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Automation Specialist Military

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Dedicated and proven professional Human Resources Manager with expertise in staffing, training and employee development, performance appraisal systems, benefits, awards, promotion processes, and personnel management. Dynamic team leader, motivating teams to set and achieve ambitious goals. Outstanding communication skills both written and oral. Strong organizational and administration skills. Flexible with adept multi-tasking skills. Strong work ethic. Current student, SHRM Certification. Computer proficiency in MS Office.


Department of Army, Ft. Belvoir, GA
2003 - Present
Administration & Automation Specialist
• Serve as Information Management Officer, Security Officer and Terminal Area Security Officer.
• Design and implement plans providing training, administration, budget, logistics and supply functions for busy human resource division of theater-level Army Headquarters.
• Manage and maintain Human Resources Information systems.
• Design, perform and secure appropriate training for employees.
• Provide administrative support ensuring timely and accurate reporting.

U.S. Army, Ft. Belvoir, GA
2000 - 2003
Senior Human Resource Manager
• Provided Human Resource expertise in designing, drafting and implementing policies for benefits, promotions, awards, and dress code.
• Oversaw and managed staff of 50 employees, ensuring appropriate training for employees.
• Identified and analyzed key strategic policy issues and recommended appropriate changes and updates.
• Coordinated and approved efficient and effective staffing initiatives, resulting in 98% on time staffing.
• Collaborated in short- and long-term planning for contingency operations involving over 30,000 personnel.
• Performed event planning, coordinating and organizing successful Army Career and Alumni Program with global participants.
• Represented Agency during negotiations resulting in effective reduction of travel, time and training expenditures for 20 employees.
• Managed train-the-trainer program providing outstanding facilitator training.
• Provided HR assistance and expertise to representatives in three countries.
• Conceived, initiated and established Personnel Leaders Conference, providing forum for HR managers to brainstorm and discuss changes, new initiatives and their impact and develop implementation strategies.

U.S. Army, Ft. Campbell, KY
1998 - 2000
Senior Human Resource Manager
• Collaborated and advised on issues concerning staffing and utilization, performance appraisals, awards and promotions, and casualty and mortuary, servicing over 25,000 employees.
• Designed, managed and implemented training and quality-of-life initiatives for staff of over 50 employees.
• Developed and implemented career development and career counseling programs to enhance the skills and abilities of employees and to provide appropriate succession planning.
• Created, developed, wrote and implemented 40-hour training program on Personnel and Administration for Human Resource Centers. Successfully trained 75 senior managers within 4 months.
• Efficiently reorganized the Human Resource Headquarters support staff, providing more efficient operations.
• Oversaw security and maintenance of 3 buildings and $200K of computer equipment.
• Developed and implemented New Employee Sponsorship Program, providing sponsorship packets to employees graduating from Advanced Individual Training.
• Successfully managed government credit card program.

U.S. Army, Ft. Lee, VA
1996 - 1997
Supervisor, Human Resource Management Office
• Supervised and developed 5 employees ensuring competency and skills to be successful in positions.
• Performed skills training, mentoring, motivating and performance counseling.
• Significantly improved personnel programs and initiatives through proactive performance checklists, skills assessments and monitoring.
• Conceived and implemented monthly training sessions for HR employees and senior staff, improving communications and designing innovative programs and policies.
• Instituted procedures to review, update and maintain personnel records for all employees. Coordinated and planned one-on-one benefits counseling for all employees.

U.S. Army
1993 - 1995
Various locations and positions including, Manager, Staffing, and Personnel Information Supervisor.


University of Maryland, Heidelberg, Germany
B.A., Business & Management

University of Maryland, College Park, MD


Honored as Best in U.S. Army Europe for Human Resource Information System processing.
Exceeded Army standards for both timeliness and accuracy in processing performance evaluations.
Earned 98% customer satisfaction rating.


Current student, SHRM Certification, Human Resource Management Certification Course
Graduate, Executive Leadership Management

PRWRA Cory Edwards - Partnering For Success, LLC - Sterling, Virginia 20165 - - - 703-444-7835 - 703-444-2005 fax

Community Director Best

Dan O'Malley
30667 Deer Ridge Place, San Francisco, CA 94126 / Tel# (415) 555-1044 Email:

Community Director


Public administrator, planner, and advocate with over 15 years experience communicating the concerns of citizens to government leaders. Expertise in connecting available assistance programs with eligible recipients. Demonstrated ability to build, motivate, and manage cohesive teams focused on regional solutions to growth and development issues. Trusted advisor to local, state, and federal officials and recognized representative of unbiased regional needs.


· Formulated and published Bay Area Master Plan to guide development decisions.
· Applied innovate use of information technology and the Internet to communicate governmental activities to citizens and communities.
· Served as regional representative for planning and development commissions.
· Facilitated direct exchange of ideas among constituents and officials.
· Developed relationships of mutual trust with government leaders at all levels.


1998 - Present
Community Director
Managed a team of 12 public administration professionals to coordinate regional planning and economic development efforts. Reported progress to local, state, and national government leaders, including briefings with mayors, the Governor, and members of the President’s Cabinet. Attended weekly meetings of city councils, county boards, and regional commissions.
· Pioneered the application of information technology to inform the public of governmental programs and progress. Web site became a model for state and federal organizations.
· Supervised the activities of staff through weekly focused action-update meetings.
· Organized and sponsored the first national meeting of major metropolitan area development and planning professionals to share information and coordinate federal funding requests.
· Published and regularly updated the Master Plan for the Bay Area. Online circulation estimated at over 4 million visitors annually.

1993 - 1998
Community Development Director
Managed housing development activities for a regional government association, including fundraising, lobbying, public relations, and appropriations. Planned and conducted meetings, town halls, open forums, and social events. Represented regional interests to local businesses as well as state and federal government agencies.
· Organized regional planning forums to coordinate inter-city planning efforts.
· Sponsored quarterly town hall meetings to encourage community involvement and interaction with government agencies.
· Successfully lobbied industry groups for $8M to support pilot projects and feasibility studies.
· Lobbied federal government agencies to support local planning and development efforts, citing positive results of locally funded pilot projects.

1989 - 1993
Community Relations Manager
Served as liaison between citizens of Alameda County and local, state, and federal government agencies, facilitating the exchange of information, helping resolve complaints, and ensuring equal access to programs and services. Prepared quarterly reports of community relations activities and compliance progress.
· Met with 25 community groups and presented information on applicable assistance programs.
· Designed, developed, and distributed brochures to local community centers to facilitate easy access to housing information.
· Presented concerns of community groups to appropriate government departments and initiated weekly updates to citizens detailing governmental responses.
· Developed a leadership network among community groups to coordinate activities and build county-wide consensus on housing issues and plans.

1985 - 1989
Events Coordinator
Spearheaded event / program planning, development, and management. Organized multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem-solving, and follow-through capabilities. Sourced vendors, negotiated contracts, and managed budgets.
· Planned and coordinated government conferences, meetings, events, and fund-raisers. Saved $72,000 on most recent meeting.
· Coordinated over 120 conference activities, workshops, meetings, tours, and special events. Received recognition by participants and convention management.
· Trained, directed, and supervised teams to accomplish goals.


Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Master of Public Policy and Administration, 1985

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
Bachelor of Arts (English), 1981


Public Administrators of America, Member
Bay Area Planners, President
American City and Regional Planners, Board Member
National Chamber of Commerce, Member
Association of Major Metropolitan Communities, Founding Member
Development Council of America, Treasurer

Director Of Public Policy

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Senior health policy executive with extensive experience in coalition building, policy development, strategic planning, program implementation and evaluation, and clinical practice in public, private, and not-for profit sectors and at international, federal, state, and local levels. Skillfully organized and led national health care coalition through development and enactment of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), mandating practices to streamline payment of healthcare claims electronically. Extensive knowledge of health care -- delivery, policy, strategic planning, and practices. Effective record as expert during congressional deliberations, in diplomacy and interpersonal relations, and with coalition building and lobbying.


· Developed and directed effective industry coalition providing public education and policy guidance on HIPAA provisions governing exchanges of health care information and privacy protection. Gained multi-industry consensus on common electronic information exchange standard and secured adoption of that standard in law.
· Nearly eleven years of federal service, including policy team leadership at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, including detail to Congress (implementing very successful, historic food safety hearings and development of legislation).
· Directed international relief operation team in West Africa during time of famine and extreme malnutrition. As clinician, provided diagnostic services in clinics. As Director, represented team and negotiated contracts at all levels of civilian and military government. Served as chief liaison with other international non-government organizations (NGOs). Established makeshift inpatient wards and feeding stations. Rehabilitated the pre-war existing health facilities, re-opened TB hospital and coordinated outpatient TB program. Studied health care in China and currently serve as Director of Public Policy for international organization dedicated to the prudent use of antibiotics.


Brandeis University, Health and Social Welfare

Florence Heller Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare, 1989

Johns Hopkins University, Public Health Planning and Administration

School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1973

Goshen College, Nursing, 1968


Director of Public Policy, National Programs, and Public Relations
1997 - Present
Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA), Boston, MA
Director for international organization, dedicated to education, research, and advocacy of the prudent use of antibiotics. Successful collaboration with government organizations, legislative and regulatory branches, and promotion and presentation of education for health professionals, and trade-shows. Provide consulting services to strengthen performance of companies assisting health care organizations with a variety of business procedures to comply with state and federal regulations.
· Manage press inquires and arrange press conferences, including management of PR contracts.
· Collaborate in strategic planning for organization.
· Direct international surveillance study, The Global Advisory on Antibiotic Resistance Data, comprised of major pharmaceutical companies with CDC and WHO as advisors.
· Detect and compare across companies resistant pathogens and antibiotics.
· Provide profitable fundraising and development activities.
· Assist clients in establishing electronic businesses in diverse fields, often allied to health care services.
· Consulted with information technology firm to target health care, insurance, and state legislatures to implement workflow applications and e-commerce across business enterprises.
· Developed a business plan for a start-up company considering establishment of healing centers.

Executive Director, Boston, MA
1995 - 1996
Directed establishment and operations of non- profit association to conduct research and public education regarding key provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Developed strategic and operating plans, including long- and short-term goals, membership criteria, budget planning and execution, recruitment and development of human and information resources to support intensive operation. Managed 4 technical advisory groups, comprised of approximately 100 individuals representing different participants in health care. Represented association at significant national health care policy meetings and before print and electronic media.
· Developed 25-member board of directors broadly reflecting divergent concerns about electronic standards and privacy provisions governing transmission of financial data in health care. Secured consensus on national standard, adopted as Subpart F, Administrative Simplification, in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.
· Conducted effective liaison with House and Senate Committees, providing frequent technical briefings on issues and ensuring presentation of coalition witnesses at key hearings and meetings.
· Sustained coalition through enactment of law, successfully doubling membership during leadership.

Division Vice President and Counsel to the President, Hartford, CT
1992 - 1995
Served as Travelers’ key strategist on administrative simplification and formulation and execution of Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) mission, and on public policy affecting health care information technology and health care reform for the five largest insurers. Determined company positions and negotiated with other insurers prior to work with many outside coalitions in the policy and legislative arenas. Proposed and drafted legislation at federal and state levels to maintain private sector flexibility and role. Developed and conducted briefings for president and board of directors to enable corporate leadership in national policy deliberations.
· Developed and published coalition blueprint for reform in health care information exchanges.
· Successfully presented completed concept report to the Secretary of Health and Human Services within six months of project kickoff.
· Developed and published 400-page report to the Secretary of Health and Human Services providing foundation for policies governing electronic exchange of information in health care. Incorporated effective privacy protections while facilitating effective implementation of emergent technologies.
· Effective coalition leadership recognized as influential in transforming complex national health care initiative into practical incremental reform strategy.

Director of Health Issues, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, Hartford, CT
1989 - 1992
Supervised development of health care policy studies to assess complex range of community, state, and national legislative and regulatory provisions affecting the company and the health insurance industry. Worked closely and collaboratively with other members of the Health Insurance Association of American (HIAA) on managed care policies and information technology at the state and federal level. In tandem with them, testified and met with many state legislators to shape state policies and legislation on health care financing.
· Trained staff of 11 government affairs specialists in health issues. Increased ability of staff to negotiate and secure legislation more favorable to private sector interests.
· Testified as expert witness in major state legislative hearings, successfully limiting state activities to facilitate future development of national standards for information exchange and privacy protection
· Led study by Hartford’s Chamber of Commerce assessing the impact of building a high technology children’s hospital in Hartford. Redirected resources to programs that successfully reduced high infant mortality rates.

Deputy Director, OFFICE OF POLICY ANALYSIS, Rockville, MD
1985 - 1989
Assisted management and coordinated legislative activities of the Institute. Analyzed and interpreted the implications of alcoholism and alcohol abuse related legislation, regulations and related policy proposals. Collaborated with the Director and key Institute staff in planning and coordinating the Institute’s legislative programs.
· Reviewed draft legislation, regulations, and program decisions of other agencies that affected the Institute’s programs and mission.
· Provided advice on legislative and policy changes to state and local officials, agency heads, and officers of professional organizations and advocacy groups.

Acting Director, OFFICE OF POLICY ANALYSIS, Rockville, MD
1983 - 1985
Provided leadership and direction to policy studies addressing alcohol abuse and alcoholism issues. Advised Director regarding significant policy issues. Spearheaded effort to determine most effective modalities of alcoholism treatment. Supervised analysis of legislative proposals affecting Institute programs and responsibilities and coordinated development of regulations. Developed, defended, and executed research and operating budget. Managed professional development and productivity of staff. Achieved equal employment opportunity objectives in recruitment, hiring, and development of staff members.
· Conducted studies and produced report providing recommendations and new direction for legislation funding national research and training and state and local initiatives for treatment and prevention of alcohol abuse.
· Persuaded the Health Care Financing Administration to change proposed Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG’s) to reflect state-of-the-art alcoholism treatment practices.
· Developed Requests For Proposals and supervised large umbrella contract.
· Gained approval of reauthorization statute clarifying mission and priorities in key areas.

1976 - 1983
Drafted and secured adoption of regulations for federal health planning program governing state and local reviews of federal funds. Drafted and managed RFP’s for contracts. Recognized as national resource and represented the Bureau of Health Planning at meetings throughout the states.

Director, EVALUATION UNIT, Baltimore, MD
Directed staff, evaluation and implementation of programs for measuring utilization of hospital, physician, pharmacy, skilled and intermediary care facilities, dental, and other ancillary services in the Medicaid program.

International Relief Team Director, Nigeria, West Africa
1968 - 1971
Directed team responsible for the medical and feeding needs of the population in the capital city, Enugu, and a five-mile radius. After war, team was relocated to rehabilitate another devastated city, Onitsha, and the surrounding county, of which only 1/4 was accessible by land. Populations involved approximately 500,000 Biafrans. Analyzed needs (in a war zone and without guidance), developed a plan, including surveying needs, allocating scarce resources, hiring and managing over 200 African medical aides and relief workers, and administered payroll. Treated the sick and malnourished. Managed a weekly mass-feeding program of 75 tons per week. Established a pharmacy and ordered supplies. Wrote reports for country and international organizations; and represented in-country organization, Christian Council of Nigeria, at governmental and ICCR meetings. Along with other NGOs rehabilitated a major TB hospital nearby.
· Managed six U.S. team members, including finding and modifying housing in war-devastated area. Employed several hundred Africans. Sensitive to local politics and frequently had to work and negotiate through church leaders and local chiefs.
· After the war, developed plan to rehabilitate the country. Focus shifted to decisions around what pre-war health facilities should be re-built, what new ones need to be built and what ones should be repaired. Supervised staff of health centers, dispensaries and maternities. Opened and managed TB units, maternities, and geriatric wards.


· Who’s Who Worldwide Registry of Global Business Leaders 1993/94
· Elected to New York State Committee on Health Care Data Automation and the Florida Governor’s Advisory Committee on Data
· Outstanding Contribution Bonuses - The Travelers Companies
· PEW Scholarship, Brandeis University, 1985 – 1989
· Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administrator’s Meritorious Achievement Award -1985
· Outstanding Performance Awards, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (Five consecutive years)
· Quality Increase Awards, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
· Health Resources Administration Cash Award
· Outstanding Young Woman of the Year in America – 1971

Cory Edwards - -

Economic Development Manager

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Seasoned economic manager, business advisor, and change agent. Acknowledged for pioneering efforts in strategically positioning business for growth by securing government funding, developing strong policy, and analyzing existing markets. Expert facilitator, people manager, and communicator. Personal center of influence boasts network of accomplished leaders and innovators across diverse business cultures.

Professional strengths include:
• Strategic Economic Development
• Project Management
• Human Resources Management
• Policy Development
• Budget Administration
• Service Delivery Optimization
• Business Network
• Project Fundraising
• Resource Allocations
• Marketing
• Staff Training/Development
• Operations Management
• Business Development
• Feasibility Analyses
• Corporate Planning
• Change Management
• Business Process Reengineering

Technology: Microsoft Office 2000, Windows XP Pro, Internet, email (MS Exchange).


Graduate Certificate in Management
Graduate School of Business, University of Adelaide
(anticipated 2004)

Professional Certificate in Management
Graduate School of Management, University of Adelaide (2001)

Bachelor of Economics (deferred)
Flinders University of South Australia, School of Social Sciences

Training: Hundreds of hours devoted to professional development via in-house training,
conferences, and workshops

Team Leader Economic Development
Economic Development Coordinator

Account Manager, Employer Servicing Unit/Fleurieu Region
Employment Development Officer/Executive Officer
SA South Central Regional Consultative Group Inc.
Regional Trainer, Fleurieu Region
Manager, Fleurieu Industry Service Center
Assistant Manager, Noarlunga Job Center
Account Manager, Fleurieu Region
Manager/Assistant Manager, Noarlunga Job Center, Christies Beach Special Service Center, Fleurieu Industry Service Center
State Training Manager


Training Officer

Economic/Employment Development Officer

Project Officer


Team Leader Economic Development
Economic Development Coordinator

Team Leader Economic Development
A corporate restructure transitioned staff to limited short-term contracts, prompting a swift decline in morale, and the need for greater internal structure, formalized procedures, and streamlined operations.
· Restored optimism by devising a team management plan designed to re-establish individual and team goals. Scrutinized and amended position descriptions, resurrected regular one-on-one and team meetings, and spearheaded monthly “issues” meetings where conflicts and problems could be aired and resolved.
· Integrated risk management protocols into the business planning process so that decision-making was well-conceived and analyzed—a strategy that counteracted the significant human resource shortage.
· Elevated the profile of transparent communications by reinforcing the importance of cooperation throughout all business units.
· Won Council acceptance for set of revised guidelines underscoring the Local Area Development Program.
· Secured external funding for the Access for Youth employment initiative that surpassed participation and job placement targets by up to 150%.
· Produced retail summit and retail action plan winning Council endorsement, and developed submissions to the State Government review of the Department of Business Manufacturing and Trade to provide services to small business in the City.

Economic Development Coordinator
· Headed task force in collaboration with a business consultant to formulate Council’s economic development strategy. Built a successful case, winning significant budget commitments from Council.
· Managed joint state/Council “City Centre Vital Fund”—an initiative designed to offer cash grants to encourage businesses to settle in the city. Established model for assessing applications used by a panel of representatives from private and public sectors, and local/state government. Results were impressive with increases in employment estimated at 90% from 50 businesses approved for assistance.
· Launched a series of improvements to the existing Local Area Development program. Introduced an economic focus, established an application process for awarding grants, and developed a contractual agreement to govern grants awarded.
· Collaboratively assessed the potential for establishing an export incubator.
· Developed and established the Adelaide City Business “business incubator.”
· Prepared the International Relations Policy for Council.
· Collaborated with business organizations to develop an education industry cluster.

Account Manager, Employer Servicing Unit/Fleurieu Region
Brought role of account manager to fruition stemming from needs assessment study in 1993/94 that determined the viability of servicing active players in the local labor market; provided a single point of contact for business advice and freed the flow of information offering opportunities to match business needs with a range of available government services and program initiatives.

Employment Development Officer/Executive Officer
SA South Central Regional Consultative Group Inc.
Drafted the constitution, arranged incorporation, and prepared the draft regional economic development strategy that secured Commonwealth administrative funding of $240K over 3-years, for this combined Area Consultative Committee (ACC) and Regional Development Organization (RDO). As an environmentally sensitive area, initial projects focused on water resource sustainability.
· Instrumental in application lodgment process; secured $500K extra funding from the Commonwealth.
· Spearheaded Jobs Drive campaign accomplishing 132% of target in 1995/96. Campaign focused on wooing lucrative business input via promotional/marketing tactics and community activities.
· Built and sustained a responsive, balanced group of people to form committee.

Regional Trainer, Fleurieu Region
Established training processes, analyzed staff training needs, and delivered a series of programs to promote multiskilling for increased productivity and motivation. Maintained all confidential training records, and developed a strategic plan to roll out and continually refine the region’s training plan.

Manager, Fleurieu Industry Service Center
Controlled budget for the region’s labor market programs, assessed training course proposals from local providers, influenced the training reform agenda, and reviewed jobseeker and employee-appeal processes. Worked in close liaison with State Regional Development Boards to target labor market programs towards economic development priorities.
· Planned and implemented the Department’s “Service and Structure Review.” Analyzed accommodation and site layout issues including data and power cabling, office furniture and equipment, and staff reallocations.

Assistant Manager, Noarlunga Job Center
Presided over daily operations, prioritized workflows, and supervised staff. Approved applications for available program assistance, and case-managed complex jobseeker/employer issues.

Account Manager, Fleurieu Region
Primary contact for businesses accessing government services and assistance. Delivered 20% increase in business outcomes over previous 12-months, successfully trialing the electronic database “Businesslink.”

Manager/Assistant Manager, Noarlunga Job Center, Christies Beach Special Service Center, Fleurieu Industry Service Center
Promoted from Assistant Manager to Manager, overseeing financial management, productivity, and goals.

State Training Manager
Managed and delivered staff training to over 1000 employees, focusing on productivity enhancements, and middle-management development. Pioneered the national pilot of the department’s management information system for training and development–later adopted nationally.


· Manager, South Australian Management Development (1990–1992). Instrumental in increasing annual turnovers from $110K to $400K.
· Training Officer – DEET/Australian Taxation Office (1989–1992). Designed, developed and delivered staff training including change management programs, industrial democracy, and participative management. Concurrently served as EEO and Sexual Harassment Contact Officer with the ATO.
· Economic/Employment Development Officer, City of Munno Para (1987–1988). Prepared strategic plan for the region subsequent to comprehensive examination of the local economy, industry base and labor market. Report was later adopted by Council as part of the city’s corporate plan.
· Project Officer, Labor Economics Branch (1984–1989). Communicated with employers, training providers, industry associations, and employee organizations as part of an in-depth investigation into the labor markets, industries, and skilled occupations. Prepared policy advice reports outlining recommendations for future training and labor market programs.


Australian Business Economists
Australian Human Resources Institute
Institute of Public Administration Australia

Life Member, Woodville High School Old Scholars Association
Past Management Committee Member & Treasurer, Eastern Enterprise Development Agency
Gayle M. Howard - Top Margin -

Government Relations Consultant

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Governmental Relations Profile

· Proven ability to work with and be a liaison between elected officials, legislative staff, and professional associations. Maximum ability to streamline monitoring and lobbying of legislature for various clients.
· Effective working knowledge of legislative process of Louisiana Legislature. Successfully forged coalitions with lobbyists of mutual interest.
· Expertise in passing or defeating legislation dealing with licensing, funding, and environmental issues. Initiated and participated in interim studies relating to various legislation.
· Responsible for formulating and passing major pieces of legislation concerning tax and state mandates for local government as well as environmental regulatory issues.
· Vice-Chairman of Legislative staff 1989-1993 of Louisiana Conference of Mayors. Supervised and coordinated lobbying assignments on House and Senate floors.

1983 to 2000
Represented various clients at Louisiana Legislature including Louisiana Conference of Mayors, city of Lafayette, state levee boards, municipalities, trade and professional associations, and health care professionals.

1993 to 1996

Associate Lobbyist
A full service governmental relations firm, which included lobbying and association management for Louisiana Public Housing Authority, Ascension Parish, and Louisiana Amusement Operators.

1981 to 1983
Contract Lobbyist
Represented state and national clients at Louisiana Legislature including Miller Brewing Company, 3M, LA Independent Bankers Association and Louisiana Retailers Association.

Management Profile

· Oversee all aspects of operating a business including production, marketing, public relations, sales and quality control responsibilities.
· Excellent professional reputation among customers, industry professionals and regulatory agencies.
· Resourceful in developing contacts and information sources.
· Effective in promoting a positive, productive work environment and team building.

1999 to Present
Commercial Real Estate Agent

1991 to Present
President / Owner
In business since 1957 serving a 5-parish area in commercial and residential services. Handle construction bids, sales and quality control. Served as Manager from 1990 to 1991 and Sales/Field Supervisor from 1980 to 1990. Purchased company in 1992.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science / Minor: Business Administration


Association of Louisiana Lobbyists
Former Board Member
Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
Former Vice Chairman, State & National Affairs
Leadership Lafayette Alumni Association
Former President

Legislative Monitor Profile

· Review all proposed legislation concerning client.
· Submit copies of proposed legislation to client.
· Meet with clients’ officers to discuss positions on proposed legislation.
· Meet with authors of legislation and allies’ interests to discuss impact of targeted legislation.
· Notify client of committee hearings on targeted legislation.
· Monitor committee hearings and report to client.
· Monitor House and Senate floor activity and report to client.
· Provide legislative updates to client during session.
· Provide status reports on targeted legislation at end of legislative session.
· Monitor Louisiana State Registry for Proposed rules/regulations changes of concern to client.
· Attend interim committee meetings and state agency hearings on behalf of client and give status report.

Lobbying Profile

· Review all proposed legislation concerning client.
· Submit copies of proposed legislation to client.
· Meet with client to discuss positions and plan strategy on proposed legislation.
· Meet with authors of legislation and allied interests to discuss impact of targeted legislation.
· Meet with legislative floor leaders to handle legislation or “lead” opposition to legislation on behalf of client.
· Notify client of committee hearings on proposed legislation and monitor.
· Lobby respective legislative committee members and report to client.
· Coordinate and/or deliver testimony at committee hearings.
· Provide legislative updates to client throughout legislative session.
· Lobby members of House, Senate and Administration on behalf of client prior to respective floor activity.
· Schedule meetings with Governor’s Staff with respect to targeted legislation.
· Provide Legislative Status Report at end of legislative session.
· Monitor Louisiana State Registry for any proposed rules/regulations changes of concern to client.
· Attend interim committee meetings and/or state agency hearings on behalf of client and give status report.
· Attend Client Board Meetings upon request.
· Research and development of legislation.

Judy Arabie - Just Your Type, Inc. - Résumé Manager - -

Instructor Former Military

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Recognized for event planning excellence. Won numerous awards.
• Genuine team player; committed to organizational success.
• Thorough; detail and process oriented; strong follow-through skills.
• Work well under pressure and able to meet tight deadlines.
• Take pride in ability to motivate, energize and lead to successful outcomes.
• Tireless work ethic. Committed to project completion.
• Sincere and honest with a high level of personal and professional integrity.


US Air Force, Helix Airbase, MT
2000 - Present
• Instructor/ Supervisor for School Standard Department.
• Monitored and completed personal development reports for instructors.
• Continually volunteered to translate lesson plans and exam questions to ensure continuity in course terminology.
• Organized trip for the "The Air Force Symposium".

US Air Force, Helix Airbase, MT
1993 - 2000
• Advanced to rank of Sergeant.
• Supervisor in charge of maintenance crew for aircraft.
• Coordinated flow of aircraft maintenance rectifications efficiently in order to ensure timely flying status.
• Established priorities and allocated personnel and equipment resources to meet these needs.
• Organized all training and certification procedures, ensuring the required standards were met.

US Air Force, Helix Airbase, MT
1989 - 1993
• Promoted from Corporal to Master Corporal.
• Selected to participate in an aircraft safety video production. Recognized for patiently and accurately contributing to this tedious and technically demanding subject.
• Dual responsibilities as Shop Supervisor and Quality Control Inspector for Tool Control within the Aerospace Maintenance Development Unit.
• Spearheaded a special project involving a committee that orchestrated 50th Anniversary celebrations. Received positive recognition from Lieutenant Colonel citing, "outstanding, with a positive 'will do' attitude throughout the entire period."

US Air Force, Helix Airbase, MT
1982 - 1989
• Achieved "Airframe Journeyman Technician" status.
• Utilized analytical and technical skills to repair and trouble shoot for all aircraft systems.

US Air Force, Helix Airbase, MT
1981 - 1982
• Received notification from Lieutenant Colonel requesting a "For Professionalism" award. Keen eye for detail led to the identification of a structural flaw on trailing edge flap of aircraft. Situation was rectified and resulted in the investigation of 6 more aircraft with similar defects, potentially saving many lives.


• Commanding Officer's Certificate of Achievement: noted for, "displaying outstanding initiative in proposing, planning and organizing 1992 Winter Carnival."
• Base Commander's Commendation: citing "Outstanding services, professionalism, and dedication toward work."
• Guest Speaker for Basic Flight Safety Courses.


WINDOWS 98/2000, Word, Word Perfect, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, Internet, fax, scan.


• Instructor Supervisor Course
• Junior Leader/Management Course
• Ambulance Safety
• Training Analysis, Design, and Evaluation
• Aircraft Aviation Technician
• General Safety Officer
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Numerous technical courses

Graduated grade 12 Washington High School, Helena, MT.

PRWRA Audrey Field - Résumé Resources - Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada -

International Program Officer

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Offering Multi-lingual and Organizational Strengths

Respected and motivated Canadian leader, with an International Relations Degree, specializes in project completion for humanitarian emergencies. Encompasses optimal development and guidance of human capital, while balancing logistical, budgetary, administration, training and geo-political considerations. Focused and tenacious, devising the tactical action plans to translate policy objectives into operative procedures. Interfaces seamlessly with others from all levels, backgrounds and cultures. Functions well in under-serviced and unpredictable zones with limited resources. Articulate communicator. Single: will travel or relocate.
Core Competencies:

· Leadership & Strategic Planning
· Policy Development & Administration
· Curriculum Development & Training
· Speech Writing & Public Address
· Grant & Proposal Writing
· Media, Community & Public Relations
· Crisis Intervention
· Human Resource Optimization
· Volunteer Coordination
· Multi-ethnic Sensitivity & Tolerance
· Rational Decision Making
· Government & NGO Affiliations

CAREER PATH: Samaritan’s Purse International Relief (1998 - Present)

Corporation provides humanitarian aid in over 95 countries from 15 global offices. Projects include delivering and/or providing medical relief, school reconstruction, emergency aid, housing, shelter, relief supplies, HIV/AIDS treatment and water sourcing.

2000 - Present
Earned this senior position to spearhead policy and strategic planning at the global, regional, and country levels. Scope of responsibility is diverse including managing water projects in 25 countries, serving as the technical specialist and consultant for field staff, volunteers and other organizational members. Relied upon to review and guide the project implementation and management of activities, and cooperate with local organizations for goal implementation. Authorized with an annual $500 000 spend.
· Improve partner relationships by gaining trust and transparency, a considerable task given the magnitude of the human and natural disasters faced by the affected countries.
· Recognized subject matter expert. Senior source for all projects involving Water and Sanitation, Environmental Analysis, HIV/AIDS, International Human Resources, and Disaster Relief requirements.
· Spearheaded an important international evaluation of six project sites (Mozambique/ Kenya/ Cambodia/ Vietnam/ Honduras/ Nicaragua), collaborating with Accord Research Center and consultants. Largest study of this nature to be performed on technology, regular narrative, and financial reporting.
· Trusted to serve as program liaison with organizations such as the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), in addition to donors, and international offices. Further, serve as Canadian corporate spokesperson and address media and press within Canada, and while representing the organization abroad.
· Sole grant and proposal writer on site. Secured funds for program through CIDA, USAID, private donors, foundations, $1.5M + within three years. Captured an additional $30M + in grants by teaming with other site writers for USAID projects.
· Manage, equip and train field staff, interns and volunteers for the proper transfer of technology. Develop and/or upgrade curriculum, and conduct orientation workshops.
· Currently, coordinating evaluation with WHO and University of North Carolina.
· Obtained crucial, multi-year funding for Internship Program responsible for the recruitment, training, and management of over 47 interns for field assignments. Solid managerial skills have resulted in one of the nation’s most successful CIDA funded internship programs.
· Restructured the pre-existing and faltering Internship Program, which was cancelled under the former predecessor, into one of Canada’s most successful internships. Revitalized all operational aspects. Revamped training materials, and recruiting processes. Enacted more rigorous screening measures, accepting only the most suitable candidates, permitting field staff to hire only the most suitable candidates. Program started with just 8 interns before being cancelled: has now received CIDA multi-year funding, hosting over 57 positions.

Jordan and Iraq
Part of five-member First-In-Team for organization. Worked in concert with United Nation (UN) officials. Received and managed the distribution of relief supplies from the United Kingdom.
· Ensured short term warehouse staffing, to assemble Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) kits. Some 5000 families received these kits, containing vital hygiene and toiletry items.
· Discussed emergency relief water and sanitation schemes for potential IDPs with UN and sector leaders.

El Salvador
Charged to lead, support and motivate work crews, partner organizations, and volunteers for this considerable water and sanitation initiative. Determined logistical and procurement needs for water equipment and supplies. Assembled emergency water system for community.
· Coordinated the installation of 50 water filtration units in rural households.
· Assisted to draft a USAID proposal that realized a $12M grant.

1998 - 2000
Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Ecuador
Trusted with an important initial assignment focusing on transferring low water treatment technology through workshops to local partner organizations with low technology. Synchronized community participation for task completion. Quickly earned respect and promotions. First woman hired for this role.
· Generated program materials for diverse beneficiary groups.
· Lead user compliance training and education seminars.
· Strong analytical skills continuously monitored and evaluated project effectiveness.

TEAM LEADER (Special Assignment)
Directed disaster relief efforts in rural communities suffering from the effects of Hurricane Mitch. Coordinated staff and volunteers and partner organizations.
· Honed effective writing skills by contributing to the development of a USAID proposal resulting in a $12M grant.

COORDINATOR (Special Assignment)
Organized the delivery of community and household scale water filtration units and food distribution to rural locations also affected by Hurricane Mitch.
· Designated key team member to assist with visiting donor groups of 10 - 30. Important role, held accountable for booking accommodations, purchasing food, arranging transportation/airline tickets, providing translators, designing schedules/meetings, security, and dealing with press/ media.



SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Regularly requested for public speaking engagements. Address Members of Parliament, Senators, senior government officials, in addition to local and national media (radio, television, promotional video), foreign government dignitaries and officials, NGOs, church and community organizations, youth groups, academic institutions and staff. Topics, some keynote, include: International Relief, Water in Emergencies and BioSand Water Filters.

TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet Research. Relief Equipment e.g., Thuraya satellite phone


Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
During third year of studies, traveled to Nicaragua for two weeks to learn about the technology and participate in a Samaritan’s Purse credit workshop.
· One of two graduates selected to receive an internship offer from Samaritans Purse.
· Involved extensively in multiple committees and organizations: (Aide to Resident Assistant, Class Committee Member, Student Volunteer Leader, Worked Reception Desk, Street Light Ministry - Inner City, and Youth Crisis Hotline Co-Leader)

The Liverpool School, England

▪ Project Management ▪ HIV/AIDS and the Global Community ▪ Crisis Counseling ▪
▪ WHMIS ▪ CPR ▪ St John Ambulance ▪ Certified Competitive Swimming Coach ▪
▪ Red R Water Treatment in Emergencies and Water Sources in Emergencies - UK (Certificate) ▪

INTERESTS: Travel / Reading / Sports / Health / Music

▪ Reliability ▪ Determination ▪ Integrity ▪
Audrey Field - -

Liasion Manager Military

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• 15+ years' experience in Management with expertise in supervising personnel, managing overall costs and budgets and working with multiple organizations in complex overseas operations.
• Communicates effectively in English, German, and Croatian.
• Exceptional skills in working with communities and community leaders in times of crisis to provide assistance where and when needed. Extensive logistics background in supply and shipping.
• Outstanding experience in public relations, political liaison work in foreign lands with multinational agencies, forces and government officials.
• Works well in teams or individually to achieve goals and objectives. Successful in building teams of workers dedicated to getting the job done right.


United States Army
1982 - 2002
Community Aide/Liaison Manager
Responsible for working directly with multinational agencies, governments and military personnel to provide aid and fulfill the needs of struggling governments and citizens.
• Managed all logistical requests for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and coordinated efforts with multinational and multiagency personnel.
• Assisted and supported the planning of Kosovo's first free and fair elections in their entire history.
• Worked with community officials, government agencies, multi-national personnel and various government agents in planning and implementing Kosovo's first civil and voter registration without a violent incident.
• Military advisor to OSCE on all matters dealing with security and military matters.
• Assigned to Bosnia to act as a liaison between the Nordic-Polish Brigade and the civilian communities.
• Managed all aspects of restoring the railroad between Sarajavo and Brcko.
• Responsible for assisting the business community and local media in providing opportunities to local citizens in conjunction with USAID.
• Assigned to the Balkans as an observer and controller to train each rotation of peacekeepers.
• Managed various budgets while serving in the military on the Brigade level.
• Developed ties between the peacekeeping units and international and non-governmental humanitarian organizations. Responsible for the planning and implementation of VIGILANT LION-one of the first realistic humanitarian relief exercises in the area.


Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, creating and managing Access databases, producing PowerPoint presentations, basic Windows 2000 and NT file management and troubleshooting, Corel Draw, Corel PhotoPaint, EZ CD Pro, use of the Internet and email.


LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA
Master of Science.
Bachelor of Science

• Civil Affairs Officer Advanced Course.
• Joint Civil-Military Operations Course


Able to write and speak German and at an advanced beginner level in Serbo-Croatian.

PRWRA John Donovan - - Career Résumé Service - - Armed Forces Résumés -


Jean Adams
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Advocate for environmental, health, Internet privacy and sales tax issues.


• Excellent written and oral communication, collaboration, public speaking, networking.
• Spearheaded efforts that raised $10,000 for a Red Cross Fundraiser on campus.
• Led campus research committee on Internet Privacy and Sales Tax issues.
• Experienced in writing press releases, news-related stories, and proposals.
• Resolved a long-standing issue through intelligent redesign and presentation of facts to policy makers.
• Understands and interprets trend analysis.
• Proficient in WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows, Email, and Internet.
• Fluent in reading, speaking, and writing in Spanish.


University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
Bachelor of Science, Political Science
High Honors.
Dual Minor: Business Law and Economics.
Active in numerous clubs, fraternities, and campus organizations.


Senator Bob Richardson, Boise, Idaho
2000 - 2001
Legislative Assistant
• Track and analyze bills via the Internet and present information to the Senator.
• Conduct polling and statistical analysis on voter issues.
• Provide interpretations of trend analyses.
• Assist in press releases and conferences.

Senator Bob Richardson, Boise, Idaho
1998 - 1999
Legislative Correspondent
• Coodinated, fielded, and tracked incoming calls and correspondence.
• Assisted in press releases and conferences.
• Produced direct mail and broadcast mail solicitations.

Valley Free Press, Idaho Falls, Idaho
1997 - 1998
Field Reporter
• Reported on local, state, and national political news.
• Reported on local civil and administrative litigation.


Associate Member, Idaho Environmental Law Student Committee.
Associate Member, Idaho Tax Reform Student Committee.
Member, Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce.

PRWRA Camile Carboneau - CC Computer Services - PO Box 50655 - Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405 - URL: -

Logistics Analyst

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Logistics management professional offering in-depth experience in developing and applying logistics engineering techniques and methodologies to solve problems from the customer to wholesale levels. Dynamic leader with in-depth experience in strategic planning and tactical implementation skills, which are easily transferable to a variety of industries. Adept at assessing client needs, as well as defining requisite resources. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills at all levels of the organization. Fluent in Spanish and Polish. Certified Professional Logistician.


• Logistics analysis • Strategic planning • Supply Chain Management
• Decision maker • Expert consultant • Skilled communicator
• Project management • Trusted adviser • Proven organizational skills


Developed a comprehensive metrics plan for a major business process reengineering program, which won the 2003 United States Logistics and Distribution Excellence Award.

Supervised and systematized a 15-member staff providing improved logistical support to an 8,000-member organization with 800 wheeled vehicles and 400 tracked vehicles.


Researched and published numerous intelligence reports for senior decision makers.

Developed and published a data collections plan with new logistics and financial data elements and coordinated the institutionalization these metrics into standard Army reports.


Established, collected, and presented logistics and financial metrics' results of the Single Stock Fund developmental test to a review board comprised of the Army's most senior logisticians.

Presented numerous instructional seminars to executive level personnel.


OPTIONS UNLIMITED, Chicago, Illinois
1998 - Present
Senior Logistics Analyst
An integrated logistics solutions provider.

• Led an Integrated Process Team of over 10 logisticians in developing an Executive Scorecard to monitor new supply chain processes at over 50 U.S. Army installations
• Designed and developed a MS Access database for storing/manipulating data pertaining to Army-wide redistribution of excess secondary items/repair parts


United States Army
1982 - 1998
Various Locations

Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington DC
1993 - 1998
Senior Political-Military Analyst
• Special Military Advisor to the Ambassador, Sarajevo and Bosnia providing scheduled as well as impromptu intelligence briefings on the military balance
• Researched and published numerous intelligence estimates for senior Department of Defense decision makers on the political-military situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Focus Group, Washington DC
1991 - 1993
Deputy Chief

Defense Intelligence Agency
Team Chief
• Led a 35-member section in analysis and dissemination of complex intelligence issues, balancing workload and maximizing employee utilization, resulting in timely reports
• Analyzed, coordinated, briefed and published the Focus Group's intelligence products and frequently led and coordinated project teams on complex and highly sensitive issues

IV Corps Artillery, Lexington, Kentucky
1989 - 1991
Operations Officer
• Supervised and coordinated activities of an operations office
• Organized unit training of a 550 member logistics organization
• Planned and coordinated six highly successful contingency deployments

G6,IV Corps Artillery, Lexington, Kentucky
1987 - 1989
Logistics Officer

Preparedness Group
1985 - 1987
Logistics Advisor

Commander. 12th Infantry Division
1982 - 1985


Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S., Management, (Logistics)

University of Kentucky
M.A., International Business

University of Texas
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science


Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE)
Association of the United States Army (AUSA)


• Presidential Killian Award for Excellence in Intelligence Operations - 1999
• Awarded the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Services Achievement Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, and National Defense Service Medal

PRWRA Patricia Chapman - CareerPro-Naperville, Inc. - Naperville, Illinois 60563 - - - (630) 983-8882 - (630) 983-9021 fax

Logistics Manager

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Facility Maintenance • Organizational Management • Inventory & Transport Management


• Civilian Contractors • Facility Maintenance
• Procurement and Supply • Inventory Accountability
• Contract Negotiations • Resource Allocation
• Deadlines and Scheduling


Logistics Management
• Coordinate all aspects of logistical support for such items as munitions, transportation vehicles of all kinds, food service items, medical and dental support, facility maintenance, personnel housing, and inventory control.
• Negotiate with outside contractors to provide maintenance and occasional bus transport.
• Responsible for allocating resources to meet the needs of all transportation requests. Accountable for providing all requested material and transport equipment when needed.
• Coordinate the successful implementation of transportation requests in relation to vehicles and equipment, food and water, munitions, medical and dental issues, and availability of inventory.
• Manage a section of 127 military and 12 civilian personnel on a daily basis. Coordinate the team to complete all requests accurately and on time.
• Oversee inventory personnel each month to assure accurate accountability of munitions and equipment.
• Responsible for contacting procurement personnel to obtain all items on transportation requests not currently in inventory. Assure the arrival of such materials to meet deadlines.
• Identify and medically qualify all food service personnel prior to deployment.
• Work closely with other logistical sections to coordinate efforts and meet existing and future material needs.
• Coordinate the dental and medical care of personnel with contracted outside service providers. Assure that all personnel are current in meeting appointments and track progress on light and limited duty personnel.
• Oversee outside contractor maintenance work on grounds and buildings.


United States Marine Corps
1980 - 2003


Military Training
• Marine Corps Occupational Safety and Health Programs (OSH).
• Hazardous Materials and Waste Management.
• Operational Risk Management.
• Mishap Investigation and Prevention
• Ground Safety for Marines.

Bachelor of Science, Pastoral Administration
Graduating in June of 2004


Proficient with Microsoft Word, Windows 98/2000, use of the Internet and email.

PRWRA John Donovan - - Career Résumé Service - - Armed Forces Résumés -


Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Accomplished project manager with expertise as analyst, fundraiser, political advisor, program director, events planner/coordinator, public relations specialist, and elected official with dynamic management, administrative and organizational skills. Reputation for achieving results through forging cooperative alliances, implementing innovative solutions, and motivating teams to achieve ambitious goals. Comfortable and competent in military, political and civilian environments.


· Proven professional trainer designing and delivering effective adult learning curriculum.
· Highly articulate and persuasive, “communications skills are exceptional, always crafted and flexible to suit the situation – a rare talent.”
· Designed successful public relations and marketing program that resulted in the highest-ever recorded voter participation.
· Proactive volunteer recruiter, ensuring successful programs and initiatives.
· Represent Senior Congressman at community meetings, providing information and practical analysis of political options.
· Successful author and co-author of numerous grant awards, including $100,000 for Delbert Child Care Center in St. Martin’s, Florida.
· Demonstrated ability to conduct needs assessments, data synthesis, determine potential impacts of alternative strategies, and program design and structure.


Constituent Services, District Congressional Offices
2000 – Present
Ombudsman/ Passport Officer
Effectively interact with constituents, government agencies, and senior decision makers, to resolve and investigate issues and concerns. Process and advise constituents on proper passport services and application process. Represent office at community events and meetings, organize action items ensuring proper, timely completion, inform, analyze and present resolution options.

Reach For Tomorrow
1996 – 1999
Chief Operating Officer
Coordinated and directed program assets, providing individualized instruction and educational experiences for underachieving 8th graders nationally. Promoted technology usage to increase motivation and learning and support mentoring. Developed program policies, procedures and evaluation processes and systems. Designed and implemented effective staff training programs. Presented progress and accomplishments to senior level DoD officials both military and civilian, corporate sponsors and national media. Supervised the yearly recruitment of 500 students and 100 adult mentors/volunteers at 6 sites.

Reston Community Center, Reston, VA
1994 – 1997
Elected Member, Board of Governors
Provided strategic administration and oversight of multi-purpose organization with over $3.2 million per annum tax revenues. Successfully created and implemented marketing program that increased voter awareness and understanding, resulting in highest-ever recorded voter turnout. Designed, development, and implemented Board orientation and instruction program. Organized and oversaw national recruitment campaign for Executive Director. Developed vision and drove successful implementation of computer center for community access.

Wildund & Associates
1989 – 1994
Task Force Member and Research Associate for Ambassador Sam Sterling and the National Commission for Public Service, resulted in co-authoring of book “Public Attitudes Toward Government: Contradiction, Ambivalence, and Dilemmas of Response,” with Dr. Taylor Anderson.
Collaborated in the research and development of management studies, including job assessments and position descriptions, administrative procedures and manuals, and training curricula for clients. Provided crucial assistance in extensive marketing plan and campaign that resulted in increased revenues and achievement of target goals. Supplied research and administrative support for development of 2 books.

University of Southern California at Edwards Air Force Base
Director, Systems Management Program
Effectively represented University, ensuring accurate, timely registration, scheduling, and academic counseling for military students. Advised and collaborated with students to provide academic curricula that met and accomplished individual goals. Resolved all scheduling, logistical, financial, academic, and professional concerns and issues, promoting and increasing student enrollments and contributing to academic successes. Liaison to Department of Veterans Affairs.

Title XX Training, California State University, Sacramento, CA
1978 – 1982
Director/Training Coordinator
Provided program development and execution of professional training programs for county staff. Determined fiscal, operational, and regulatory impact of current and pending legislation on University, state and county programs. Created and implemented innovative, cutting edge, crossover training, enabling child protective service workers to accommodate legally mandated staffing initiatives. Established, strengthen and maintained professional relationships with elected officials, civil servants, and representatives of non-profit organizations within the states 21 counties, accomplishing University goals and objectives.

Department of Health and Human Services, New York, NY
1972 – 1978
State and Community Relations Specialist/Project Officer
Selected for HEW appointment. Audited Social Security offices. Designed and implemented employee training and employee relations programs, creating awareness, strengthening skills and improving performance. Reduced erroneous payments by $1 million. Represented Regional Commissioner in National Six State Survey, effectively reducing AFDC payment errors. Developed and conducted innovative training for administrative law judges that substantially mitigated post review reversals, saving over $3 million. Credited with reducing staffing requirements while improving administrative performance.


ABD, University of Southern California, School of Public Administration
Completed all doctoral-level coursework, specialization in National Security Issues

Master of Arts, Rider College, Program for Administration

Bachelor of Arts, Montclair State College, Social Sciences and Education


Honorary Recruiter, United States Army
Elected member, Reston Citizens Association
Elected County Official, Reston Community Center, Board of Governors
Member, Reach For Tomorrow, Board of Directors
Fellow, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and the Society
Certified Trainer, Whole Brain Learning
Certified Ombudsman, Ombudsman Association, Washington, D.C.

Cory Edwards - -

Project Manager Peacekeeping

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Specializing in Peacekeeping within International Forums

Experience in working with an array of volunteers and coordinating activities.
Possesses a broad understanding of office practices, functions and equipment.
Knowledge of planning and preparation needed for small and large events.
Highly motivated, a self-starter with multi-tasking skills.
Experience in working with volunteer organizations.
Excellent skills in facilitation and presentation.
Can be counted on to get the job done.
Intermediate French language skills.


· Extensive experience in customer service and supervision of employees.
· Broad understanding of business functions and processes, including knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.
· Coordinates and executes twice weekly recreation activities for children, as well as monthly themed activities, and nine special activities over the March break.
· A partner in coordinating care of over 3000 refugees.
· Implemented “self-support” program with fellow Senior Customer Sales. Representatives of Chapters to increase efficiency.
· Broad knowledge of office computer applications and clerical duties.
· Implemented many new marketing ideas, which received recognition from CEO of Chapters.
· Department saw an increase of 11% in sales after first 4 months of employment as the Head of the children’s department.
· Progressively developed Human Resource skills as the immediate supervisor of a staff of eight employees.


· M.A. War Studies, Royal Military College of Canada (distance education), in progress.
· B.A. History, Royal Military College of Canada, May 2002.
· Certificate in Defense Management, Royal Military College Of Canada, in progress.
· Officer Professional Military Education, Royal Military College of Canada, in progress.
· NATO SHAPE School, Oberammergau Germany, July 2001. Civil Military Co-Operation and Civil Emergency Planning and Preparedness Course.
· Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Nova Scotia, October 2001. Civil Military Cooperation Course (negotiation, emergency planning and information campaigns were an integral part of course).


· Op Parasol. Kosovar Refugee Relief Effort, Mountainview Base, Summer 1999. Participated in the planning and implementation of, and was in charge of aspects of feeding over 3000 refugees. Worked with hundreds of volunteers, and coordinated with many relief and volunteer organizations.
· Queens University Model United Nations, November 2001. (Best Delegate Award)
· Harvard University Model United Nations, February 2001.
· Queens University Model United Nations, November 2000.
· Published in the Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin, Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring 2002. Fighting the Good Fight: A Comparative Study of Military Ethics in Operations Other Than War, pp 38 - 42.


Chapters – Kingston – Ottawa
2002 – Present
Cashier, Bookseller,
Senior Customer Sales Representative, Children’s Books
· Very knowledgeable of bookkeeping and accounting procedures associated with tracking daily sales and cashier reports, fluent in the use of computer databases for stock tracking and ordering.
· Implemented programs to make Seniors more efficient in daily tasks.
· Developed marketing features which received praise form CEO and top executives.
· Created, organized and administered recreation programs for children. Two activities every week, special activities on a monthly basis, and nine activities over the March break. Consulted and coordinated these efforts with the Regional Marketing Manager.
· Strongly developed Human Resource skills, manages a staff of eight.
· Committed to customer satisfaction, maintains a customer focused approach.
· Liaise regularly with Section, General, and Regional managers.
· Implemented a supplemental rewards program to encourage better performance from staff members.

Cara Foods – Swiss Chalet/Kelsey’s – Kingston
1997 – 2001
Waitress, Bartender, Supervisor
· Worked well under pressure with a heavy workload, multitasking a must.
· Delivered outstanding customer service, a consistent team player.
· Familiar with the bookkeeping and accounting practices associated with maintaining records of sales and cashier floats.
· Was offered position as manager of a restaurant in recognition of excellent performance.

Nicole Miller - -

Public Management Supervisor

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Manager with experience in capital improvement projects, capitalization and funding, operational management, community relations, organizational audits, consulting, public relations and media relations, project management, and sensitive negotiations. Use graduate degree in Public Finance Administration to handle governmental affairs issues.


• Skilled in all aspects of finance and audit operations, including employee supervision, overseeing audit procedures, analysis of audit results, coordination with upper management to develop and present audit results, and development of special programs.
• Experienced in contract compliance, risk assessment and risk management, and the administration and monitoring of contract and concession agreements. Knowledge in legislative and intergovernmental matters.
• Noted for negotiating skills, working well individually or in teams, and excellent human relations and interpersonal abilities.
• Experienced with volunteers in non-profit agencies, recruitment, training, and motivation of volunteer groups. Knowledgeable in human resource management, employee relations, and following affirmative action and EEOC regulations.
• Demonstrated communications through interaction with civic leaders at all levels of City government, presentation-making, production of detailed written strategic plans and analyses, public relations, media outreach, public speaking, volunteer training, editing and production of detailed reports and memos, meeting facilitation, and VIP relations.


City Office, Anytown, Mississippi
2000 - Present
Assistant to the Chief
Povided public management experience by administering the overall goals, policies, and objectives through executive branch departments and municipal agencies. Provide executive-legislative support for activities involving the City Council, intergovernmental matters with other jurisdictions, and coordination with the Directors of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and the Human and Cultural Services departments. Monitor contract compliance and expenditures, track payments involving capital projects, and ensure fiscal responsibility. Assigned to represent the CAO on various committees, and in meetings relative to projects and problem resolution with other governmental agencies, elected officials, and City departmental personnel.

Institute for Disability Studies, Anytown, Mississippi
1999 - 2000
Participated in an 8-month workshop focused on training selected individuals to become informed advocates for people with disabilities, supervised participants at a designated distance learning site, distributed training session informational materials, and facilitated flow of information between sites.

Community College, Anytown, Mississippi
1998 - 1999
Administrative Assistant
Assisted the Director in preparation for the College for Institutional Self-Study, the development of the College's strategic plan, coordination of the English Writing Proficiency Exam, organized and scheduled meetings to ensure project deadlines, assisted in student registration, proctored examinations and test evaluations.

State University, Anytown, Mississippi
1997 - 1998
Graduate Assistant
Performed a variety of administrative functions to assist the Department Chair, coordinated various activities within the Department, including the Pi Alpha Alpha induction ceremony, and assisted Chair and faculty members by conducting and compiling library research.


State University, Anytown, Mississippi
Masters, Public Policy and Administration
Concentration: Public Finance Administration
Academic Honors and Awards: Dr. Leslie B. McLemore Student of the Year Award, Pi Alpha Alpha Public Administration Honor Society,
Leadership Activities: Vice President of Membership for Toastmasters International
Relevant Coursework: Intergovernmental Relations, State and Local Government Budgeting and Finance, Program Development and Operation, Urban Management and Services, Healthcare Finance Administration, Seminar in Executive Leadership

State University, Jackson, Mississippi
Bachelor of Arts, English
Academic Honors and Awards: Dean's List, Graduated Cum Laude, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society
Leadership Activities: Student Coordinator for Congressional Election, Presenter for Mississippi Action for Minority Participation
Relevant Coursework: Legal Research and Writing, Business Law, Introduction to Legal Aspects, American Political Parties and Pressure Groups, American Government, Introduction to Political Science

Community College, Anytown, Georgia
B.A., English


IBM-PC and Macintosh, including Microsoft Windows 95 / 98, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the Internet, E-mail, and various spreadsheet, word processing, and database programs

PRWRA Grant Cooper - Strategic Resumes / YWW - New Orleans, LA 70118 -

Quality Control Chief Military

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


14 Years' successful United States Marine Corps experience recruiting highly qualified men and women to serve their country. Expertly conduct applicant interviews, background investigations, enlistment waivers, and security clearances. Gifted communicator and high-energy relationship builder. Accustomed to working with all levels of state and local agencies. Awarded two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals for superior recruiting performance.


Interviewed, scheduled, processed, and managed United States Marine Corps enlistees, achieving
• Annual average 463 successful applicant contracts.
• Monthly mean 514 pool strength, pre-assigning programs and ship dates.
• District-wide 933 pooled applicants shipped in 12 months.
• Upper-mental group of 71.2% for 778 Delayed Entry Program applicants.
• Assignment and shipping of 184 reserves, assisting Reserve Affairs to attain end-strength goals.

Screened, verified, and investigated applicants' information and background, achieving
• Career best 0.6% investigations or inquiries of new recruit packages.
• Zero malpractice and fraud cases for Recruiting Station San Diego Marines.
• Overall 9.6% total force attrition compared to 11.5% Marine Corps' standard.
• Record low 7.2% district attrition rate recruiting.
• Twelve-month 2.5% fraud attrition rate.

• Led Recruiting Station San Diego to be awarded Superior Achiever and Western Region Recruiting Station to be named Quality Station of the Year.
• Piloted recruiting station to outperform district average in 11 of 13 quality indicator areas.
• Processed and provided average 82.7 enlistment waiver recommendations per week.
• Automated station workload 50% by creating databases for shipping and depping quality standards.
• Tracked 100% of pooled applicants according to name, ship date, and program, by designing new operations boards.


• Career Counseling • Resource Accounting • Background Investigation
• Office Management • Vocational Testing • Manpower Planning
• Contract Administration • Operational Audits • Job Classification
• Quota Management • Community Relations • Document Control


12th Marine Corps District Head Quarters, San Diego, CA
2001 - Present
Quality Control Chief
Oversee district quality control, directing 10 staff members. Inspect collect, examine, and report quality indicators and trends for 9 recruiting and 14 Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). Coordinate quality control matters for all subordinate and adjacent commands. Investigate applicant medical waivers, ensuring accuracy and adherence to directives. Maintain accuracy of Quality Control Information System database. Assume district operations chief duties as required.

12th Marine Corps District, Recruiting Station, San Diego, CA
2000 - 2001
Operations Chief
Directed station recruiters consisting of 8 personnel. Interviewed and scheduled applicants for enlistment and processing. Controlled pool and shipping documents. Assigned and tracked reserve applicant quota serial numbers. Audited operations and accounting reports. Maintained Operations Status boards. Evaluated MEPS daily reports.

Head Quarters, Western Recruiting Region, San Diego, CA
1999 - 2000
Noncommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC), MEPS Liaison
Worked independently with MEPS staff and service organizations as Commanding Officer's representative to enforce all quality control measures and provide final quality control checkpoint. Coordinated mental and physical examination scheduling for all applicants. Oversaw enlisting and shipping activity. Investigated and reported discrepancies in enlistment packages and processing to command group. Conducted independent verification of recruiting station special interest items.

Western Recruiting Region, Recruiting Station, San Diego, CA
1996 - 1999
Assistant Operations Chief
Managed region of 3 districts and 25 recruiting stations for daily accounting and contracting activities. Conducted region Training and Assistance Team inspections of MEPS. Liaised with recruiting districts and Recruiting Command for enlistment criteria, program changes, and policies. Managed weekly shipping between recruiting districts and Recruit Training Regiment for even flow, providing projections. Assumed operations chief duties as required.

Western Recruiting Region, Recruit Liaison Section, San Diego, CA
1994 - 1996
Quality Control Chief

Recruiting Station, Portland, OR
1992 - 1994
NCOIC, Military Enlistment Processing Station Liaison

Recruiting Station, Portland, OR
1987 - 1992
NCOIC, Recruiting Substation


HS Diploma, South Salem High School, Salem, OR - 1973
Recruiting Operations Course - 2000
Recruiting Military Enlistment Processing Station Liaison Course - 1993
Career Recruiter School - 1992
NCOIC for Recruiters Course - 1988
Recruiters School - 1987

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Senior Professional Engineer Military

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Highly motivated and results driven professional engineer with more than 20 years of continuous experience in both civilian and military aerospace / mechanical / welding fields. Aggressive at identifying and resolving inefficient procedures, processes and resources. Adept at completing demanding projects within crucial timelines. Thorough; detail and process oriented; strong follow-through skills. Highly articulate, demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills across all levels. including the effective exchange of complex technical / manufacturing / industrial data. Designated security clearance: Top Secret. Achieved rank of Major. Committed to organizational success. Core competencies include:

• Program & Project Leadership • Engineering/Technical Training & Writing
• Problem Resolution • Confidentiality Assurance
• Team Building & Leadership • Personnel & Logistics Management
• Non-Destructive Evaluation • Aerospace Maintenance Engineering
• Life Cycle Material Management • Aircraft Accident Technical Investigation
• Propulsion Systems Condition Monitoring • Industrial Gas Turbine Engineering


Aerospace Engineering & Technical Training
1999 - Present
• Earned this senior portfolio due to comprehensive aerospace industry and strong managerial capability. Direct all personnel and resources providing aerospace engineer and technical training for all Canadian Air Force aerospace engineers. (2001-Present)
• Guiding Section Head of Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering. Accountable for leading this specialized national technical training facility with 100 professionals. Write and deliver the most technically proficient training curriculum for aircraft airframe maintenance, jet engines, avionics, aircraft structures, aircrew escape and safety support systems. (2000-2001)
• As Instructor for Officer Aerospace Engineering Certification, administered personnel management, leadership, administration, logistics and technical training. (1999-2000)

Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome NY
1995 - 1999
United States Air Force
• Selected to lead the Advanced Radar Systems Enhancements for U.S. Navy Counter Drug Surveillance Radar. Spearheaded 4 complete major radar technology enhancement initiatives within a tight 36 month window. Granted budget in excess of $4M (US).

Quality Engineering Test Establishment, Hull Quebec
1993 - 1995
PROJECT ENGINEER - Condition Monitoring Systems
• Provided engineering/technical expertise for condition monitoring of wetted lubrication system components on aerospace/aircraft propulsion systems. Utilized spectrometric oil analysis (SOAP), ferrographic analysis and filter debris analysis (FDA). Conducted investigations of lubrication related failures.

Aerospace Maintenance Development Unit, Trenton Ontario
1989 - 1992
DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER- Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Branch
• Skill set relied upon to direct and co-ordinate technician teams; testing and evaluation of emerging composite material NDT technologies. Scrutinized aircraft structural inspection programs identifying shortfalls; initiating process reviews and revisions. Sourced and acquired updated Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic testing equipment.

National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa
1985 - 1987
Project Manager: (ABDR), Aircraft Salvage& Maintenance Tool Control Programs
• Hand picked to revamp program by establishing initial funding, resource baseline and policy foundations. Attention to detail and safety specifications were paramount. Efforts migrated to form a centralized training facility providing personnel and resources to ensure combat damaged aircraft were repaired and completely operational, saving millions of dollars.

National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa
1984 - 1985
Life Cycle Material Manager: Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (AMSE)
• Supervised Life Cycle Material measures for aircraft maintenance support equipment.

Canadian Forces Base, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
1980 - 1984
AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE OFFICER (after completing basic training)
• Accountable for managing 73-person team charged with daily operations of CT114 Tutor Jets. Scope of activities included overseeing non-destructive and engine test cell facilities, aircraft safety and life support systems maintenance; hydraulics, and all structural fabrication and refinishing rectifications. Strong team management skills consistently ensured minimum of 72 aircraft were on the flight line and ready to fly, 5 days per week with short notice for the advanced flight training for all Air Force Pilots.

Westinghouse Canada Inc., Hamilton, Ontario
1977 - 1980
STAFF ENGINEER- Gas Turbine & Generator Division
• Resolved operational problems occurring in customer Gas Turbine units.


• Aircraft Maintenance Engineering • NDT Ferrography
• Aircraft Structures and Materials • Fracture Mechanics
• PG Non-Destructive Testing • Air Worthiness Management
• Air Command Unit Flight Safety • Aviation Fluid Services Officer
• CT 114 - Maintenance Management • Avionics Systems - Engineering
• Gas Turbine Engineering • Senior Management Training & Development

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
M.S., Welding Engineering: Non-Destructive Evaluation

Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto, Ontario
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

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