franklin High School, Franklin Township, NJ, High School Diploma, May 24, 1987


· Simunitions Instructor (FLETC), May 2003
· Firearms Instructor (FLETC), Feb. 2003
· Instructor, Facilitator Program (FLETC), Nov. 2002
· Monadock Defensive Tactics Instructor-Trainer, May 2001
· Monadock Impact Weapon Instructor-Trainer, May 2001
· PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, May 2001
· Vehicle Operations Instructor, Jan. 2001
· Simunitions Instructor (FX), Jan. 2001
· Sub Gun Instructor, Nov. 2000
· Firearms Training System Instructor (FATS), Jun. 2000
· Emergency Response Team Instructor, Apr. 2000
· Range Master, Police Training Commission (NJ), Mar. 2000
· Chemical Agents Instructor, Jan. 1999
· Armorer, All Glock Weapons, Sep. 1998
· Physical Fitness Instructor, Jun. 1997
· Handcuffing Instructor, Nov. 1996


Department of Homeland Security
Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Federal Air Marshal Service
W. J. Hughes Technical Center § Bldg. 291 § FAM Headquarters § Atlantic City, NJ 08201
Sep. 2001 to Present

Federal Air Marshall, Training Division, Federal Air Marshal Training Headquarters
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: H-Band (GS 12)
Ending Salary: I Band (GS 13)
Supervisor: Mr. Mitch Levin, 609-485-9097
Supervisor may be contacted
Led Tactics Instructor, supervising 18-36 Federal Air Marshals (FAMs), 7 Instructors, and 5-15 contract employees. Trained, instructed, and lectured new and current FAMs and all instructors and visiting ATSAICs (Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge) on emergency equipment; evacuation; physical fitness; crew briefing to airline personnel; working undercover; and on handling non-lethal and lethal situations, including hijackings; firearms; use of force; self-defense; hand-to-hand combat; and explosives handling.
Provided specialized instruction and lecture on FAM Self-Defense program, addressing handcuffing, weapon disarmament, strikes, boxing, counters, neck restraints, aircraft seat extractions, and pressure point control.
Assumed Tactics Branch Chief duties in absence of. Developed and maintained current job assignments and rotation calendar. Conducted weekly written evaluations for FAMs in training.
· Ranked in “Best Qualified” list for Firearms and Defensive Measures Branch Chief positions.
· Wrote numerous aircraft airport FAM encounter scenarios officially approved as only ones authorized by FAM service for training, including all Field Offices.
· Instrumental in writing and developing FAM Tactics evaluation procedures, including scoring sheet and areas are to be tested.
· Trained all 48 FAM and civilian instructors in FAM tactics during “Train the Trainer” course.
· Lectured on FAM Tactics at US Marshal Special Operation headquarters.
· Developed tactical handcuffing techniques and positions used by FAM service.
· Conducted numerous and highly praised media demonstrations for foreign and domestic press and distinguished guests on FAM Tactics.
· Converted firearms evaluation from previous employment for FAM use, approved and adopted by FAM firearms division.
· Only fulltime certified Tactics Instructor at Federal Air Marshal Training academy to teach firearms and simunitions (Tactics), and to have flown domestic and international missions.

Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
5033 English Creek Road § Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Mar. 1995 to Sep. 2001

Training Supervisor, Atlantic County Police Training Center
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: $34, 000
Ending Salary: $53, 000
Supervisor: Lt. Steven Murray, 609-645-5821
Supervisor may be contacted
Managed yearly training budget of $74,000 and maintained training records for over 200 officers and 30 civilians. Interviewed and conducted background investigation on all officer recruit candidates. Conducted daily written evaluations on all recruits.
Instructed recruits/officers/supervisors in firearms, FATS, sub-machine gun, simunitions, use of force, boxing, self-defense, pressure point control tactics, close quarter combat, physical fitness, impact weapons, chemical agents/oleoresin capsicum, vehicle operations, high-risk stops, building searches, collecting/packing evidence, observation techniques, ethics, criminal/arrest procedures, constitutional law, criminal code, sexual harassment, handcuffing, juvenile law, fingerprinting, communications, and field testing drug kits.
Oversaw quotes on all training-related equipment. Created and maintained databases for training and investigations. Prepared lesson plans, examinations, and PowerPoint presentations for training programs approved by state police training commission. Formed and implemented policies such as firearms, armory/arsenal access, emergency response team, training requirements, use of force, and use of emergency equipment. Served as Exposure Control Coordinator, Range Master, Armorer, and Commander of Emergency Response Team.
· Proposed, forged, and commanded department first ever Emergency Response Team (ERT) (14 person). Wrote policy governing ERT deployment and operations. Recruited candidates, ordered equipment, and trained all team members. Secured US Army Special Operations training in house/building raids, vehicle/bus assaults, hostage rescue, and door breaching.
· Provided assistance to Prosecutors Office in criminal investigations, including surveillance on possible criminal activities and interviewing suspects for potential criminal violations. Gathered and packaged evidence for court appearances, presenting evidence and testifying in court.
· Certified hundreds of law enforcement officers/supervisors throughout state of New Jersey in firearms and self-defense. Trained recruits and re-certified officers in use of firearms as Range Master (lead firearms instructor) for Police Training Center.
· Raised monthly meeting attendance dramatically as President for Fraternal Order of Police (lodge #34). Increased savings account from $11,000 to $65,000 in only 2 years and negotiated best contract in department’s history. Average officer received 30% raise over following four years. Initiated first college education fund for local students attending college.
· Instructed and lectured for numerous police academies throughout state on topics such as report writing, firearms, ground defense, physical fitness, pressure point control, impact weapons, knife defense, weapon retention, boxing, use of force, and neck restraints.
· Chaired County Training Advisory Council (CTAC) monthly meeting, as CTAC President, and oversaw council activities for all 21 county training officers, New Jersey. Determined training topics, delegated assignments, gave presentations to directors, sheriffs, and wardens for all 21 counties.
· Lead boxing and self-defense instructor for police training center.

Stockton State College
PO Box 195 § Pomona, NJ 08240
Jan. 1999 to May 1999
Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice
Salary: $2,800 for semester
Supervisor: Barbara Berkowitz, 609-652-1778
Supervisor may be contacted
Lectured college students in criminal justice field, including criminal theory, corrections, and criminal procedures. Designed lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations to coincide with lecture. Wrote testing questions, including multiple choice, short answer, and essay.


· Counter Drug Reaction Team Course, United States Army, Apr. 2001
· Interview and Interrogation (FBI), Sep. 2000
· Field Training Course, Jun. 2000
· Emergency Preparedness, May 2000
· Exposure Control Coordinator, Apr., 2000
· Police Supervision Course, Apr. 2000
· Report Writing for Supervisors, Mar. 2000
· Criminal Procedure Update, Mar. 2000
· Training Management in Law Enforcement Workplace, Nov. 1999
· Incident Commend Level 100, Jun. 1999
· Drug Identification course, Jun. 1999
· Domestic Violence update, Mar. 1999
· Organized Crime, Feb. 1999
· Criminal Procedure Updates, Oct. 1998
· Bomb Awareness Update, Nov. 1997
· Criminal Investigations, Mar. 1997
· Methods of Instruction (MOI), May 1996


· Memorandum of Commendation, Federal Air Marshal Training Academy, Aug. 2003
· Distinguished Weapons Expert-FLETC, Feb. 2003
· Firearms Award for Air Marshal Program–FLETC, Nov. 2001
· 1st Place in Police and Firearms Bench-press Competition (AAU), 370 lbs, Oct. 1999
· Nominated for “1997 Officer of the Year,” National level (by Academy Director), May 1999
· Published article in “American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers” (ASLET), Apr. 1999
· Firearms Awards for Basic Academy, Oct. 1996
· Received full football scholarship to James Madison University as running back, Mar. 1987

Nick Marino -

Investigator Federal Employment

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Vacancy ID: PH193849
Vacancy Announcement: PH-04-JL-193849
Grade: GS-1810-09
Agency: Defense Security Service (DSS), US Department of Defense
Veterans Preference: 5-Points – US Air Force/Marine Corps (06/69 to 07/89 & 02/64 to 05/65)
Highest Grade Held: None
Citizenship: USA
Clearance: SECRET (inactive)
Occupational Questionnaire: Answered via USAJOBS Website


· 25-year background in recruiting investigation and interpersonal relationship management.
· 9 years’ superlative United States Air Force recruiting service, with proven experience investigating, screening, and qualifying men and women to enter military service.
· 14 years’ private sector sales and recruiting experience, involving investigative practices, people management, and relationship building.
· 4 years’ United States Marine Corps experience as Military Prisoner Escort responsible for 5 northwest states and involving screening and confirmation practices.
· Organized and thorough: Track record of conducting comprehensive investigations and data analyses.
· Expertly conduct applicant interviews and background investigations
· Accustomed to working with all levels of state and local agencies.
· Recognized communicator and high-energy relationship builder.
· Vietnam combat veteran: Well-versed in security protocol, overcoming obstacles, and evaluating people and situations.


· Background Investigation
· Personal Interviews
· Investigation Reporting
· Case Management
· Records Management
· Community Relations
· Fact Finding & Auditing
· Document Control
· Vital Records Review
· Evidence Cross-reference
· Planning & Administration
· Nonverbal Recognition


District Manager
04/03 – Present
40+ h/week
PO Box 1988
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Supervisor: Jenny Doe, 213-723-6523; May be contacted
Developed market strategy, strategic business planning, budgeting, and financial metrics to increase and manage customer base. Built and maintained profitable relationships with major and small companies down to one-man shops. Provided leadership and training to territory branches. Traveled nationwide.
Selected Accomplishments
· Secured 127% of 2003 sales goal.

Marketing & Sales Manager
07/97 – 03/03
40+ h/week
921 Liberty Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Supervisor: John Doe, 213-399-1896; May be contacted
Oversaw staff of 10 in all national and international sales operations, managing six southeastern states. Generated new business and accounts through market research, cold canvassing, and personal networking. Cultivated and managed relationships with key customers and decision makers, including CEOs, CFOs, VPs, presidents, and corporate purchasing officers.
Selected Accomplishments
· Increased sales 25% for new/used textile-beams, achieving 125% of 2000 corporate sales goals.
· Reached 110% of 1999 sales quota.

Director / Recruiter
04/91 – 06/97
40+ h/week
18 Security Way
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Supervisor: Joe Doe, 213-224-2809; May be contacted
Directed staff of instructors and sales force across 4 states. Managed security vehicle fleet, financial statements, budgets, and all logistics for top-rated training center. Provided strategic and tactical planning. Promoted within nine months from Recruiter to Facility Director.
Selected Accomplishments
· Raised sales 50%, outperforming 7 other schools.
· Cut operating costs 25% with innovative referral programs.

Sales Manager
07/89 – 03/91
40+ h/week
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Company Defunct
Directed staff of 9 in management of daily operations, administrative details, developing and assigning quotas, and HR functions. Prospected, cultivated, and acquired new business through first-class customer relationship management. Prepared and delivered persuasive presentations to key clients and multilevel management. Provided thorough follow-up for sales closure, tracking account performance. Promoted from Sales Representative in 4 months of hire.
Selected Accomplishments
· Led company to number 3 statewide sales ranking in one year, up from number 9 in previous year.
· Sustained “Top Sales” representative 16 consecutive weeks.

Master Sergeant
06/69 – 07/89
40+ h/week
98th US Air Force Recruiting Squadron
Los Angeles AFB, El Segundo, CA
Supervisor: Joe Duey, 213-352-2159; May be contacted
Performed full range of investigative functions in series of progressively responsible senior recruiting assignments over last 12 years’ military service, including Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Senior Liaison & Job Counselor and Recruiting Zone Supervisor.
· Reviewed relevant records, such as Bureau of Vital Statistics, education, employment, police, court, security, and medical to ensure accurate and quality recruiting.
· Analyzed statements and responses of applicants for substance, and for inferences, suggestions, or implications of underlying factors affecting recruitment.
· Processed applicant case files through planning, fact-finding, interviewing, neighborhood inquiries, and reporting.
· Resolved conflicts or omissions in facts or evidence.
Selected Accomplishments
· Achieved and exceed screening and pre-qualifying goals for FY-90: 100% in high school, 200% in prior service, 158% in ROTC scholarship, and 152% in non-prior service.
· Exceeded goals in all enlistment programs FY-89, earning “Silver Badge” award.
· Led recruiting team to 155% success rate across 7 measured programs.


BS in Business Administration/Personnel Management
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 94928

LA High School, Los Angeles, CA 90014, Diploma, 1965


· Annual Sales Training, 1989 – Present
· Product Knowledge Course, 2002
· Insurance License Course, 1989
· Recruiting Zone (Flight) Supervisor Workshop, 1986
· Senior NCO Academy (248 hours in management, communication, politics, & leadership) 1985
· Computer & Accounting, 1978
· NCO Leader Academy (191 hours in management, communication, politics, & leadership) 1976
· Trainer & Supervisor Course, 1973


· Meritorious Service Medal
· USAF Commendation Medal (2)
· Humanitarian Service Medal
· USAF Good Conduct Medals
· USMC Good Conduct Medals
· National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Star
· Vietnamese Cross for Gallantry
· Vietnam Campaign Medal
· Vietnam Service Medal
· Combat Readiness Medal

Nick Marino -

Program Assistant Federal Employment

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234



· Over 20 years of successful, professional experience in a variety of positions.
· Excellent management, supervisory, and assistant skills.
· Highly motivated to succeed, energetic, resourceful, organized, and dependable.
· Results-oriented professional eager for new challenges.
· Excellent communication—written, verbal and listening.
· Self-motivated, disciplined, strong work ethic with a sharp eye for detail.
· Proven track record of meeting and exceeding goals.
· Reputation for being competent, effective, and a productive manager and assistant.
· Work well independently or in a team environment.
· Current SSI Secret Clearance; drug-free employee.
· Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word, Internet, Email, Rapiscan, Perkin Elmerpx2000, Barringer 400b, TermoD.


Supervisor: Jan Jones. 208.000.0000 May contact.
$30,000 annually. 40 hours per week, some overtime.
· Performed pre-board screening of passengers and their carry-on and checked baggage.
· Monitored the flow of passengers through the screening checkpoint to facilitate orderly processing of passengers.
· Implemented security screening procedures in accordance to TSA objectives.
· Screened passengers, baggage and cargo using x-ray and hand wand equipment.
· Maintained close communication with supervisors regarding any issues that might reveal a weakness or vulnerable area of security screening.

FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGER. IDAHO FALLS COUNTRY CLUB, 1111 Country Club Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supervisor: Marv Anderson. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$33,000 annually. 40-70 hours per week, depending on the season.
· Managed daily operation of restaurant and bar.
· Procured new computer system to increase productivity and revenue.
· Trained new employees on new computer system.
· Coordinated special events including golf tournaments and catered events.
· Ensured member satisfaction.
· Controlled and managed food and beverage inventory; managed finances and budgets.
· Within the first year of employment, increased revenue significantly and employee retention to the highest level in eight years.

RESTAURANT MANAGER. APPLEBEE'S BAR & GRILL, 200 North 400 West, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supervisor: Amy Jones. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$29,900 annually. 40-60 hours per week.
· Oversaw daily activities of the restaurant, including new construction of restaurant.
· Hired, trained, scheduled, supervised, terminated and motivated employees.
· Performed bookkeeping duties such as accounts receivable, payable, payroll, and inventory control.
· Provided public relations and marketing; ensured excellent customer service.

Supervisor: Susan Smith. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$22,000 annually. 40 hours per week.
· Managed daily operations of the restaurant; assisted in opening new restaurant.
· Hired, trained, and scheduled employees; assigned tasks to employees; daily cash control.
· Performed bookkeeping duties including maintaining time and attendance and bi-weekly payroll.
· Provided classroom training to new staff; provided administrative support.
· Researched training information to present to co-workers; ensured quality customer service.

MEDICAL SECRETARY. DRS. SMITH & EDWARDS, 5252 South East Hemmert, Portland, Oregon
Supervisor: Camilla Parker. 000.000.0000. May Contact.
$21,000 annually. 40 hours per week.
· Managed and provided administrative support for three medical offices.
· Made travel arrangements for the doctors; maintained doctor's personal and patient schedules.
· Maintained accurate medical records, ensured confidentiality, billed insurance, ordered supplies and inventory, and filed patient records.

MEDICAL SECRETARY. IDAHO MEDICAL CLINIC, 55 North 500 West, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supervisor: Deann Stone. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$17,000 annually. 40 hours per week.
· Answered multiline telephone system, maintained appointment calendar, filed medical records, billed insurance for patients, and assisted physician in patient services.
· Handled and directed incoming correspondence, ensured timely attention to sensitive matters, coordinated and scheduled meetings, received and directed patients,


Continuous company-sponsored training with each employer listed above, including courses such as IT Security Awareness, HAZMAT, Sexual Harassment, Ethics in the Workplace, Conflict Management, Aloha Food and Beverage Computer System.

Skyline High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Graduated 1983.


· Spotlight 001-04, Shoe Bombs Briefing. April 2004.
· TSA Online Learning Center Student Training, April 2004.
· Personnel Staffing, Duties and Responsibilities; Opening and Closing the Checkpoint, Screening Equipment, March 2004.
· IT Security Awareness, March 2004.
· Purpose, Definitions and Abbreviations, Photographing, Videotaping and Filming Screening Checkpoints, Threat Image Projection Systems, Safety Requirements, March 2004.
· Interim Policy on Employee Responsibilities and Conduct, March 2004.
· Screening of Accessible Property at the Checkpoint (Physical Search Procedures), Rev. 004, Chapter 11, Screening of Selectees, Screening of Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children, March 2004.
· Excellence in Screen Performance Series, March 2004.
· Screening of Individuals, Screening of Accessible Property at the Checkpoint, March 2004.
· Aircraft Operator Expedited Baggage, Procedures for Checked Baggage Screening with ETD, March 2004.
· Use of ETD Equipment, Checkpoint Operations, February 2004.
· Alarm Resolution, February 2004.
· Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) at the Checkpoint and Physical Bag Search at the Checkpoint, March 2004.
· HHMD/Patdown Procedures Video, February 2004.
· General Policy/Procedure Review, February 2004.
· WTMD, Opening Baggage, Undeveloped Film/Musical Instruments/Medical Equipment, January 2004.
· HHMD, Limited Patdown, Private Screening, Accessible Property, Full Body Patdown, January 2004.
· Hazardous Materials Reference Document for Airport Screener Personnel, January 2004.
· Revised WTMD Second Pass Process, January 2004.
· Screening Persons with Prosthetic Devices, Casts, and Body Braces, January 2004.
· FBI Concealed Weapons, Special Screening, January 2004.
· HAZMAT Reference Document, January 2004.
· Introduction to the 90-Day Training Plan, January 2004.
· Shift Briefing, X-ray of Homeopathic Medicines, January 2004.
· Sensitive Security Information Awareness, November 2003.
· Physical Property Search at the Checkpoint, November 2003.
· Benefits Overview, November 2003.
· Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) at the Checkpoint, November 2003.
· Small Arms Ammunition in Checked Baggage, November 2003.
· Sexual Harassment Training, September 2003.

Camille Carboneau - -

Screening Manager Federal Employment

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Screening Manager, SV-1801-H
Transportation Security Administration, Kennedy International Airport
Federal Civilian Grade Held: SV-0019-G, Security Screener Supervisor—12/01 – Present
Security Clearance: SECRET  Veterans Preference: None  Citizenship: USA

20 Years’ Experience in Executive Administrative Law Enforcement

· 14 years’ diversified, “hands-on” upper-management experience, with expertise in multi-site administrative, personnel, and security operations.
· Career experience includes administrating, coordinating, and managing programs and services; providing aviation security, corporate security, and force protection affecting personnel, equipment, and facilities.
· Experienced in plan for security and administrative needs developing, implementing, and administering comprehensive security and administrative policies and procedures.
· Skilled in observation, inspection, interviewing, and investigation techniques.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and airlines in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings and with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
· Proficient in Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AmiPro, Dbase, and Form flow.


Transportation Security Screener Supervisor
12/01 – Present
40 h / week
Transportation Security Administration
Kennedy International Airport, PO Box 329, New York, NY 11289
Supervisor: John Doe, 210-555-1212; May be contacted
Manage, coordinate, and perform inspectional, investigative, and advisory activities to enforce compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and guidelines for passenger safety and airline security. Anticipate coverage, oversee rotations, and ensure acceptable gender ratios and suitably qualified employees at all locations. Blend teams for experience and skill, and to promote training and development. Structure breaks to provide maximum high-traffic coverage. Implement security-screening procedures. Screen 4000 passengers per shift, providing exemplary customer service.
· Direct, coach, and evaluate team of 3 lead supervisors in management and oversight of 46 screeners and day-to-day operations of 2 large checkpoints and 22 gates.
· Facilitate comprehensive introduction, orientation, and training of 32 new employees per week, including OJT, quality assessor assignment, and aggressive progress monitoring.
· Recognized first responder with first-rate, in-the-field performance, investigation, and documentation.
· Test 29 pieces of high-tech security equipment daily before allowing into service.
· Provide key assistance and information to management on all inquiries and investigations, including issues discovered in screening revealing security weaknesses.
· Participate instrumentally in security-sensitive information briefings, and meet with incoming/outgoing managers/supervisors for security and personnel issues, AVOs, Security Directives and any changes to SOPs.
· Prepare and present daily briefings on AVOs, Directives, and changes to SOPs for daily work impact. Address recent local and national security incidents and response activities, encouraging employee input for security refinements and use of procedures and policies in local environment.

08/80 – 09/00
40 h / week
38 Jefferson Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 20102
$82,000 / year
Supervisor: John Doe, 912-555-1212; May be contacted
Provided executive law enforcement management and administration throughout distinguished 20-year career leading operational change in series of complex and demanding roles. Oversaw, administrated, managed, and coordinated multimillion-dollar programs and budgets affecting personnel, equipment, and facilities.
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (01/98 – 09/00)
· Managed staffing for 21 facilities and all day-to-day operations of department, including budgets, financial accounting, HR, procurement, funds, property, food service, loss prevention, and inventory control.
· Coordinated all operations of Security, Programs, and Administration branches, chairing staff meetings and reporting directly to Commissioner of Jersey City Department of Correction.
· Saved department $300,000 per month by decommissioning unneeded facility and redistributing all resources among remaining 21, with no loss of personnel.
· Reduced department absentee rate from 22% to 14% by instituting stringent absentee control policies.
· Wrote 2-3 directives per week to change policies and procedures addressing 16,000 employees.
· Dispatched average 6-8 teletypes per day effecting 21 facilities.
· Performed fact-finding and field investigation for sensitive inquiries, averaging 15 per week.
Departmental Chief Operations Officer (12/96 – 12/97)
· Managed overall security and administrative operations for department of 21 facilities and 15,000 uniformed and civilian employees.
· Provided departmental instruction and in-service training of 2 courses per week over 60 weeks, writing all lesson guides and training handouts. Subjects included:
· Detection and Interdiction of Contraband.
· Intrusion and Drug Interdiction.
· Crime Scene Preservation.
Executive Assistant to the Bureau Chief of Compliance (09/93 – 11/96)
· Oversaw 2 to 3 annual security audits of 21 department facilities and field units.
· Performed extensive operations audits of 21 jails to ensure compliance with 16 federal and 10 state and local laws with departmental regulations, twice per year.
· Supervised 2 to 3 annual efficiency audits of 21 department HR units to ensure efficient deployment and use of staff, and accurate timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll procedures.
Executive Assistant to the Bureau Chief of Administration (05/90 – 09/93)
· Oversaw all aspects of personnel management, including absence and sick leave control, Applicant Investigation Unit (AIU), Uniformed Resources Allocation Control Unit, and Disciplinary Unit
· Reviewed and recommended approval of approximately 1500 annual recruits.
· Instituted monthly managers report of metrics for 21 facilities on administration, security, and programs, compiled into department Microsoft Access database.
· Converted manual staffing level for 21 facilities to computerized spreadsheets, establishing Excel database of 500 linking formulas.
Executive Officer to the Assistant Chief of Division Two (02/88 – 04/90)
· Managed administrative and security operations for 6 correction facilities.
Personnel (Human Resources)/Administrative Supervisor (02/84 – 01/88)
· Managed administrative and personnel operations for correction facility.
Personnel (Human Resources) Transition Supervisor (01/80 – 02/84)
· Set up and commenced personnel operations for opening of 6 new correctional facilities.


Master of Science in Administration, 1990
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20783

Bachelor of Science in Management, 1987
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 14623


Leadership, Ethics & Presentation for Managers
Senior Management Techniques
Security Evaluations & Assessments
Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery
Advance Training in HR Management
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Instructor Development Training Certificate
Site Security Management
Bomb Threats & Suspicious Mail & Packages
Intrusion & Drug Interdiction
Detection Imaging & Scanning
Crime Scene Preservation
Use of Force & Deadly Physical Force
Hostage Negotiations & Recovery
Reduced Violence Training
Prevention and Detection of Fraud
Infectious Disease


· Employee of the Month, February 1984
· Employee of the Month, July 1988
· Five (5) year Perfect attendance July 1988
· Ten (10) Year Perfect Attendance July 1993
· Fifteen (15) Years Perfect Attendance July 1998
· Excellent Duty Award August 1999
· Meritorious Duty Award January 2002

Nick Marino -

Transportation Security Specialist Federal Employment

Frances O'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234
Social Security No:
United States
Veteran’s Status:
Highest Federal Civilian Job:
Aviation Security Inspector, FV 1801 H, Jul 2003–Present
Security Clearance:
Duty Location Preference:
Frankfurt, Germany

Vacancy Announcement: TSA–04–1220
Position Title: Transportation Security Specialist (Inspector), SV–1801–I


· Attended 00026 International Airport Assessments & Inspection Course, FAA Academy, Jun 2003
· Proven decade of experience in aviation/airport security and customer service in technical and managerial fields, including recruiting, training and motivating.
· Recognized first responder with first-rate, in-the-field performance.
· Noted as only representative from division, 5 or more nights a week, available and on duty to respond immediately whenever and wherever necessary.
· Frequently called upon by screening managers to address regulatory concerns at screening checkpoints and consistently visible at terminals during evening shifts.
· Skilled in observation, inspection, interviewing, and investigation techniques.
· Strong analytical skills in technical documents: Review and write Security Directives (SD) fact sheets used by co-workers as checklists for surveillances and air carrier assessments.
· Strong knowledge of Code of Federal Regulations, SDs, and Emergency Amendments.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.
· FAA Approved Certified Ground Security Coordinator.
· Computer Skills: PowerPoint, Word & Excel on Windows platform, including specialized government software.


· Senior Aviation Security Inspector (Transportation Security Specialist), Jun 2003
· Certified Civil Aviation Security Specialist/Special Agent, Aug 2002
· Certified Course Instructor-Aviation Security, May 2003
· Cargo Security Inspector, Feb 2003
· Security Certification, Int’l Association for Healthcare Safety & Security, May 1992
· Certified Airline Passenger Screening Instructor (FAA Approved), March 1990


1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Mar 2003 to Present
Aviation Security Inspector, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: H-Band
Supervisor: Jane Doe, 617–555–1212; May be contacted
Administered critical and complex compliance and enforcement program to protect public from air transportation piracy and other acts of sabotage. Conducted comprehensive inspections and investigations of airport, air carriers, cargo air carriers, and indirect air carriers (IAC) to determine security posture. Monitored compliance with applicable civil aviation security policies, regulations, and agreements for potential problem areas or deviations. Ensured overall adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of TSA-approved security programs. Provided testimony and participate in enforcement proceedings as necessary.
· Unit number 2 producer of 12 inspectors for approved/completed investigations over 12 months ending April 2004.
· Participated in testing of security systems in connection with compliance inspections.
· Regularly determine adequacy of corrective actions required to improve security posture or to restore compliance.
· Identify, collect, and preserve evidence to support enforcement actions.
· Assisted with numerous enforcement action determinations and initiations, preparing enforcement investigation reports and recommending to TSA counsel action type and penalty level.

1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Jul 2002 to Mar 2003
Special Agent/Civil Aviation Security Specialist, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: G-Band
Supervisor: Jane Doe, 617–555–1212; May be contacted
Performed mix of prescribed assessments and investigations of airport and air carriers, ensuring regulated parties comply with federal regulations and security directives (SD). Monitored compliance with TSA security policies, regulations, and agreements, identifying potential non-compliance or deviations. Recommended enforcement action and penalty level as appropriate. Provided guidance to airport operator and air carriers on developments and modifications of security plans.
· Instrumental contributor to FAA to TSA transition critical outcomes.
· Scored 96% on Basic Airport/Air Carrier Security Special Agent Course final exam with 92% course average.
· Earned outstanding performance feedback by screeners and managers, after carrying out 7-week detail as screening manager in newly formed organizational environment.
· Noted for 100% 24–7 availability to complete daily duties.
· Conducted daily out briefings to federal screeners at assigned checkpoints to continually inform and improve performance.
· Assisted over 50 new employees with HR and payroll concerns.
· Instrumental in two-way radio communications dispersal, including protocol development to optimize use and inventory control at current and newly opened security checkpoints.
· Co-formulated procedure for “repeater band” (strongest reception) use to allow communication between management and checkpoint supervisors.
· Created procedure to provide communications for “skeleton crew” exit lane personnel for safety and security after supervisory staff night departure.
· Served as liaison to federal screening workforce at several checkpoints, assisting screening division directors with transition of outgoing contractors.
· Worked detail to assist screening division directors with TSA contractor support, simultaneously occurring during 3-month, after-hours inspection and data download of all Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)/GTX units at BOS.
· Assisted screening managers three times with alleged on-duty alcohol use by federal screener, involving shift-long observation and licensed breath alcohol content contractor.
· Oversaw contractor removal and replacement of old Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs) with Enhanced WTMDs at all domestic checkpoints, over several overnight shifts,
· Volunteered for Christmas and New Year’s Eve shifts to ensure adequate regulatory/inspection coverage.

1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Nov 2001 to Jul 2002
Assistant Security Inspector, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: G-Band
Supervisor: Janet Doeskin, 781–555–1212; May be contacted
Carried out checkpoint security screening process and assessment requirements. Coordinated and monitored air carrier pre-board screener procedures, assisting screeners and supervisors. Monitored explosive trace detection (ETD) procedures, ensuring proper alarm resolution procedures. Calibrated security-screening equipment. Conducted covert screening checkpoint tests as required.
· Coached Security Screeners on proper procedures and reporting in WebbAirs system.
· Demonstrated strong working knowledge of FAA orders and federal regulations compliance for aviation security procedures and air carrier security programs.
· Handled all complaints diplomatically, communicating aviation security information and airline and airport security programs and procedures to regulated parties.

PO Box 3122 ● Portland, ME 04072-7544
Feb 2001 to Nov 2001
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $52,000; Ending Salary: $52,000
Sold and serviced residential and commercial water treatment systems.

399 Capitol Street ● Portland, ME 04101
Nov 1999 to Jan 2001
Business Development Manager
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $36,000; Ending Salary: $43,000
Supervisor: Jon Doe, 207–555–1212; May be contacted
Retained current and developed new business for security services contractor in Maine and New Hampshire, including Portland International Jetport.
· Specialized in providing checkpoint security screeners, skycaps, physical terminal security, and perimeter security personnel.
· Sold over $1M in new business first year.
· Appointed Special Company Liaison to Portland International Jetport.

592 Elm Street ● Bedford, ME 04005
Jan 1995 to Oct 1999
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $25,000; Ending Salary: $50,000
Established and operated start-up water treatment dealership, managing staff of 25 for residential and commercial customers in Maine and New Hampshire.
· Generated over $750,000 first-year sales.

289 Liberty Street ● Portland, ME 04101
Dec 1988 to Dec 1994
Director of Operations/Human Resources
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $36,000; Ending Salary: $45,000
Supervisor: Jonathan Doeson, 207–555–1212; May be contacted
Directed Operations, Training, and Human Resources for 35 accounts in 5 states for security services contractor of 200 to 300 employees. Primary accounts included Portland International Jetport, DALA, UALA, USAA, and CALA.
· Managed 16 supervisors and 200 people for selection, training, and customer relations.
· Reduced workforce turnover 50% and overtime more than 70% in first year.
· Retained all primary accounts throughout tenure, dealing directly with clients, including Central Maine Power, NYNEX, Delta Airlines, Portland Jetport, Liberty Mutual, Holiday Inn Hotels, and Hewlett Packard, among others.


Jefferson High School, Portland, ME, Diploma, 1974


· Passenger Assessment & Screening System, Massachusetts State Police, Nov 2003
· International Airport Assessments & Inspection Course, FAA Academy, Jun 2003
· Instructor Development Workshop, FAA Academy, May 2003
· State & Local Anti-Terrorism Training, US Attorney's Office, Mar 2003
· Cargo Security Basic Program, FAA Academy, Feb 2003
· Performance & Results Information System User Course, FAA Academy, Feb 2003
· Basic Airport/Air Carrier Security Special Agent Course, FAA Academy, Aug 2002
· Assistant Security Inspector Workshop, FAA Academy, Dec 2001
· “Goldmine” (software) Sales Training, Burns Int’l Security Services, Mar 2000
· Sales Training, Business Development Institute, May 2000
· Situational Sales Training, Baygroup International, May 2000
· Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification Course, University of Southern Maine, May 1994
· Security Supervisor Training, American Society for Industrial Security, Feb 1991
· Exceptional Customer Service, Zig Ziglar Seminars, May 1990
· Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting, Institution for Professional Seminars, Sep 1988
· Stress Management, Richard Tosti Seminars, Oct 1984


· Group Special Achievement Award: Members of FAA Boston Civil Aviation Security Field Office that responded and assisted Senior Staff during December 2001 “Shoe Bomber” incident, diverted from Paris-Miami to Logan Airport (BOS).


· American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), 1989–1995
· Human Resource Association of Southern Maine (Treasurer, 92–93; VP 93–94), 1990–1995
· Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 1991–1996

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