Resumes by Industry: Law Enforcement and Security

Chief Of Police

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


A position as Chief of Police, for a midsize Police Department, which will utilize extensive experience in Police operations, strategic planning, and proven managerial expertise.


• Law enforcement professional with proven innovative organizational expertise, exceptional follow-through abilities and excellent management skills.
• Able to oversee projects from concept to successful implementation.
• Demonstrated ability to fully utilize resources for maximum effect.
• Proactive strategist able to effectively meet the needs of community while maintaining highest levels of morale.
• Completed Homicide investigator's course, June 1995.
• Consistently rated Above or Well Above Standards on professional evaluations.


• In April 1995, was chosen co-presenter at a workshop/seminar re: creating organizational Vision and Mission statements.
• Selected to participate in the Executive Development Program of the New York City involving key executives representing many branches of city government.
• 2 1/2 years experience as Precinct Commander in the New York City Police Department.
• Possess both Bachelor and Master of Arts in Sociology.
• More than 5 years command experience at rank of Captain; more than 20 years service in the New York City Police Department.


1995 - Present
Investigative Coordinator and Duty Captain, Detective Borough Manhattan
• Monitor and direct all criminal investigations of 6 precinct detective squads in Manhattan North.
• Direct newly developing criminal investigations in the whole Borough of Manhattan and, periodically, the entire City.

1994 - 1995
Borough Captain, Patrol Borough Manhattan North
Interim commanding officer in three precincts, while assigned commanders were on extended sick leave or vacation.

1992 - 1994
Commanding Officer, Tenth Precinct (Captain)
• Managed 225 person police operation in Manhattan's West Side "Chelsea" community, overseeing patrol, administrative functions.
• Directed procedures for maintaining discipline and training personnel. Due to new procedures, recorded productivity gains and an increase in morale.
• Instituted more effective anti-robbery program utilizing efficient human resource management strategies. During 2-year tenure, effected successive 10% decreases in robberies.
• In 1994, achieved 25 year lows in four of the 7 major crime categories.
• Re-scheduled patrols for higher visibility and providing a more effective theft deterrent.
• Liaised with assorted political and community entities in the Chelsea community, receiving several letters of appreciation from them upon completion of assignment. Coordinated with other Police Departments including Port Authority, Housing Police, Transit Police and, on occasion, FBI and DEA.

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Commercial Diver

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Career Profile

Well-qualified professional with more than five years of commercial diving experience and six years experience leading efficient and cost-effective operations for a global organization. Strong general management qualifications and experience in strategic planning, security, finance & accounting, and communications.


· Effectively supervised more than thirty-five (35) personnel as Team Leader.
· Managed and conducted security programs for three (3) years for American Embassies.
· Field Instructor for Marine Corps Course of up to 50 students per class.
· Supervised the operations and management of supply funds through the military and state department.
· Managed and coordinated security and evacuation of personnel during terrorism attacks.
· Coordinated and managed numerous recreational functions and events.


· Coordinated communications between Embassy Security Personnel and American Citizens and Diplomats living in foreign countries on Diplomatic Missions.
· Coordinated with foreign Embassies and military sources on delicate security issues in West Africa, and Nairobi Kenya during major crisis.
· Established and maintained relations with members of foreign services and diplomatic posts at overseas Embassies.
· Diverse and multicultural leadership abilities with experience abroad in countries such as Okinawa, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Cuba, Panama, Vienna Austria, West Africa, and Kenya.

Finance & Accounting

· Prepared financial documents and reorganized accounts receivable and billing system in conjunction with the bookkeeping department
· Balanced daily and monthly financial records and made daily bank deposits.

Certifications & Qualifications

Advanced Diver Medic Training Course (DMT)
Commercial Air Diver
First Aid and CPR
Valid Passport

ASNT Level I & II Instruction SNT-TC-1A and Canadian Instruction CGSB 48.9712 as per ISO 9000 Series to the degree of Level II in the following areas:
UT - Ultrasonics (Shearwave) Testing
MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
PT – Dye Penetrant Testing
VT – Visual Testing

Underwater Inspection
CVI – Close Visual Inspection
GVI – General Visual Inspection
CCTV – Closed-circuit Television
Photography – Macro and Standoff

Diving Education

1999 to 2000
College of Oceaneering, Wilmington, CA

Commercial Diving Experience

Air Supervisor, Pipe Line Installation / Pipe Line Repair / Salvage / Recovery / Platform Installation and Salvage
Under Water Burning / Under Water NDT (Inspection) / Ship’s Husbandry

2000 to Present
1999 to 2000

Professional Experience

OPERATIONS & SAFETY MANAGEMENT – U.S. & Worldwide Assignments
1993 to 1999
United States Marine Corps / E-5 Sergeant / Top Secret Clearance
Successfully provided protection of American Citizens and Diplomats abroad and prevented the compromise of all Top Secret and Classified Material at American Embassies.

American Embassy, Lomé Togo, West Africa
1996 to 1998
Diplomatic Security / Combat Engineer / Assistant Detachment Commander

American Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Corporal, Diplomatic Security / Combat Engineer

Combat Engineer, Camp LeJeune, NC
1995 to 1996
Corporal, Combat Engineer / Team Leader

Lance Corporal, Okinawa, Japan
1994 to 1995
Combat Engineer / Team Leader

Private First Class / Combat Engineer
1993 to 1993

Private First Class


Awards & Honors

Medal of Heroism – for actions during and after Embassy Bombing in Nairobi Kenya
Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal
Humanitarian Service Medal
National Defense Medal
Letters of Appreciation & Commendation
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
Marine Security Guard Ribbon
Over Seas Service Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Citation

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Customs Enforcement Instructor Federal Employment

128 Main Street
Beaumont, TX 77710
Day: 925-555-9999 ▪ Evening: 925-555-9999 ▪
Social Security No:



U.S. Citizen
Veteran's Status:


Federal Status:

Highest Federal Civilian Job:

Immigration Enforcement Agent, GS-1801–10/5, 03/01-Present
Announcement: HHOTD/02-002JDB
Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs Service

§ 10 years proven investigative, security, and law enforcement experience.

§ Skilled in interviewing, fraud detection, and interrogation techniques.

§ Strong knowledge of immigration law, including seagoing vessel crew and passenger search and seizure procedures.

§ Well-developed people skills: Interact with multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.

§ Trained in weapons, self-defense, and physical takedown and pacification techniques.

§ Expert in fingerprinting and suspect computer information gathering.

§ Computer Skills: Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Infotek, NCIC, INLETS, and NAILS.

Bachelor of Science, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Dec. 1992
Minors: English, Sociology & Psychology
§ G.P.A: 3.325, Class Ranking: 32/277
§ Dean’s List, Three Semesters
§ National Honor Society for Freshmen
§ National Honor Society for Sociology
Frank W. Cox, Virginia Beach, VA, High School Diploma, Jun. 1988

§ Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Oct. 1995
§ Baton Certified, Jan. 1999
§ First Aid/CPR Instructor, Apr. 1998
§ Qualified, .40 Caliber Berretta, Jul. 1997
§ Qualified, .38 Caliber Revolver, 1993
126 Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX 77060
Aug. 1997 to Present
Immigration Enforcement Agent
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: GS-9/1
Ending Salary: GS-10/5
Supervisor: Mr. Roger Smith, (281) 884-5724
Supervisor may be contacted
Interviewed possible criminal aliens, often in second language of Spanish, in order to establish citizenship, and if suspects were subject to immigration charges. Coordinated interview schedule with Harris County Deputies, advising for special circumstances, and with other agents assigned to special shift teams. Operated agency computerized information-gathering systems, compiling and completing forms to detain/deport criminal aliens. Photographed and manually fingerprinted subjects. Used computer-generated program to take and process fingerprints. Informed supervisor of any important events or details that occurred on shift. Stayed well-informed of current laws and their changes and applications affecting unit.
§ Processed each alien that came into custody of Alien Criminal Apprehension Unit, preparing all paperwork necessary for presentation to immigration court or other immigration system destination.
§ Efficiently prepared accurate computer-generated documentation used for applying charges of law violations.
§ Expertly extracted accurate information and interpreted applicable law.
126 Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX 77060
Jan. 1993 to Aug. 1997
Immigration Inspector
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: GS-5/10
Ending Salary: GS-9/1
Supervisor: Ms. Marion Gladstone, (305) 742-6473
Supervisor may be contacted
Determined nationality and citizenship of persons arriving from foreign countries or territories to determine admissibility, immigration law violations, and benefit qualifications, often communicating in second language of Spanish. Coordinated tasks and search efforts with U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard when working at seaport. Worked in tandem with U.S. Agriculture and U.S. Customs for tasks and search responses at airport. Informed airport security personnel of necessary procedures for working within Immigration Inspection Area. Manually and computer fingerprinted subjects. Collected information from databases such Infotek, NCIC, INLETS, and NAILS to obtain most current, possible criminal profiles on subjects. Informed supervisors of any relevant events or incidents occurring on shift.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Immigration Inspector, Continued
§ Quickly and efficiently determined admissibility with excellent customer service skills.
§ Conducted inspections/examinations on cruise ships and freighters arriving at seaport in cooperation with U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard.
§ Commonly worked joint task forces at airport with U.S. Customs and U.S. Agriculture.
§ Ethics, Aug. 2001
§ EEO Managing Change and Transition, Dec. 2000
§ Computer Security Awareness, Aug. 2000
§ Interviewing and Interrogation, Jun. 2000
§ Collapsible Steel Baton, Jun. 2000
§ Airborne and Blood Pathogen, May 2000
§ NCIC, Dec. 1998
§ Excel Intermediate, Feb. 1998
§ Microsoft Word, Jan. 1998
§ Customer Service/Public Relations, Oct. 1997
§ Marine Inspector Enforcement, Aug. 1997
§ Immigration Officer Basic Course, with Honors, Jul. 1997
§ Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Jun. 1997
§ Received Employee Award for outstanding work performance in maintaining superior accuracy and timeliness in preparation and presentation of high volume file flow to immigration judge.
§ Received outstanding work appraisal for maintaining high speed and efficiency in providing excellent customer service relations.
§ Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Volunteer, EMT Squad 14, 1995 to 1996

Director Of Campus Safety

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Leveraging highly successful, 20-year NYPD-career with increasingly responsible positions and extensive cross-level police instruction experience. In-depth knowledge of disaster preparedness and crowd-control techniques. Exemplary attendance, performance, and customer-service record, holding multiple medals and awards, with focus on community policing. Consistently demonstrate ability to mediate and build community cohesion. Bi-lingual (English-German) with conversational skills in Spanish and extensive exposure to multi-cultural environments. Hold Master of Arts degree in Political Science.

Expertise in:
· Modern Community Policing
· Counter-Terrorism Technique
· Crowd Control/Disorder Control (DCT)
· Disaster & Emergency Preparedness
· Cross-departmental Coordination
· Teaching & Public Speaking
· Resourcefulness/Problem Solving
· Diversity Management
· Communication (verbal/written)
· Organization/Planning


Adjunct Faculty
Teach Criminal Justice (Policing in America), Political Science, Contemporary American History, and serve as Substitute Lecturer World Civilization.
· Initiated well-received special lectures, panel discussions, and student mentoring program.
· Played active role in Community Outreach Volunteer Program at Harlem Intermediate School, New York. Developed lesson plans on drugs, child abduction, and gang behavior education/awareness and held successful sessions for students ranging from Kindergarten through 8th grade, including parents.

Trainer/Instructor/Supervisor – various New York City locations
Solid 10-years’ experience instructing recruits, in-service Police Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains.
· Assumed key role in developing NYPD’s INTAC (In Service Tactical Training); author lesson plans for scenario-based training in a “live fire” environment to reinforce proper tactics and firearms restraint to minimize escalations of incidents. Result: Number of shooting incidents substantially decreased since program’s inception in 1996.

Community Policing Supervisor – Queens, 102nd Precinct (population: 90,000)
Assigned 15 officers to community policing beats based on analysis of major problem areas in one of Queens’ most diverse, main commercial areas. Played instrumental role in solving community issues. Chaired weekly community meetings of up to 100, comprising community leaders and activists.
· Used strong mediation and innovative problem solving skills to successfully resolve complaints and bridge gap between religious leaders, merchants, and residents.
· Implemented effective pilot program — CAT — regarding GLA (grand larceny auto). Result: 20-25% reduction in auto theft.

Patrol Supervisor and Desk Sergeant – Queens, 114th Precinct (population: 120,000)
Assigned and supervised up to 60 uniformed and 20 civilian members in highly diverse, challenging precinct encompassing main New York City arteries in addition to 2 ConEd power plants, Tri-borough and Queensborough bridges, Grand Central Parkway, LaGuardia Airport, Rikers Island, and city’s largest housing development. Successfully teamed with three other supervisors to coordinate communications and assignments. Effectively handled resource management, remaining within budget.
· Controlled major civil disturbance at housing development by efficiently allocating resources, coordinating officers and task force, and controlling crowds. Results: no personal injuries and minimal property damage sustained.
· Partnered with other supervisors (anti-crime, community policing, and desk officer/patrol) in developing emergency procedures and disaster preparedness plan for LaGuardia Airport and ConEd facilities.

Police Officer – Brooklyn North, 94th Precinct (population: 70,000)
Assigned to major commercial district, consisting of merchants, high-volume traffic, shoppers, and diversity. Attended monthly community (council) meetings with up to 50 attendees and facilitated problem solving.
· Initiated successful resolution to 15-year old community complaints regarding merchants’ odd-hour deliveries by using active listening, mediation, negotiation, and decision-making capabilities.
· Received praise and award for effective community efforts and volunteer initiative.

Police Officer – Police Academy and Manhattan Traffic Division


Baruch College – New York, NY
Graduated Magna Cum Laude–G.P.A.: 3.90
Co-developed curriculum in collaboration with Intelligence Division as part of INTAC and instructed uniformed in service NYPD personnel.
Simmunition Division SNC Technologies, Inc.
Ongoing theoretical and hands-on training.
International Combat Hapkido Federation
Long Island, NY
· OSHA & Hazmat–1995
Verbal Judo Institute – New York, NY
· Suicide Awareness–1995
· CERTIFICATE METHODS OF INSTRUCTION 1992 - Division of Criminal Justice – NY State
· Community Policing Supervisor Training–1991


· Herbert Bienstock Research Award – Baruch College, New York, NY–2000
· Education Achievement Citation – NYPD, NY–2002 and 1995
Awarded for successfully balancing full-time work and six years of education.
· Perfect Attendance Recognition Certificate – NYPD, NY–2001
· Greenpoint Community Service Award – Greenpoint, NY–1989
Awarded by community in recognition of effective volunteer youth efforts.
· Commended for investigatory skills leading to homicide confession – NYPD, NY–1988
· EPD-Medal (Excellent Police Duty) – NYPD, NY–1985
Awarded for verbally disarming mentally disturbed person armed with knife.

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Director Of Special Projects

Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Consummate business professional seeking challenging management position where excellent skills in leadership, communication and organization can optimize the efficiency of people and projects.


Accomplished background includes key leadership roles in high-profile and complex city government operations complemented by entrepreneurial success in the startup, development and growth of a large newspaper chain.

Keen sense of business enterprise and the importance of achieving bottom-line results. A dynamic communicator and motivator who is equally effective when interacting with the general public, the business community, elected officials, department personnel and staff.

Strong personal integrity to deal fairly, honorably and upfront in all situations. A top producer who exercises a straightforward, hands-on management approach. Active participant in board and committee initiatives.


1998 - 2003
Director of Special Projects
Received plaque from the City of Chicago in recognition for outstanding service contributions in all areas (2002)

• Acted as a key liaison to help build and strengthen partnerships between the office and district commanders, community representatives and elected officials.

• Enhanced and organized participation in city programs, such as the Mayor's Neighborhood Group, which complemented the city's community policing strategy.

• Developed cohesive, cooperative working relationships within the community through the initiation of various programs, such as Neighborhood Safe Haven, Block Watch Groups and Adopt-A-Street.

• Represented the Department at community meetings through the Mayor's Speakers Bureau and in other forums to foster awareness of available city programs and resources.

• Assessed city services in seven police districts to determine neighborhood problems, and processed service requests via interdepartmental management to prevent and reduce crime.

• Identified, reported, monitored and evaluated the delivery of city services to communities to ensure timely completion of requests, with particular attention to service requests resulting from problem solving activities as part of the city's community policing strategy.

• Conducted city service blitzes in conjunction with special programs and activities, including Operation Clean-Up and Distressed Neighborhoods Initiatives.

• Developed and established team member "wolf packs" to assist commanders in police districts with focus on their strategic operational plan (SOP).

• Established and maintained database for the Community and Police Strategy Program.

CITY OF CHICAGO, Chicago, Illinois
1997 - 1998
Coordinator of Special Projects
• Assessed and improved the delivery of city services in eleven wards on the northwest side of the city.

• Introduced neighborhood-based city programs and increased awareness of these services through literature and public speaking.

• Fostered ongoing communications between city hall and community representatives.

• Assisted in the implementation of the city's new "3-1-1" communication system.

1983 - 1997
Aldermanic Secretary
Recruited for position that involved serving in a public relations capacity and as a voice for the community.

• Aided business and civic communities in building, promoting and planning for future growth and expansion.

• Planned and implemented programs for community development that were well received by the public.

• Maintained a positive rapport between elected officials and the community.

1978 - 1985
Publisher and Editor
Created and launched from conception one of the largest circulation newspaper in the State. Oversaw entire business operation, including the administration, marketing and production of newspapers. Planned, coordinated and scheduled printing and distribution. Developed and placed display and classified advertising. Conducted training sessions to educate and motivate employees.


Bachelor of Science, Business and Management, Minor: Accounting


CHICAGO ACCESS TELEVISION (CATV). Board of Directors, since 1999
Committee Member, Community Relations, since 1998
PHI OMEGA EPSILON FRATERNITY (at Illinois University). As Founder and President, established the second largest organization on the campus at that time


Awarded distinguished membership in the "Who's Who" registry of business leaders

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Federal Air Marshal Federal Employment

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Social Security No:
U.S. Citizen
Veteran’s Status:
Federal Status:
Highest Federal Civilian Job :
Federal Air Marshall, GS-1801, Sep. 2001 to Present

Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Department of Homeland Security
Federal Air Marshal Service


· 8+ years’ proven law enforcement experience, including training and recruiting.
· Regularly assigned as Federal Air Marshall Team Leader for numerous flights.
· Graduated in first class of Air Marshals hired post 9/11, and only class to complete full Air Marshal Training Academy in Glynco, GA.
· Skilled in surveillance, undercover work, interviewing, investigation, and interrogation techniques,
· Strong knowledge of customs and immigration law, including passenger search and seizure procedures.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.
· Trained by U.S. Army in Special Operations.
· Expert in weapons, martial arts and self-defense, and physical pacification and takedown techniques.
· Black Belt in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do with over 10 years’ practical experience in Jui Jitsu.
· TOP SECRET Security Clearance.
· Computer Skills: Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, Word & Excel on Windows platform, including specialized peripheral equipment such as scanners.


Master of Science, Administration, May 15, 1997
RUTGERS University–New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, May 22, 1992
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Franklin High School, Franklin Township, NJ, High School Diploma, May 24, 1987


· Simunitions Instructor (FLETC), May 2003
· Firearms Instructor (FLETC), Feb. 2003
· Instructor, Facilitator Program (FLETC), Nov. 2002
· Monadock Defensive Tactics Instructor-Trainer, May 2001
· Monadock Impact Weapon Instructor-Trainer, May 2001
· PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, May 2001
· Vehicle Operations Instructor, Jan. 2001
· Simunitions Instructor (FX), Jan. 2001
· Sub Gun Instructor, Nov. 2000
· Firearms Training System Instructor (FATS), Jun. 2000
· Emergency Response Team Instructor, Apr. 2000
· Range Master, Police Training Commission (NJ), Mar. 2000
· Chemical Agents Instructor, Jan. 1999
· Armorer, All Glock Weapons, Sep. 1998
· Physical Fitness Instructor, Jun. 1997
· Handcuffing Instructor, Nov. 1996


Department of Homeland Security
Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Federal Air Marshal Service
W. J. Hughes Technical Center § Bldg. 291 § FAM Headquarters § Atlantic City, NJ 08201
Sep. 2001 to Present

Federal Air Marshall, Training Division, Federal Air Marshal Training Headquarters
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: H-Band (GS 12)
Ending Salary: I Band (GS 13)
Supervisor: Mr. Mitch Levin, 609-485-9097
Supervisor may be contacted
Led Tactics Instructor, supervising 18-36 Federal Air Marshals (FAMs), 7 Instructors, and 5-15 contract employees. Trained, instructed, and lectured new and current FAMs and all instructors and visiting ATSAICs (Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge) on emergency equipment; evacuation; physical fitness; crew briefing to airline personnel; working undercover; and on handling non-lethal and lethal situations, including hijackings; firearms; use of force; self-defense; hand-to-hand combat; and explosives handling.
Provided specialized instruction and lecture on FAM Self-Defense program, addressing handcuffing, weapon disarmament, strikes, boxing, counters, neck restraints, aircraft seat extractions, and pressure point control.
Assumed Tactics Branch Chief duties in absence of. Developed and maintained current job assignments and rotation calendar. Conducted weekly written evaluations for FAMs in training.
· Ranked in “Best Qualified” list for Firearms and Defensive Measures Branch Chief positions.
· Wrote numerous aircraft airport FAM encounter scenarios officially approved as only ones authorized by FAM service for training, including all Field Offices.
· Instrumental in writing and developing FAM Tactics evaluation procedures, including scoring sheet and areas are to be tested.
· Trained all 48 FAM and civilian instructors in FAM tactics during “Train the Trainer” course.
· Lectured on FAM Tactics at US Marshal Special Operation headquarters.
· Developed tactical handcuffing techniques and positions used by FAM service.
· Conducted numerous and highly praised media demonstrations for foreign and domestic press and distinguished guests on FAM Tactics.
· Converted firearms evaluation from previous employment for FAM use, approved and adopted by FAM firearms division.
· Only fulltime certified Tactics Instructor at Federal Air Marshal Training academy to teach firearms and simunitions (Tactics), and to have flown domestic and international missions.

Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
5033 English Creek Road § Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Mar. 1995 to Sep. 2001

Training Supervisor, Atlantic County Police Training Center
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: $34, 000
Ending Salary: $53, 000
Supervisor: Lt. Steven Murray, 609-645-5821
Supervisor may be contacted
Managed yearly training budget of $74,000 and maintained training records for over 200 officers and 30 civilians. Interviewed and conducted background investigation on all officer recruit candidates. Conducted daily written evaluations on all recruits.
Instructed recruits/officers/supervisors in firearms, FATS, sub-machine gun, simunitions, use of force, boxing, self-defense, pressure point control tactics, close quarter combat, physical fitness, impact weapons, chemical agents/oleoresin capsicum, vehicle operations, high-risk stops, building searches, collecting/packing evidence, observation techniques, ethics, criminal/arrest procedures, constitutional law, criminal code, sexual harassment, handcuffing, juvenile law, fingerprinting, communications, and field testing drug kits.
Oversaw quotes on all training-related equipment. Created and maintained databases for training and investigations. Prepared lesson plans, examinations, and PowerPoint presentations for training programs approved by state police training commission. Formed and implemented policies such as firearms, armory/arsenal access, emergency response team, training requirements, use of force, and use of emergency equipment. Served as Exposure Control Coordinator, Range Master, Armorer, and Commander of Emergency Response Team.
· Proposed, forged, and commanded department first ever Emergency Response Team (ERT) (14 person). Wrote policy governing ERT deployment and operations. Recruited candidates, ordered equipment, and trained all team members. Secured US Army Special Operations training in house/building raids, vehicle/bus assaults, hostage rescue, and door breaching.
· Provided assistance to Prosecutors Office in criminal investigations, including surveillance on possible criminal activities and interviewing suspects for potential criminal violations. Gathered and packaged evidence for court appearances, presenting evidence and testifying in court.
· Certified hundreds of law enforcement officers/supervisors throughout state of New Jersey in firearms and self-defense. Trained recruits and re-certified officers in use of firearms as Range Master (lead firearms instructor) for Police Training Center.
· Raised monthly meeting attendance dramatically as President for Fraternal Order of Police (lodge #34). Increased savings account from $11,000 to $65,000 in only 2 years and negotiated best contract in department’s history. Average officer received 30% raise over following four years. Initiated first college education fund for local students attending college.
· Instructed and lectured for numerous police academies throughout state on topics such as report writing, firearms, ground defense, physical fitness, pressure point control, impact weapons, knife defense, weapon retention, boxing, use of force, and neck restraints.
· Chaired County Training Advisory Council (CTAC) monthly meeting, as CTAC President, and oversaw council activities for all 21 county training officers, New Jersey. Determined training topics, delegated assignments, gave presentations to directors, sheriffs, and wardens for all 21 counties.
· Lead boxing and self-defense instructor for police training center.

Stockton State College
PO Box 195 § Pomona, NJ 08240
Jan. 1999 to May 1999
Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice
Salary: $2,800 for semester
Supervisor: Barbara Berkowitz, 609-652-1778
Supervisor may be contacted
Lectured college students in criminal justice field, including criminal theory, corrections, and criminal procedures. Designed lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations to coincide with lecture. Wrote testing questions, including multiple choice, short answer, and essay.


· Counter Drug Reaction Team Course, United States Army, Apr. 2001
· Interview and Interrogation (FBI), Sep. 2000
· Field Training Course, Jun. 2000
· Emergency Preparedness, May 2000
· Exposure Control Coordinator, Apr., 2000
· Police Supervision Course, Apr. 2000
· Report Writing for Supervisors, Mar. 2000
· Criminal Procedure Update, Mar. 2000
· Training Management in Law Enforcement Workplace, Nov. 1999
· Incident Commend Level 100, Jun. 1999
· Drug Identification course, Jun. 1999
· Domestic Violence update, Mar. 1999
· Organized Crime, Feb. 1999
· Criminal Procedure Updates, Oct. 1998
· Bomb Awareness Update, Nov. 1997
· Criminal Investigations, Mar. 1997
· Methods of Instruction (MOI), May 1996


· Memorandum of Commendation, Federal Air Marshal Training Academy, Aug. 2003
· Distinguished Weapons Expert-FLETC, Feb. 2003
· Firearms Award for Air Marshal Program–FLETC, Nov. 2001
· 1st Place in Police and Firearms Bench-press Competition (AAU), 370 lbs, Oct. 1999
· Nominated for “1997 Officer of the Year,” National level (by Academy Director), May 1999
· Published article in “American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers” (ASLET), Apr. 1999
· Firearms Awards for Basic Academy, Oct. 1996
· Received full football scholarship to James Madison University as running back, Mar. 1987

Nick Marino -

Fire Captain

Renee McEnvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Proactive leader and manager of personnel and programs, offering more than 14 years of experience as a firefighter. Extensive experience as a motivator and coordinator, able to focus the efforts of diverse groups to a common goal. Committed to providing innovative protection programs that reflect the values, diversity, aspirations, and priorities of the community they serve. Effective combination of interpersonal, analytical, and organizational qualifications with strengths in:

• Coordination with Existing Organizations • Administration & Reporting
• Public Speaking & Community Outreach • Federal & State Regulatory Compliance
• Team Building, Training & Management • Strategic Planning & Critical Thinking
• Program Development & Direction • Design of Policy & Procedures


1989 - Present
Captain - Operations Division
Currently supervise Engine 1B, Dive 1B, and coordinate shift manning as Captain of Operations. Scope of responsibility is broad and includes supervision, direction of fireground activities, tactical operation of emergency scenes, safety of firefighters, and the protection of life and property. Additionally responsible for ensuring continued compliance for all OSHA, NIOSH, NFPA standards and regulations. Promoted on several occasions due to knowledge, skills and high level of integrity and dedication.

• Developed extensive knowledge of all emergency response program plans including Dive Rescue, Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Airport Rescue Firefighting, and Special Events.
• Instrumental team member developing policies and procedures including safety and minimum standards for Dive Rescue Company.
• Managed an extensive firefighter training program for Recruit Academy and assisted in development of Firefighter II program currently being utilized, resulting in improved standards and operations.
• Proven ability to develop and maintain productive relationships and partnerships with a wide variety of organizations, officials, and individuals including businesses and local citizens.
• Cooperatively worked with local government agencies such as EPA, DEQ, Boise City Public Works, Boise Parks and Recreation, and Boise Police Department.
• Conducted public education classes on fire prevention, water rescue, CPR, and First Aid training through gained knowledge of instructional methodologies.


Fire Officer I
Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor
American Heart Association BLS Instructor Trainer
Instructor Trainer National Fire Academy Leadership Series

Dive Rescue -
• Public Safety Diver • Swift Water Rescue
• Ice Diving • Ice Rescue
• Current Diving • Deep Diving

Technical Rescue -
• Rope Rescue Technician
• Confined Space Rescue
• Trench Rescue

Hazardous Materials -
• Awareness Level • Operations Level
• Technician Level • Incident Command System

Airport Rescue -
• Operations Level

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Fire Chief

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Strong and positive leadership style supports and inspires excellence in others, promoting team solidarity. Successful in leading large-scale business projects in both public and private sectors. Resourceful in perceiving and resolving problems. Maintain composure, and make decisions in fast-paced and stressful environments. Clear, refined communicator, both oral and written. Astute interpersonal skills interface effectively with career and volunteer firefighters, key municipal stakeholders, union and non-union staff, and the general public. Sincere and honest with a high level of personal and professional integrity. Strengths include:

• Budget Development & Administration • Team Building & Leadership
• Contracts & Negotiations • Instruction, Training & Presentations
• Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution • Sound Decision Making
• Project Management • Strategic Planning & Organizing
• Media & Public Relations • Staff Training & Guidance


Fire and Emergency Services, City of Blue Bay

Township of Springfield Fire Department
1988 - Present

Blue Bay Ambulance Service
1991 - 1999

Barrie, LF Canada
1989 - 1995

Georgian College, Barrie, Canada
1988 - 1989

J.S. & Associates, Toronto
1986 - 1988

AB Company, Toronto
1985 - 1986


Windows, Word, Word Perfect, Power Point, Excel, Quick Tax, Incident Reports (i.e. Fire House, ESC), C-Link (Construction Estimation Program), Internet and e-mail.


Ryerson University, Toronto
• First of three phases completed February 2003

Dalhousie University, Halifax

Ontario Fire College, Gravenhurst

Georgian College, Barrie

Georgian College, Barrie

Georgian College, Barrie

Ontario Fire College and additional training includes:
• Certified Firefighter • Senior Fire Officers Course
• Fire Cause Determination • Fire Fighting Practices
• Trainer / Facilitator • Company Officer Course: Parts A & B
• Cold Water / Ice Rescue • Dangerous Goods Instructor
• Core Certification Level 3: Health & Safety • Accident Investigation
• Emergency First Responder Instructor • Defibrillation Instructor


Blue Bay Hockey: Trainer • Blue Bay Soccer: Coach • Blue Bay Central School Parent Council

PRWRA Audrey Field - Résumé Resources - 6 Andrew Court, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada L0L 2P0 - - - 1.877.204.9737

Fire Fighter

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Well respected professional with highest regard for public accountability in all aspects of departmental operations. Innovative with sharp analytical and problem solving capabilities. Regarded for consistently making effective use of all available resources. Share power horizontally and vertically to promote team building. Clear, articulate communicator with individuals from all levels and backgrounds. Provide a stabilizing influence during unpredictable and hectic environments. Core competencies include:

• Rational Decision Making
• Media / Public Relations
• Training & Presentations
• Budget Development
• Contracts & Negotiations
• Strategic Planning


• Platoon Chief directing 23 career firefighters. Accountable for recruitment, training, scheduling, performance evaluations and enacting disciplinary measures as required.
• 30 years of service results in effective training of others in all aspects of fire fighting, fire prevention, emergency medical servicing, and optimal career counseling.
• As Command Officer, oversaw the termination of the emergency, and initiated fire cause determination procedures.
• While serving as interim District Fire Chief / Fire Captain, assisted in the development of programs, personnel policies, and organizational goals, in addition to forecasting and adhering to annual operating and capital budgets.
• Continuously provide high level public relations, particularity when dealing with media, public enquiries and complaints, all staff, municipalities, and government agencies.
• Manage conflict, mediate dispute, and assist in reaching consensus during labour management negotiations and on a daily basis with platoon members.


• Spearheaded the introduction and implementation of the well received "Enhanced Customer Service Program" for Barrie. Wrote the standard operating guideline to improve the quality of communication and service the public receives from fire fighters during emergency incidents. Ensured respect is given to property and possessions. This includes details like wearing disposable boots when entering a building and making a clean cut in a wall for simpler repair and improved esthetics. A recovery box is now used to collect important mementos and vital medications.
• Recognized the necessity to introduce the City of Barrie to the "Line of Duty Death" protocol. Established all procedural and logistical requirements.
• As Command Officer, oversaw the termination of the emergency, and initiated fire cause determination procedures.
• Created Barrie's Fire Department's first Communications Operator Training Program.
• Co-ordinate and promote, school presentations, toy / food drives and fund raising initiatives. "Sparky" Committee Chair for Simcoe County Mutual Fire Association.
• Extensive leadership and chairing responsibilities with Barrie Fire and Emergency Services. Committee involvement includes Captain's Professional Development/ Standards, Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Station #4 Design and "Vision" Implementation. Guided these initiatives while concurrently serving in other senior capacities for the regional Fire Aid Association and Blue Bay Fire Fighter Association.
• Selected for secondment to instruct 100-hour Volunteer Fire Fighter Program.


City of Blue Bay, Fire and Emergency Services, Blue Bay, Ontario

Township of Waterspring Fire Department, Jackson County, Ontario
1994 - 1995

Metropolitan Toronto Ambulance Service, Toronto, Ontario
1988 - 1993


Dalhousie University
Certificate of Fire Service Administration

Ontario Fire Marshal's Office, City, State
Career Fire Fighter - Provincial Certification

Dalhousie University
Fire Service Leadership Program Certification

Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario
Municipal Accounting & Finance Program

Ontario Fire College
Fire Fighter Certification (Components 1-3)

Georgian College
Municipal Law, Council & Administration

Ontario Ministry of Health
Certified Emergency Medical Care Assistant

Humber College
Ambulance & Emergency Care

Computer Skills
Windows environments for Fire Incident Reports (i.e. Firehouse, ESC) Word, Works, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, Outlook and Internet Research.


Recognition for both Service and Life Saving Actions Springwater Township
Recipient Fire Services, Long Service Medal Government of Canada (1994)
Recipient Fire Services, Long Service Medal, Government of Ontario (1999)


Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association
Canadian Professional Fire Fighters Association
Ontario Municipal Management Institute
Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario
Canadian Association of Fire Investigators


• Member and past Secretary Treasurer for the Blue Bay Bassmasters Club.
• Public awareness and programs associated with Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

PRWRA Audrey Field - Résumé Resources - 6 Andrew Court, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada L0L 2P0 - - - 1.877.204.9737

Investigator Federal Employment

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Vacancy ID: PH193849
Vacancy Announcement: PH-04-JL-193849
Grade: GS-1810-09
Agency: Defense Security Service (DSS), US Department of Defense
Veterans Preference: 5-Points – US Air Force/Marine Corps (06/69 to 07/89 & 02/64 to 05/65)
Highest Grade Held: None
Citizenship: USA
Clearance: SECRET (inactive)
Occupational Questionnaire: Answered via USAJOBS Website


· 25-year background in recruiting investigation and interpersonal relationship management.
· 9 years’ superlative United States Air Force recruiting service, with proven experience investigating, screening, and qualifying men and women to enter military service.
· 14 years’ private sector sales and recruiting experience, involving investigative practices, people management, and relationship building.
· 4 years’ United States Marine Corps experience as Military Prisoner Escort responsible for 5 northwest states and involving screening and confirmation practices.
· Organized and thorough: Track record of conducting comprehensive investigations and data analyses.
· Expertly conduct applicant interviews and background investigations
· Accustomed to working with all levels of state and local agencies.
· Recognized communicator and high-energy relationship builder.
· Vietnam combat veteran: Well-versed in security protocol, overcoming obstacles, and evaluating people and situations.


· Background Investigation
· Personal Interviews
· Investigation Reporting
· Case Management
· Records Management
· Community Relations
· Fact Finding & Auditing
· Document Control
· Vital Records Review
· Evidence Cross-reference
· Planning & Administration
· Nonverbal Recognition


District Manager
04/03 – Present
40+ h/week
PO Box 1988
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Supervisor: Jenny Doe, 213-723-6523; May be contacted
Developed market strategy, strategic business planning, budgeting, and financial metrics to increase and manage customer base. Built and maintained profitable relationships with major and small companies down to one-man shops. Provided leadership and training to territory branches. Traveled nationwide.
Selected Accomplishments
· Secured 127% of 2003 sales goal.

Marketing & Sales Manager
07/97 – 03/03
40+ h/week
921 Liberty Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Supervisor: John Doe, 213-399-1896; May be contacted
Oversaw staff of 10 in all national and international sales operations, managing six southeastern states. Generated new business and accounts through market research, cold canvassing, and personal networking. Cultivated and managed relationships with key customers and decision makers, including CEOs, CFOs, VPs, presidents, and corporate purchasing officers.
Selected Accomplishments
· Increased sales 25% for new/used textile-beams, achieving 125% of 2000 corporate sales goals.
· Reached 110% of 1999 sales quota.

Director / Recruiter
04/91 – 06/97
40+ h/week
18 Security Way
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Supervisor: Joe Doe, 213-224-2809; May be contacted
Directed staff of instructors and sales force across 4 states. Managed security vehicle fleet, financial statements, budgets, and all logistics for top-rated training center. Provided strategic and tactical planning. Promoted within nine months from Recruiter to Facility Director.
Selected Accomplishments
· Raised sales 50%, outperforming 7 other schools.
· Cut operating costs 25% with innovative referral programs.

Sales Manager
07/89 – 03/91
40+ h/week
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Company Defunct
Directed staff of 9 in management of daily operations, administrative details, developing and assigning quotas, and HR functions. Prospected, cultivated, and acquired new business through first-class customer relationship management. Prepared and delivered persuasive presentations to key clients and multilevel management. Provided thorough follow-up for sales closure, tracking account performance. Promoted from Sales Representative in 4 months of hire.
Selected Accomplishments
· Led company to number 3 statewide sales ranking in one year, up from number 9 in previous year.
· Sustained “Top Sales” representative 16 consecutive weeks.

Master Sergeant
06/69 – 07/89
40+ h/week
98th US Air Force Recruiting Squadron
Los Angeles AFB, El Segundo, CA
Supervisor: Joe Duey, 213-352-2159; May be contacted
Performed full range of investigative functions in series of progressively responsible senior recruiting assignments over last 12 years’ military service, including Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Senior Liaison & Job Counselor and Recruiting Zone Supervisor.
· Reviewed relevant records, such as Bureau of Vital Statistics, education, employment, police, court, security, and medical to ensure accurate and quality recruiting.
· Analyzed statements and responses of applicants for substance, and for inferences, suggestions, or implications of underlying factors affecting recruitment.
· Processed applicant case files through planning, fact-finding, interviewing, neighborhood inquiries, and reporting.
· Resolved conflicts or omissions in facts or evidence.
Selected Accomplishments
· Achieved and exceed screening and pre-qualifying goals for FY-90: 100% in high school, 200% in prior service, 158% in ROTC scholarship, and 152% in non-prior service.
· Exceeded goals in all enlistment programs FY-89, earning “Silver Badge” award.
· Led recruiting team to 155% success rate across 7 measured programs.


BS in Business Administration/Personnel Management
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 94928

LA High School, Los Angeles, CA 90014, Diploma, 1965


· Annual Sales Training, 1989 – Present
· Product Knowledge Course, 2002
· Insurance License Course, 1989
· Recruiting Zone (Flight) Supervisor Workshop, 1986
· Senior NCO Academy (248 hours in management, communication, politics, & leadership) 1985
· Computer & Accounting, 1978
· NCO Leader Academy (191 hours in management, communication, politics, & leadership) 1976
· Trainer & Supervisor Course, 1973


· Meritorious Service Medal
· USAF Commendation Medal (2)
· Humanitarian Service Medal
· USAF Good Conduct Medals
· USMC Good Conduct Medals
· National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Star
· Vietnamese Cross for Gallantry
· Vietnam Campaign Medal
· Vietnam Service Medal
· Combat Readiness Medal

Nick Marino -

Law Enforcement Professional

Marion McLeod
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Offering 25 years of solid law enforcement, security, and staff management experience.

Dedicated, proactive law enforcement professional with extensive experience recruiting, training, and motivating teams of up to 250. Excellent communication, motivational, interpersonal, and presentation skills. Outstanding leader with a firm but fair attitude and a reputation for honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Expertise of police and security procedure includes:
Crisis Management
Motivational Speaking
Crime & Intelligence
Personnel Management
Resource Management
Traffic Control Operations
Evidence Collection & Protection
Budgeting & Administration
Security & Emergency Response
Investigation & Search Procedures


Manager / Supervisor
Hostage Negotiator
Crime Scene Photography
Firearms Certification
CPR / First Aid Certification
Crisis Intervention & Stress Debriefing


1977 to 2002
Critical Incident Manager (transfer)
2001 to 2002
Managed all critical incidents, natural and manmade. Worked in conjunction with Lafayette Parish emergency response personnel, which included Lafayette Police Department, Lafayette Fire Department, Acadian Ambulance, Lafayette Office of Emergency Preparedness, and the American Red Cross.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Managed Sheriff's Department response to Tropical Storm Allison.
· Assigned Commander of Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department Reserve Division.
· Assigned Commander of Field Training Officer Program established March 2002, now operating productively.
· Assisted in the establishment of policies and procedures for Sheriff's Department response to terrorist threats and school violence.
· Active Participant in Sheriff's Department response to the 9-11-02 events:
§ Assisted in implementing security upgrades at the Lafayette Regional Airport.
§ Managed Sheriff's Department “bomb threat” response to the Federal and Parish courthouses.
§ Managed Sheriff's Department local “anthrax hoax” response.
· Assisted the Lafayette Office of Emergency Preparedness in development of practical “Table-Top Exercise” regarding Parish emergency preparedness.

Assistant Warden, Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (assigned)
2000 to 2001
Assisted in securing re-accreditation of the center that housed a maximum of 780 inmates and employed a staff of 225.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Selected as Crisis Intervention and Stress Debriefing Team Member.
· Maintained all training and equipment upgrades for the facility’s Correctional Emergency Response Team.

Acting Assistant to Chief Deputy, 3rd in Command (promotion)
1999 to 2000
Performed day-to-day administrative duties, and supervised the Patrol and Detective Divisions

Captain, Patrol Division (promotion)
1997 to 1999
Managed 144 personnel, which included the LPSD Patrol Division, LPSD Reserve Division, University Medical Center Security, Lafayette Parish Courthouse Security, Lafayette Airport Security, and Acadiana Mental Health Hospital Security.

Selected Accomplishments:
Ÿ Restructured the Patrol Division into a well-trained, well-respected and highly motivated patrol force by implementing the following:
§ Established the first Advanced Interview Process for Patrol applicants.
§ Initiated the first yearly Patrol Division meeting with all members of the Division (Reserve Division took over patrol shifts).
§ Established a Rifle Policy, allowing issuance of rifles to Patrol personnel (first in the State of Louisiana).
§ Developed and implemented Advanced Training for Supervisors, 40-Hour First Line Supervisor Training.
§ Developed and implemented Advanced Training for all Patrol personnel, Street Survival, O.C. Certification.
§ Developed and implemented Advanced Firearm Training for all Patrol personnel.
§ Significantly improved relations between Patrol Division and all local municipalities including the Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, Scott, Duson and Carencro Police Departments.
Ÿ Attended the 196th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, Finished in Top 2%.
Ÿ Board of Directors Member for the prevention of violence in schools, which evolved into Project Care.

Lieutenant (promotion)

Negotiating Team Commander, Prime Negotiator (remained in Patrol)
1993 to 1997
Established and implemented Hostage Negotiator Team / Commander from inception through May 2002. Executed protocol, allowing Negotiators to assist all local police departments and adjoining Parishes' law enforcement agencies.

Selected Negotiation Accomplishments (approximately 300 Hours):
· Lead Negotiator in two major hostage situations at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.
· St Martin Parish Correctional Center hostage situation (December 1999).
· Crowley Police Dept. / Acadia Parish Sheriff's Dept. hostage situation (August 1995).
· Scott Police Dept. / Lafayette Sheriff's Dept. barricaded subject (January 1994).

Sergeant (promotion)
1988 to 1993
Patrol, Deputy First Class (re-assigned)
1986 to 1988
Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force (new assignment)
1985 to 1986
Patrol, Deputy First Class (transfer)
1984 to 1985
Crime Scene Detective (transfer)
1983 to 1984
Staff Sergeant (promotion)
1982 to 1983
Acting Staff Sergeant
1981 to 1982
Sergeant (promotion)
1979 to 1981
Deputy First Class (promotion)
1978 to 1979
1977 to 1978


FBI National Academy Associates
Louisiana Chapter FBI National Academy Associates
Louisiana Association of Hostage Negotiators
Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators
International Critical Incident Foundation

Judy Arabie - Just Your Type, Inc. - Résumé Manager - -

Military Police Officer

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


United States Army
1998 - Present
Police Officer
• Served as Squad Leader, Team Leader, and Training Specialist subordinate personnel, at the rank of Corporal in the U.S. Army.
• Utilized military training and civilian education to ensure compliance with military justice and fire safety requirements, including tours of duty as Patrol Officer, Crime Prevention NCO, Federal Police Escort, Physical Security NCO, and Fire Safety NCO.
• Decorated and recognized veteran of 2 foreign wars, with multiple awards and citations as a combat parachutist with Detention Facilities and Med-Evac Units.
• Consistently exceeded organizational requirements in areas of Professional Development, Work Ethic, Personnel Administration, and Professionalism.
• Served as arresting Detective for Drug Suppression Team involved in over 700 drug convictions in 4-year timeframe.
• Winner of MP Pentathlon as Team Leader at Platoon level.


Oswego College, Oswego, NY
Associate, Radio and T.V. Broadcasting

Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC
Completed 42 credits in Law Enforcement

Coursework and Certifications: Patrol Techniques, Traffic Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Investigations, Report Writing, Motor Vehicle Law, Communication Skills, Ethics, Interviews, Law Enforcement Orientation and Driver Training.


United States Army
Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Military Police Training, Basic Parachutist Course (Airborne), Fire Marshall Course, Consistent Expert Weapons Qualifications in Small Arms, Information Security Training, Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the United States of America (SAEDA) Training

Certified Fire Marshall
Certified Emergency Life Saver (ELS)
Certified Combat Life Saver
Certified SAEDA Bomb Squad Technician
Certified Radar Technician


United States Army:
2 Army Achievement Medals: Excellence in the line of duty - Kosovo Ribbon w/ Bronze Star: Combat operations during Task Force Falcon - Nato Ribbon: Serving in an Overseas War - Good Conduct Medal: 3 years exceptional service - Driver Badge: Over 15,000 accident-free miles in combat theatre - Afghanistan Bronze Star and Combat Patch: Combat Operations during Operation Enduring Freedom - Multiple Foreign Parachutists Badges: Completion of Multi-National Airborne Operations


Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Fire Safety, Patrol Officer, Emergency Management, Security, Investigation, Public Affairs, Team Leadership, Drug Enforcement

PRWRA Lea Clark - Clark & Associates - Macon, GA 31206 -

Police Officer

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Extensive law enforcement background with expertise in leadership, administration, human resource development, strategic planning, emergency management, and management reporting.

• Leadership Skills: Preparing and developing programs of action to accomplish objectives; demonstrating a positive attitude, strong work ethic, loyalty and dedication; considering the impact of decisions on the department, its members and community; obtaining cooperation; utilizing logic and sound judgment in decision-making; diplomatic, setting an example of integrity
• Administrative Skills: Ensuring accountability of subordinates related to conduct and productivity; quick to recognize problems and execute solutions; systematically securing relevant information and identifying key issues; paying attention to detail; structuring tasks, plans and objectives to establish priorities and set goals
• Human Resource Skills: Interacting effectively with individuals as all levels; fostering a spirit of cooperation and respect; leading by example; making recommendations based on research and familiarity with various elements; soliciting ideas/opinions of others and utilizing input on key issues; encouraging and providing training
• Communication Skills: Expressing ideas (written and orally) in an articulate, clear, concise, and effective manner; addressing large groups


City Police Department, Fredericksburg, Virginia
1986 - 1989
Veteran Officer/ Canine Handler
• Conducted criminal investigations
• Ensured evidence was properly collected, documented and handled
• Provided training to other officers
• Canine handler

Fairfax County Police Department, Fairfax, Virginia
1982 - 1986
Police Officer

Bay Colony Police Department, Bayside, CA
1981 - 1982
Armed Security Officer/Shift Sergeant
• Supervised shift officers
• Established and maintained daily logs of activities

United States Marine Corp
1976 - 1981
Police Officer
• Honorable Discharge
• Base accident investigator
• Classified documents courier
• Provided safe transportation of personnel and property


• Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy
• City of Richmond Police Canine Academy
• United States Marine Police Academy
• Traffic Management and Accident Investigation

PRWRA Cory Edwards - Partnering For Success, LLC - Sterling, Virginia 20165 - - - 703-444-7835 - 703-444-2005 fax

Police Officer Canine Handler

Jean Adams
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Extensive law enforcement background with expertise in leadership, administration, human resource development, strategic planning, emergency management, and management reporting.

• Leadership Skills: Preparing and developing programs of action to accomplish objectives; demonstrating a positive attitude, strong work ethic, loyalty and dedication; considering the impact of decisions on the department, its members and community; obtaining cooperation; utilizing logic and sound judgment in decision-making; diplomatic, setting an example of integrity.

• Administrative Skills: Ensuring accountability of subordinates related to conduct and productivity; quick to recognize problems and execute solutions; systematically securing relevant information and identifying key issues; paying attention to detail; structuring tasks, plans and objectives to establish priorities and set goals.

• Human Resource Skills: Interacting effectively with individuals as all levels; fostering a spirit of cooperation and respect; leading by example; making recommendations based on research and familiarity with various elements; soliciting ideas/opinions of others and utilizing input on key issues; encouraging and providing training.

• Communication Skills: Expressing ideas (written and orally) in an articulate, clear, concise, and effective manner; addressing large groups.


Ferndale City Police Department, Ferndale, Virginia
1993 - Present
Veteran Officer/Canine Handler
• Conducted criminal investigations.
• Ensured evidence was properly collected, documented and handled.
• Provided training to other officers.
• Specialized as department canine handler.

Ferndale County Police Department, Ferndale, Virginia
1982 - 1993
Police Officer

Tidewater Police Department, Tidewater, VA
1981 - 1982
Armed Security Officer/Shift Sergeant
• Supervised shift officers.
• Established and maintained daily logs of activities.

United States Marine Corps
1976 - 1981
Police Officer
• Received Honorable Discharge.
• Served as base accident investigator and classified documents courier.
• Provided safe transportation of personnel and property.


• Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy
• City of Richmond Police Canine Academy
• United States Marine Police Academy
• Traffic Management and Accident Investigation

PRWRA Corey Edwards - Partnering For Success - Sterling, Virginia 20165 -

Police Officer Information Systems

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Dependable, trustworthy with solid work ethic.
• Accept role as assigned and strive for excellent results.
• Genuine team player; committed to organizational success.
• Articulate, effective communicator and presenter, both oral and written.
• Outstanding organizational, analytical and problem solving capabilities.
• Sincere and honest with a high level of personal and professional integrity.
• Skilled at maintaining a positive and approachable demeanor while working to resolve problems.
• Known for refined interpersonal skills; interact favorably with people from all backgrounds and cultures.


City of Montreal
1977 - 2001
Montreal Police Service

1997 - 2001
Corporate Information Systems
• Selected to implement the Vehicle Impound Program System as a replacement for the Pound System. Liaised with both IT Services and outside contractors during the development cycle.
• Functioning within the realm of System Custodian, approved system changes, performed security site visits, conducted user background checks/approvals, provided end user training, quality control and statistical reporting.
• Ensured program cost recovery.

1996 - 1997
Traffic Services Detective Officer
Established procedures for the pound officers to assist in the enforcement of the Vehicle Repair and Storage Liens Act, Highway Traffic Act and the Municipal By-Laws related to vehicle impounding.

1994 - 1996
Parking Enforcement Unit
• Implemented the technological strategy utilized for the Parking Enforcement Units.
• Initiated the Metropolitan Police Pound System designed for Municipal Law Enforcement Management, parking tag inventory and vehicle impounding.
• Coordinated activity between police services and privately operated remote pound sites.
• Acting Sergeant for a period of approximately 1½ years, working with civilian Parking Enforcement Officers.

1992 - 1994
Traffic Support Services
Hand-picked to strategize technical considerations of a new Parking Enforcement Unit for the Parking Consolidation Project. Further skills pertinent to the following positions:

• Traffic Direction • Accident Investigation
• Radar Enforcement • RIDE
• Motorcycle & Expressway Enforcement • Breathalyzer Testing
• Respond to Radio Calls • Court Designated Expert Police Witness
• Coach/Evaluate New Recruits • Report Preparation
• Execute Arrest Warrants • Project Proposal Preparation

1991 - 1992
Support Operations

1990 - 1991
Field Support Services

1989 - 1990
Business Systems Analyst

1987 - 1988
11 Division Constable (Served as Warrant Officer for 6 months)

1978 - 1986
Central Traffic Unit Member


• Police Exemplary Service Medal:
Issued by the Governor General for providing 20 years of "Loyal and Meritorious Service to Law Enforcement in Canada"
• Letter of Commendation from Deputy Minister, Glenn R. Thompson regarding a traffic accident. Cited for exhibiting a "very balanced approach in questioning those involved and in providing assistance"
• Civilian Letter of Outstanding Service: Recognized for "clearly displaying that police too, are compassionate"
• Letter of Appreciation from IBM. Noted for contributions made to "Computing and telecommunications Group and traffic support services".
• Personnel Documentation: (one of many) Received notification commending excellent policing in a solo situation utilizing an "alert and quick response"


• Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/NT
• Software: Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, e-mail, fax, scan
• Database Applications: Access, Oracle: Forms, Reports I (V2), PLUS (V3.1) and PL/SQL (V2), Clipper and "C"
• Law Enforcement Industry Proprietary Software: CPIC, PARIS, CIPS, DEC, CASC and Manix
• Programming: COBOL, C, BASIC, JCL, RPG II, IBM Assembly Language Programming


Charles O. Bick Police College, Montreal-includes, but is not limited to:

• Use/User of Force • Traffic Operations
• Stress Management • Problem Solving
• Conflict Management • Advanced Defensive Training
• Crisis Intervention • Revolver Retention & Usage
• Baton Training • Criminal Investigation
• Radar Operator • Accident Investigation

Breathalyzer Course - Centre of Forensic Sciences, Montreal
Probationary Constable Course - Ontario Police College, Aylmer
Forensic Science - Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Montreal
Drug Identification & Investigation - Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Montreal
Criminal Investigative Techniques - Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Montreal
Effective Business & Technical Writing - Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Montreal

PRWRA Audrey Field - Résumé Resources - Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada -

Police Officer Patrol

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Highly qualified professional offering diversified and in-depth experience as a Police Officer. Ensure the protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and ordinances, criminal investigation, crime prevention and suppression, case preparation and testimony, and providing information and assistance to the general public. Highly lauded for performance exceeding expectations; excellent communication and people skills, well organized regarding administrative functions.

• Excellent Investigative Skills • Superior Communication Skills
• Team Builder and Player • Manage Multi-Projects / Cases
• Sound Leadership Qualities • Solid Administrative Skills
• Dedicated / Tenacious Follow-Up • Problem Solver and Analysis
• People / Project Mgmt Skills • Mentoring and Reliability
• Innovative and Creative • Maintain Effective Relationships


CITY OF NAPERVILLE, Naperville , Illinois
1992 - Present
Police Officer
• Patrol assigned areas of the city to ensure security of life, property, public order, and rights of citizens
• Investigate criminal activity and incidents locally and interact with other agencies in the collection of information, identification of criminal offenses, and recovery of stolen property
• Coordinate crime scene control, investigations, interviews and interrogations, and collection of physical evidence
• Member of new unit investigating domestic violence complaints
• Develop tactical action plans and recommend solutions or strategies to supervisory staff
• Issue citations / verbal warnings; serve arrest warrants; apprehend suspects and make arrests; testify in court
• Accurately prepare and complete reports, records, logs and related documents
• Maintain public contact regarding potential law enforcement problems and to preserve good relationships
• Think and act quickly in emergency situations; analyze circumstances and adopt effective courses of action; exercise sound judgment under pressure
• Initiated / implemented the Police Mountain Bike Patrol; taught police bike course at College of DuPage

VILLAGE OF TINLEY PARK, Tinley Park, Illinois
1990 - 1992
Police Cadet (part-time)

1987 - 1992
General Manager
• Managed activities of 18 staff, administrative, billing, accounting, purchasing and inventory
• Aggressively acquired new accounts, built and maintained existing client base, and resolved any outstanding customer problems and issues


Successfully completed courses in FBI Profiling and Gang Interdiction
Recipient of MADD Award for "Aggressive DUI Enforcement"
Certified to become a Indiana Police Officer

College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Law Enforcement Certification

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor of Science, Concentration: Plant and Soil Science

PRWRA Patricia Chapman - CareerPro-Naperville, Inc. - Naperville, Illinois 60563 - - - (630) 983-8882 - (630) 983-9021 fax

Protective Services

Jean Adams
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Protective Services professional with related experience and credentials. Seek a position in either a private security or municipal setting, with relocation to the United States Pacific Northwest. Operations-oriented experience in a challenging urban transit setting. Extensive background in public service, with steady promotions and increased responsibility. Thorough, hard working, disciplined and reliable, with a serious attitude and a career commitment to protective service.


Police Department, St. Paul, MN
Investigations and Security, 2002 - Present
· Provide security, working cooperatively with local municipal law enforcement teams.
· Patrol high-crime urban areas, using high-tech surveillance equipment. Deal with a variety of situations: accidents, vandalism, trespassing, robbery, abuse, etc.
· Regular training on weapons and safety.

XYZ Bus Service, Inc., St. Paul, MN
Charter Bus Driver, 1999 - 2002
· Transport groups in diverse destinations and activities (sports, casinos, tours, and special interest).
· Drove a group of 40+ Scandinavian tourists/musicians on a 7-state, 3-week tour.

Geo Transit Agency, Davenport, IA
Operations Assistant / Dispatcher / Bus Driver, 1995 - 1999
· Scheduled, dispatched and administered operations for a 45-fleet urban/university transit service.
· Delegated workflow assignments to and supervised 20 full-time and 50 part-time drivers, including relief drivers. Helped train and oriented new staff.
· Data entered passenger statistics, and tracked ridership data.
· Handled ticket sales/contracts.
· Operated a mini bus to monitor traffic problems and assist with accidents.
· Performed maintenance and minor repairs on vehicles. Tracked and reported bus damage.

General Hospital, Davenport, IA
Employee Shuttle Transport Driver, 1994 - 1995

ABC Management Services, Ames, IA
Leasing and Maintenance Agent, 1992 - 1994
Showings, leasing, tenant relations and maintenance for 3 complexes, totaling 150 units.

SFB, Ames, IA
Customer Service, 1989 - 1992
Customer-driven service with the public: stocking, cashiering, problem resolution, merchandising.


University of Saint Thomas
Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice
Program overview: Crime and Justice, Statistics and Research Methods, Private SecurityCriminal Procedures, Ethics, Crisis Intervention, Alternatives

PRWRA Barb Poole - Hire Imaging -

Screening Manager Federal Employment

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Screening Manager, SV-1801-H
Transportation Security Administration, Kennedy International Airport
Federal Civilian Grade Held: SV-0019-G, Security Screener Supervisor—12/01 – Present
Security Clearance: SECRET  Veterans Preference: None  Citizenship: USA

20 Years’ Experience in Executive Administrative Law Enforcement

· 14 years’ diversified, “hands-on” upper-management experience, with expertise in multi-site administrative, personnel, and security operations.
· Career experience includes administrating, coordinating, and managing programs and services; providing aviation security, corporate security, and force protection affecting personnel, equipment, and facilities.
· Experienced in plan for security and administrative needs developing, implementing, and administering comprehensive security and administrative policies and procedures.
· Skilled in observation, inspection, interviewing, and investigation techniques.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and airlines in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings and with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
· Proficient in Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AmiPro, Dbase, and Form flow.


Transportation Security Screener Supervisor
12/01 – Present
40 h / week
Transportation Security Administration
Kennedy International Airport, PO Box 329, New York, NY 11289
Supervisor: John Doe, 210-555-1212; May be contacted
Manage, coordinate, and perform inspectional, investigative, and advisory activities to enforce compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and guidelines for passenger safety and airline security. Anticipate coverage, oversee rotations, and ensure acceptable gender ratios and suitably qualified employees at all locations. Blend teams for experience and skill, and to promote training and development. Structure breaks to provide maximum high-traffic coverage. Implement security-screening procedures. Screen 4000 passengers per shift, providing exemplary customer service.
· Direct, coach, and evaluate team of 3 lead supervisors in management and oversight of 46 screeners and day-to-day operations of 2 large checkpoints and 22 gates.
· Facilitate comprehensive introduction, orientation, and training of 32 new employees per week, including OJT, quality assessor assignment, and aggressive progress monitoring.
· Recognized first responder with first-rate, in-the-field performance, investigation, and documentation.
· Test 29 pieces of high-tech security equipment daily before allowing into service.
· Provide key assistance and information to management on all inquiries and investigations, including issues discovered in screening revealing security weaknesses.
· Participate instrumentally in security-sensitive information briefings, and meet with incoming/outgoing managers/supervisors for security and personnel issues, AVOs, Security Directives and any changes to SOPs.
· Prepare and present daily briefings on AVOs, Directives, and changes to SOPs for daily work impact. Address recent local and national security incidents and response activities, encouraging employee input for security refinements and use of procedures and policies in local environment.

08/80 – 09/00
40 h / week
38 Jefferson Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 20102
$82,000 / year
Supervisor: John Doe, 912-555-1212; May be contacted
Provided executive law enforcement management and administration throughout distinguished 20-year career leading operational change in series of complex and demanding roles. Oversaw, administrated, managed, and coordinated multimillion-dollar programs and budgets affecting personnel, equipment, and facilities.
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (01/98 – 09/00)
· Managed staffing for 21 facilities and all day-to-day operations of department, including budgets, financial accounting, HR, procurement, funds, property, food service, loss prevention, and inventory control.
· Coordinated all operations of Security, Programs, and Administration branches, chairing staff meetings and reporting directly to Commissioner of Jersey City Department of Correction.
· Saved department $300,000 per month by decommissioning unneeded facility and redistributing all resources among remaining 21, with no loss of personnel.
· Reduced department absentee rate from 22% to 14% by instituting stringent absentee control policies.
· Wrote 2-3 directives per week to change policies and procedures addressing 16,000 employees.
· Dispatched average 6-8 teletypes per day effecting 21 facilities.
· Performed fact-finding and field investigation for sensitive inquiries, averaging 15 per week.
Departmental Chief Operations Officer (12/96 – 12/97)
· Managed overall security and administrative operations for department of 21 facilities and 15,000 uniformed and civilian employees.
· Provided departmental instruction and in-service training of 2 courses per week over 60 weeks, writing all lesson guides and training handouts. Subjects included:
· Detection and Interdiction of Contraband.
· Intrusion and Drug Interdiction.
· Crime Scene Preservation.
Executive Assistant to the Bureau Chief of Compliance (09/93 – 11/96)
· Oversaw 2 to 3 annual security audits of 21 department facilities and field units.
· Performed extensive operations audits of 21 jails to ensure compliance with 16 federal and 10 state and local laws with departmental regulations, twice per year.
· Supervised 2 to 3 annual efficiency audits of 21 department HR units to ensure efficient deployment and use of staff, and accurate timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll procedures.
Executive Assistant to the Bureau Chief of Administration (05/90 – 09/93)
· Oversaw all aspects of personnel management, including absence and sick leave control, Applicant Investigation Unit (AIU), Uniformed Resources Allocation Control Unit, and Disciplinary Unit
· Reviewed and recommended approval of approximately 1500 annual recruits.
· Instituted monthly managers report of metrics for 21 facilities on administration, security, and programs, compiled into department Microsoft Access database.
· Converted manual staffing level for 21 facilities to computerized spreadsheets, establishing Excel database of 500 linking formulas.
Executive Officer to the Assistant Chief of Division Two (02/88 – 04/90)
· Managed administrative and security operations for 6 correction facilities.
Personnel (Human Resources)/Administrative Supervisor (02/84 – 01/88)
· Managed administrative and personnel operations for correction facility.
Personnel (Human Resources) Transition Supervisor (01/80 – 02/84)
· Set up and commenced personnel operations for opening of 6 new correctional facilities.


Master of Science in Administration, 1990
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20783

Bachelor of Science in Management, 1987
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 14623


Leadership, Ethics & Presentation for Managers
Senior Management Techniques
Security Evaluations & Assessments
Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery
Advance Training in HR Management
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Instructor Development Training Certificate
Site Security Management
Bomb Threats & Suspicious Mail & Packages
Intrusion & Drug Interdiction
Detection Imaging & Scanning
Crime Scene Preservation
Use of Force & Deadly Physical Force
Hostage Negotiations & Recovery
Reduced Violence Training
Prevention and Detection of Fraud
Infectious Disease


· Employee of the Month, February 1984
· Employee of the Month, July 1988
· Five (5) year Perfect attendance July 1988
· Ten (10) Year Perfect Attendance July 1993
· Fifteen (15) Years Perfect Attendance July 1998
· Excellent Duty Award August 1999
· Meritorious Duty Award January 2002

Nick Marino -

Security Officer

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over 20 years proven experience in security and contingency operations worldwide. Disciplined, military-trained expert in development and implementation of security plans, addressing personnel, equipment, and facilities. Gifted people manager and equipment administrator. Big-picture thinker with exceptional analytical skills. Key areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities include:

• Strategic Operations
• Personal Security
• Team Training
• Equipment Readiness
• Manpower Planning
• Weapons Expert
• Facilities Protection
• Threat Analysis
• Technical Recruiting
• Operations Planning
• Rapid Deployment
• Document Control

Military Police School
Advanced Physical Security School
Personnel Security Managers Course
Special Weapons / Reaction Team (SRT)
Intrusion / Detection Site Defense Course
Nuclear Biological Chemical Officers Course
Criminal Investigations Division Course (CID)
Hazardous Materials / Waste Handlers Course

US Customs Inspectors Course,
US Department of the Treasury
Basic Patrol Driving Course,
Texas DPS Law Enforcement Academy
Emergency Lifesaver / EMT,
Fayetteville Technical Community College


• Served as senior, non-commissioned officer as part of a 1700-person internationally deployed security force.
• Maintained general and special operational readiness of 21-member quick response, airmobile security force for no-notice, global deployment within 18 hours.
• Prepared and maintained organizational contingency operations plans in support of assigned Department of Defense special missions; continuously updated plans to meet changing mission environments.

• Maintained $1M in vehicle and weapon assets, ensuring accountability, security, and readiness.
• Consistently achieved 100% equipment readiness rating for unannounced deployment exercises.
• Insured currency and accuracy of equipment maintenance and inventory records.

• Assigned 1200 plus newly arrived personnel in 12 months to 20 subordinate units by matching individual qualifications to unit needs.
• Maintained 100% recruit retention for 1998, through excellent rapport with students and parents.
• Prepared and implemented individual and team training programs to include tactical security operations, weapons qualifications, physical training, and equipment readiness.


US Army Recruiting Battalion, Mission Viejo, CA
1996 - 1999
Assistant Station Commander
Contacted, interviewed, and recruited high school and college students. Gave formal and informal presentations, regarding advantages of Army career to civic groups, high schools, and colleges. Developed new recruiters through hands-on training and sharing of knowledge and experience.

82nd Military Police Company, Fort Bragg, NC
1991 - 1996
Platoon Sergeant
Oversaw mission performance of 21-person unit responsible for physical and tactical security of Division Command Center. Managed all individual and unit training records. Led unit through major Department of Defense directed tactical operation in Caribbean.

110th Military Police, Germany
1987 - 1991
Platoon Sergeant

Military Police Company, Fort Sheridan, IL
1986 - 1987
Squad Leader

193rd Military Police, Company, Germany
1983 - 1986

410th Military Police Company, Fort Hood, TX
1982 - 1983


National American University
B.S., Management
91 Credit Hours

Nick Marino - Outcome Resumes and Career Service - - Bishop, TX 78343

Security Officer Best

Thomas Mack
44720 Howard Drive, Green Bay, WI 56774 / Tel# (518) 555-3386 Email:

Security Officer


Professional security officer with over 10 years experience protecting lives and property. Founder and lead security professional in private consultant practice, utilizing personal field experience from military duties and private security assignments to provide effective advice and services. Demonstrated ability to assess threats and vulnerabilities, respond quickly, and implement effective solutions.


General Management skills: Use administrative, planning, and organizational skills to recognize problems and execute solutions that streamline operations and achieve results.
Leadership skills: Use coaching and mentoring strategies to assist employees in developing programs of action that address identified security needs.
Human Resource skills: Interact effectively with individuals at all levels, fostering a spirit of cooperation and respect, soliciting ideas and opinions of others, and utilizing input on key issues.
Communication skills: Express research and recommendations in an articulate, clear, concise, and effective manner.


1999 - Present
Security Officer
Founded and managed an 8-person consulting firm specializing in physical security for celebrities, events, retail establishments, and financial institutions. Recruited, trained, and directed a team of contracting security agents based on client needs. Oversaw business, financial, and personnel decisions.
· Mentored and coached team members to deliver quality service and advice to clients.
· Instituted an immediate response procedure to quickly address emergency and hazardous situations, resulting in a 45% reduction in the time to contact appropriate authorities.
· Conducted research on success of security techniques in order to focus on the most successful strategies employed in the industry.
· Trained colleagues to present security plans using professional presentation skills.

1996 - 1999
Security Agent
Managed security for 10 jewelry stores and seven gemstone couriers. Oversaw premise security, including alarm systems, inventory control procedures, contract security personnel, and surveillance systems. Advised senior management on improvements in security measures.
· Developed and institutionalized security standards and procedures, reducing thefts by 17%.
· Investigated and analyzed patterns in courier travel to demonstrate security vulnerabilities.
· Consulted with local law enforcement to increase awareness of crime patterns and assist in investigations.
· Researched new developments in alarm and surveillance systems to identify tools to improve in-store security.

1994 - 1996
Security Guard
Provided security for professional sports team, including graveyard shift surveillance, weekend and evening sporting event security, crowd control, and bodyguard services. Maintained detailed records of security incidents and law enforcement actions.
· Evaluated travel and site security plans to recommend improvements to team management.
· Managed communication with local law enforcement to coordinate security plans.
· Served as liaison with local fire marshal to ensure full compliance with all fire ordinances.
· Prepared and presented crisis management plan to train other security personnel on emergency procedures.

1991 - 1994
Military Police
Served as Squad Leader, Team Leader, and Training Specialist for subordinate personnel, at the rank of Corporal. Utilized military training to ensure compliance with military justice and fire safety requirements, including tours of duty as Patrol Officer, Crime Prevention Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), Federal Police Escort, Physical Security NCO, and Fire Safety NCO.
· Decorated veteran of 2 foreign wars, with multiple awards and citations for serving as a combat parachutist with Detention Facilities and Med-Evac Units.
· Served as Arresting Detective for Drug Suppression Team involved in over 700 drug convictions in 4-year timeframe.
· Led team to win MP Pentathlon at Battalion level.


Bachelor of Arts (Management), 1999
Minnesota State College, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Associate of Arts (Law Enforcement), 1996
Wisconsin Community College, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Coursework included:

Patrol Techniques, Traffic Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Investigations, Report Writing, Motor Vehicle Law, Communication Skills, Ethics, Interviews, Law Enforcement Orientation and Driver Training.

Security Officer Gaming

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Respected and responsible individual with successes in protecting the well being of people and property. Function well under pressure during fast paced and stressful situations. Demonstrated ability to assess threats and vulnerabilities, respond quickly, and implement effective solutions. Highly developed public relations and communication skills; ability to relate well with individuals of any background or ethnicity. Written capabilities are articulate, clear and concise. Work effectively independently and with demonstrated commitment to team results. Excellent health. Maintain regular physical fitness program. Core Competencies:

• Accurate Reporting • Legislation & Regulatory Knowledge
• Community Relations • Security & Emergency Response
• Conflict Management • Traffic Direction & Crowd Control
• Problem Resolution • Facilities Protection
• Threat Analysis • Multi-Cultural Awareness


GBH Casino, Blue Bay, Ontario
2000 - Present
Selected to provide protection of casino property, guests and employees against theft, fraud and abuse in this busy and fast-paced facility, working all shifts. Accountable for the accurate and timely reporting of counterfeit money, use of force, medical and incidents. Monitor all security equipment, ensuring full functionality. Quick and sound judgment is paramount for this position.

• Conduct interior and exterior patrols, fire and safety checks and Brinks delivery procedures.
• Maintain current understanding all casino, provincial and federal regulatory guidelines. Expeditiously report and respond to, any violations thereof.
• Co-ordinate efforts with Durham Regional Police, O.P.P., Paramedics, Fire and Rescue personnel, and AGCO Compliance Officers.
• Trusted with highly confidential information for both employees and patrons.
• Regarded for following all procedures set forth by the casino and provincial regulations, including understanding and respecting the proper chain of command.
• Skill-set recognized for demonstrating "the most professional excellence" with "quick response and calm thinking" and "good judgment" in commendations and letters of appreciation.

Starpoint Landing Marina, Blue Bay, Ontario
1999 - 2000
• Retained to repair, maintain, paint, and transport boats. Safely utilized osmosis, gelcoat and fiberglass repair processes.

Lewisporte Area Development Association and Embree Town Council, Newfoundland
1997 - 1999
• Teamed to complete building projects and renovations within these municipalities.


Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Certificate (O.A.C.P.)

International Foundation for Protection Officers

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
• Field Notes & Reporting • Memory & Observations
• Patrol Techniques • Use of Force
• Traffic Control • Crowd Management
• Physical Security • Explosive Devices
• Alarm Systems • Fire Prevention & Detection
• Terrorism • Human Relations
• Interview Techniques • Stress Management
• Substance Abuse • Legal Aspects
• Public Relations • Police & Security Liaison
• Security Awareness & Investigations • V.I.P. Protection & Hostage Conditions
• Crime Scenes & Evidence Preservation • Bomb Threat Search Procedures
• Managing Employee Honesty • Safety & Security Consideration

Lawrence College, St. John's, Newfoundland


• WHMIS • Cultural Awareness
• Health & Safety • Crisis Intervention
• Human Rights • Smart Serve
• ID & Document Verification / Authenticity • St. John's Ambulance First Aid
• Pressure Point Control Tactics • Level C St. John's CPR


Participant for CIBC Run For Cure (Breast Cancer) and Aids Walk.
Volunteer at Soup for the Soul, a Kawartha Lakes Soup Kitchen.
Blood Donor for Canadian Blood Services.

PRWRA Audrey Field - Résumé Resources - 6 Andrew Court, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada L0L 2P0 - - - 1.877.204.9737

Security Professional

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Security Professional with telecommunications and protective service background. Combine technical skills with the ability to communicate with people on all levels.


- Served High Security Clearance protective service roles in the U.S. Army:
• Assigned security driver for Colonel in command of certain Attack Forces.
• Received monthly HOT SPOT briefings relative to training as a Sniper/Radio Operator.
• Trained with the Special Canadian Forces.
• Competed 104 jumps and 10 halo jumps, at altitudes ranging up to 10,000 feet, including the Arctic Circle.

- Co-founded systems company contracted to service Satellite / Computer Data Systems in 5 states. Averaged +14 calls per week.
• Trained technicians nationwide on e-mail, phone, and digital imaging technology.
• Operated 4 fully equipped trucks, working 24/7 to ensure running within 28 hours after system failure.
• Oversaw operations: Staff of 3 Scheduling and Supervision, Accounting, Public Relations, Advertising, Dispatching, Quality Control, Warehousing, Customer Service, Purchasing, Benefits, Forecasting.
-- Achieved a perfect ratio of answered calls (1 missed in 18 months due to inaccessible road conditions).

- Served as Lead Technician in northern Minnesota for a Satellite Service Provider. Company provided Installations and Service Calls.
• Interacted and communicated daily with in-house staff, contracted staff, and customers.
• Trained in-house and contracted technicians. At peak, company had 45 technicians in the field.
• Wore "many hats": Equipment Testing, Quality Control, Warehousing, Hiring and Firing, and Sales Liaison.
-- "Trouble" calls dropped 45% during my tenure.

- Hired as Regional Manager for XYZ Satellite Company.
• Oversaw Technical Support, Office Operations, Inventory, Service, Staffing, Sales, and Quality Control.
• Scheduled appointments, dispatched work orders, and ensured timely follow-up quality control.
• Directed office staff of 2 and 35 field technicians.
-- Region achieved an 8% trouble call ratio - below Minnesota ratio of 24%.

- Installed and serviced antenna, satellite, paging, and tower systems for G & S:


1999 - Present
Partner / Manager

1998 - 1999
Regional Manager

1997 - 1998
Lead Tech

1986 - 1997
Installer / Customer Service

1982 - 1986
Security / Infantry Soldier
Honorable Discharge


• Completed Computer Technology and Business curriculum at Technical College.

PRWRA Barb Poole - Hire Imaging -

Security Professional Former Military

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Human Resources and Security Management Professional

Personnel Administration • Team Building & Leadership • Personnel Training
Emergency & Crisis Management • New Program Development

Multi-tasking, results-oriented professional with more than 20 years’ experience in diverse security and administration environments. Effective leader with wealth of knowledge and proven ability to lead and effectively recruit, train, and manage motivated, culturally diverse, and success-driven teams of highly qualified personnel. Innovative thinker with background in new program development and implementation in areas of training and recruitment. Possess excellent written and verbal communication, documentation, professional development, and personnel administration skills. Recognized and decorated leader with ability to create and foster efficient and productive workplace environment with exceptional levels of interpersonal and team communications.


Written/Oral Communication
Crisis Management
Background Investigation
Physical / Personal Security
Physical Assessment
Budget Administration
Resource Management
Recruiting & Team Leadership
Staff Development

Career Accomplishments

· Spearheaded and was appointed as Executive Officer of 1st recruitment unit in the City Police Department.
· Handpicked by City police commissioner as key player in design of most extensive emergency management and disorder control plan of any urban police department in the nation.
· Designed and implemented executive emergency and crisis management training program, including lesson plans and instruction, field, and staff training exercises.

· As Deputy Commander for Mobilization at Army Command Post, maintain responsibility for aspects of mobilization/demobilization of more than 30,000 troops.
· Recognized by superiors for exceptional abilities in supervision, development, team leadership, and evaluation of up to 1300 personnel at a given time,
· Coordinated facility closure and successful relocation of more than 9,000 military and civilian personnel to new location.
· Maintained responsibility for security and appropriate use of equipment valued in excess of $5M.
· Raised military school ranking from 15th to 5th out of 17 in 2-state area in 3-year timeframe.
· Developed, tested, and implemented anti-terrorist/force protection plans for 88 Reserve facilities in 3 states.

Qualification Highlights
· Professional and dedicated individual capable of working under extreme conditions, while enabling team members to succeed under stress in emergency and crisis situations.
· Demonstrate prudence in planning for future requirements of subordinates, ensuring personnel maintain current levels of required training to achieve exemplary performance in daily operations.
· Supervised and monitored activities of up to 75 police officers, providing direction and control necessary for smooth and consistent workflow and continued readiness to ensure safety and protection of more than 200,000 residents.
· Efficiently manage personnel and operations in support of up to 9,000 personnel in global environments.
· Ensure continuous compliance with all applicable federal, state, local, and organizational laws and regulations, including those of the OSHA and EEOC.

Professional Experience

City Police Department - Retired
1981 - 2002
· Directed daily operations, scheduling, and personnel management for 75 officers and 25 support and investigative personnel Office of Police Commissioner.
· Provided leadership to staff during numerous emergency and crisis situations.
· Managed education programs to ensure all personnel remained qualified to complete assigned tasks and received training necessary to achieve professional goals and advancement within department.
· Interacted with executive and elected officials, providing reports and sharing information related to regular operations as well as crisis and emergency management situation.

Military Service

United States Army Reserve
1977 - present
· Possess 10 years’ active and 15 years’ reserve service as commissioned officer.
· Currently serving as Deputy Commander for Mobilization.

Memberships & Affiliations

Association of the U.S. Army.
Reserve Officers Association.
Lieutenant’s Benevolent Association, N.Y.P.D.

Education, Certification & Training

Master of Strategic Studies
United States Army War College

Master of Public Administration
John Jay College, City University of New York – Dean’s List Recipient

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Distinguished Military Graduate of Army R.O.T.C. Program
Fordham University

US Army Armor Officer Basic Course • US Army Infantry Officer Advanced Course
US Army Command & General Staff College • New York City Police Academy
New York City Police Department Basic and Advanced Management Courses

Honors & Awards

3 Awards -- Army Meritorious Service Medal • 2 Awards -- Army Commendation Medal
Award of the Army Achievement Medal • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service in Bosnia

4 awards -- New York City Police Department Medal for Meritorious Police Duty
7 awards -- New York City Police Department Medal for Excellent Police Duty

Lea J. Clark - -

Security Supervisor

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Seeking a challenging Safety / Security Supervision position requiring extensive law enforcement and supervisory experience, advanced police training, close coordination with executive business managers, and a desire to contribute to the safety and security of a growing organization.


• Over 25 years experience in law enforcement and security operations, including criminal investigations, public affairs, urban patrol, undercover work, supervision of patrol officers, coordination of programs and planned actions, and personnel training.
• Proficient in teaching and instruction; training of personnel, supervisory and management experience.
• Urban patrol experience gained through both personal patrol assignments and supervisory experience in major high-crime districts; management skills gained through varied supervisory assignments.
• Successful in promoting crime prevention and community education programs in order to complement traditional law enforcement activities; longstanding history of community involvement.
• Highly developed public relations and communication skills; ability to relate well with individuals of any background or ethnicity; excellent oral and written communication abilities.
• Consistently noted by supervisors, staff, and the public for superior detail-oriented job skills, ability to prioritize work to accomplish maximum results, timely completion of projects, and ability to solve organizational problems with effective solutions.


1995 - Present
Security Supervisor
Currently provide security supervision for the largest catcracker specialized petroleum refining unit in the world with 2 large plants and over 700 employees. Responsibilities included all aspects of security operations, such as monitoring all vehicles and people entering or exiting plants, performing employee drug testing, and supervising over 20 guards. Additionally instructed new personnel on procedural manuals.

• Successfully trained in fire fighting and licensed weigh master.

1975 - 1995
Police Officer
Responsible for a wide range of police officer duties, including patrolling neighborhoods and businesses, domestic disturbance calls, burglaries, robberies, firearms violations, narcotics offenses, investigating suspicious persons and activities, detaining and arresting suspects and offenders, and all calls for safety or service to the public. Additionally responsible for writing and submitting daily reports, community policing, preventing and monitoring violent and property crimes, and all related duties as assigned. Traffic duties included arriving at vehicle accident scenes and taking reports, issuing traffic citations, verifying driver's license information, running background checks for warrants, coordinating with paramedics and other emergency services, obtaining information from witnesses, and assisting accident victims.

• Patrolled and investigated Third District; 1992 to 1995.
• Assigned to the Eighth District; 1986 to 1992.
• Served as Mounted Law Enforcement in City Park and from Downtown to Lakefront; 1985 to 1986.
• Assigned to Patrol and Investigation in the Third District and acted as Field Training Officer; 1975 to 1985.

ROBINSON'S PEST CONTROL, New Orleans, Louisiana
1973 - 1974
Sales Representative
Performed sales and marketing of pest control services, maintained extensive product knowledge, consistently met and exceeded sales quotas, provided superior customer service, and prepared sales presentations for prospective clients.

1972 - 1973
Security Officer
Provided a wide range of security and guard services for a busy Lakeside Shopping Center. Duties included patrolling, alerting authorities to suspicious persons, requesting identification, assisting customers, employees, and guests with various requests, and coordinating with police, paramedic, and fire agencies.


Law Enforcement Diploma

Undergraduate Studies, 1971 - 1972

H.S. Diploma


• Received numerous letters of commendation from individuals and businesses for excellent service.
• Recognized for exemplary job performance and dedication to duty.

PRWRA Grant Cooper - Strategic Resumes / YWW - New Orleans, LA 70118 -


Chris Fong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Operations Management • Personnel Management • Materials Management
Inventory & Logistics • Purchasing & Procurement

Goal-oriented management professional with over 20 years’ progressive and stable experience in executive-level management positions. Offering background and qualifications in personnel and human resources administration, facilities management, operations administration, budgeting, materials, team leadership, security management, problem resolution, professional development, training and education analysis, public and motivational speaking, customer relations, research and investigation, international travel, report and forecast development. Understand intricacies of regulations governing personnel issues. Ensure subordinates remain in continual compliance with all health, safety and security directives and specifications, including those of OSHA and the EEOC.


· Managed facilities maintenance team responsible for the upkeep of 490,000 square feet of commercial building space.
· Managed all aspects of logistics, transportation and delivery support functions for assigned U. S. Marine Corps units.
· Spearheaded and implemented cost control measure resulting in $40,000 in annual savings for assigned unit.
· Chosen from 2,000 qualified candidates to serve as liaison aboard the USS Tripoli in support of logistics operations between Marine Corps and Navy personnel.


Shipping/Freezer Supervisor, Cagle’s, Inc., Perry, GA
2004 - present
· Direct activities related to inventory, warehousing, shipping, customer service, job tracking, payroll, and personnel management of 9 subordinates for a world-class food processing plant.
· Schedule loading of up to 8 trucks per shift, ensuring trailers meet cold storage specifications; monitor loading processes.
· Process purchases orders and maintain accurate, current inventories using customized computer database, as well as manual inventory processes.


· Planned, directed and coordinated human resource management activities, maximizing the strategic use of human resources and maintaining facilities maintenance department.
· Provided supervision for the equipment and supply manager, the maintenance supply manager, and all personnel responsible for the performance and management of equipment maintenance.
· Analyzed maintenance management and personnel functional areas, proficiently utilizing equipment and materiel.
· Assigned to the completed functions required by the maintenance information systems coordination office to ensure the proper functioning of the field maintenance subsystem of the Marine Corp Integrated Maintenance Management System.
· Interacted with management to formulating and implement administrative, operations, and customer relations policies.
· Analyzed expenditures and other financial reports to develop plans, policies, and budgets for increasing profits.


· Supervised and monitored the work activities of subordinates and staff.
· Developed employment policies, processes, and practices, and recommended changes to executive management personnel.
· Met with team leaders and supervisors to resolve grievances.
· Conducted new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward company objectives.
· Wrote directives advising department managers of organizational policy in personnel matters.
· Maintained records and compiled statistical data to identify and determine causes of personnel problems.
· Analyzed statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organizational personnel policies and practices.
· Planned, directed and coordinated the training activities of all personnel under personal authority.
· Analyzed training needs to develop new programs or to modify and improve existing programs.


· Reviewed transportation schedules, personnel assignments and routes, to ensure compliance with standards for personnel elections, safety, and contract terms.
· Orchestrated activities relating to dispatching, routing and tracking of transportation vehicles, aircraft and railroad cars.
· Monitored the process of investigation and response to complaints relating to operations department.
· Directed team responsible for tariff classifications, billing preparation, mode of transportation and destination of shipment.
· Inspected and supervised the maintenance of equipment, vehicles, and facilities and enforced all applicable regulations.


· Oversaw procurement process, including research and testing of equipment, vendor contacts, and approval of requisitions.
· Negotiated and authorized contracts with equipment and materials suppliers.
· Formulated, implemented and interpreted policies and procures.
· Developed plans to meet expanded needs, such as increasing capacity of facilities, or modification of equipment.
· Authorized repair, movement, installation, or construction of equipment, supplies, and facilities.
· Analyzed data, trends, reports, consumption and test results to determine adequacy of facilities, and system performance.
· Investigated and evaluated new developments in materials, tools, and equipment.
· Forecast consumption of utilities to meet demand or to determine construction, equipment, or maintenance requirements.
· Developed, prepared and distributed reports, directive, records, work orders, specifications for work methods, and other documents.


Materials/Packing/Inventory Support Services, U.S. Air Force Logistics Center, Robins AFB, GA

Operations and Project Management, One Source, Atlanta, GA


Transportation/Facilities/Communications/Operations Management, U. S. Marine Corps


Graduate, Austin High School, Chicago, IL


Chapman College, 29 Palms, CA
Public Speaking, Communications, English, Math

U.S. Marine Corps, Various Locations
Advanced Staff NCO Administrative Academy, Personnel Administration, Marine Corp Leadership, Advanced Staff NCO Non-Resident Program, Ground Safety Managers Training, Logistics and Embarkation Specialist Course, Substance Abuse Information Program, Maintenance Management Course.

Additional Employment-Related Coursework
Total Quality Management, Equal Opportunity Representative, Public Speaking,
Written Correspondence, Assertiveness Training, Safety and First Aid


Local Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity, Cobb County GA
Volunteer Driver, Meals on Wheels, Marietta, GA
Volunteer Team Member, Boy and Girls Scouts of America, Various locations
Little League Basketball Coach, Gwinnett County


United States Armed Forces
Meritorious Service Medal • Navy Achievement Medal • National Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal • 3 Letters of Commendation • 8 Letters of Appreciation
Cobb County Division of Habitat for Humanity
Letter of Appreciation

Lea J. Clark - -

Transportation Security Specialist Federal Employment

Frances O'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234
Social Security No:
United States
Veteran’s Status:
Highest Federal Civilian Job:
Aviation Security Inspector, FV 1801 H, Jul 2003–Present
Security Clearance:
Duty Location Preference:
Frankfurt, Germany

Vacancy Announcement: TSA–04–1220
Position Title: Transportation Security Specialist (Inspector), SV–1801–I


· Attended 00026 International Airport Assessments & Inspection Course, FAA Academy, Jun 2003
· Proven decade of experience in aviation/airport security and customer service in technical and managerial fields, including recruiting, training and motivating.
· Recognized first responder with first-rate, in-the-field performance.
· Noted as only representative from division, 5 or more nights a week, available and on duty to respond immediately whenever and wherever necessary.
· Frequently called upon by screening managers to address regulatory concerns at screening checkpoints and consistently visible at terminals during evening shifts.
· Skilled in observation, inspection, interviewing, and investigation techniques.
· Strong analytical skills in technical documents: Review and write Security Directives (SD) fact sheets used by co-workers as checklists for surveillances and air carrier assessments.
· Strong knowledge of Code of Federal Regulations, SDs, and Emergency Amendments.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.
· FAA Approved Certified Ground Security Coordinator.
· Computer Skills: PowerPoint, Word & Excel on Windows platform, including specialized government software.


· Senior Aviation Security Inspector (Transportation Security Specialist), Jun 2003
· Certified Civil Aviation Security Specialist/Special Agent, Aug 2002
· Certified Course Instructor-Aviation Security, May 2003
· Cargo Security Inspector, Feb 2003
· Security Certification, Int’l Association for Healthcare Safety & Security, May 1992
· Certified Airline Passenger Screening Instructor (FAA Approved), March 1990


1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Mar 2003 to Present
Aviation Security Inspector, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: H-Band
Supervisor: Jane Doe, 617–555–1212; May be contacted
Administered critical and complex compliance and enforcement program to protect public from air transportation piracy and other acts of sabotage. Conducted comprehensive inspections and investigations of airport, air carriers, cargo air carriers, and indirect air carriers (IAC) to determine security posture. Monitored compliance with applicable civil aviation security policies, regulations, and agreements for potential problem areas or deviations. Ensured overall adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of TSA-approved security programs. Provided testimony and participate in enforcement proceedings as necessary.
· Unit number 2 producer of 12 inspectors for approved/completed investigations over 12 months ending April 2004.
· Participated in testing of security systems in connection with compliance inspections.
· Regularly determine adequacy of corrective actions required to improve security posture or to restore compliance.
· Identify, collect, and preserve evidence to support enforcement actions.
· Assisted with numerous enforcement action determinations and initiations, preparing enforcement investigation reports and recommending to TSA counsel action type and penalty level.

1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Jul 2002 to Mar 2003
Special Agent/Civil Aviation Security Specialist, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: G-Band
Supervisor: Jane Doe, 617–555–1212; May be contacted
Performed mix of prescribed assessments and investigations of airport and air carriers, ensuring regulated parties comply with federal regulations and security directives (SD). Monitored compliance with TSA security policies, regulations, and agreements, identifying potential non-compliance or deviations. Recommended enforcement action and penalty level as appropriate. Provided guidance to airport operator and air carriers on developments and modifications of security plans.
· Instrumental contributor to FAA to TSA transition critical outcomes.
· Scored 96% on Basic Airport/Air Carrier Security Special Agent Course final exam with 92% course average.
· Earned outstanding performance feedback by screeners and managers, after carrying out 7-week detail as screening manager in newly formed organizational environment.
· Noted for 100% 24–7 availability to complete daily duties.
· Conducted daily out briefings to federal screeners at assigned checkpoints to continually inform and improve performance.
· Assisted over 50 new employees with HR and payroll concerns.
· Instrumental in two-way radio communications dispersal, including protocol development to optimize use and inventory control at current and newly opened security checkpoints.
· Co-formulated procedure for “repeater band” (strongest reception) use to allow communication between management and checkpoint supervisors.
· Created procedure to provide communications for “skeleton crew” exit lane personnel for safety and security after supervisory staff night departure.
· Served as liaison to federal screening workforce at several checkpoints, assisting screening division directors with transition of outgoing contractors.
· Worked detail to assist screening division directors with TSA contractor support, simultaneously occurring during 3-month, after-hours inspection and data download of all Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)/GTX units at BOS.
· Assisted screening managers three times with alleged on-duty alcohol use by federal screener, involving shift-long observation and licensed breath alcohol content contractor.
· Oversaw contractor removal and replacement of old Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs) with Enhanced WTMDs at all domestic checkpoints, over several overnight shifts,
· Volunteered for Christmas and New Year’s Eve shifts to ensure adequate regulatory/inspection coverage.

1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Nov 2001 to Jul 2002
Assistant Security Inspector, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: G-Band
Supervisor: Janet Doeskin, 781–555–1212; May be contacted
Carried out checkpoint security screening process and assessment requirements. Coordinated and monitored air carrier pre-board screener procedures, assisting screeners and supervisors. Monitored explosive trace detection (ETD) procedures, ensuring proper alarm resolution procedures. Calibrated security-screening equipment. Conducted covert screening checkpoint tests as required.
· Coached Security Screeners on proper procedures and reporting in WebbAirs system.
· Demonstrated strong working knowledge of FAA orders and federal regulations compliance for aviation security procedures and air carrier security programs.
· Handled all complaints diplomatically, communicating aviation security information and airline and airport security programs and procedures to regulated parties.

PO Box 3122 ● Portland, ME 04072-7544
Feb 2001 to Nov 2001
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $52,000; Ending Salary: $52,000
Sold and serviced residential and commercial water treatment systems.

399 Capitol Street ● Portland, ME 04101
Nov 1999 to Jan 2001
Business Development Manager
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $36,000; Ending Salary: $43,000
Supervisor: Jon Doe, 207–555–1212; May be contacted
Retained current and developed new business for security services contractor in Maine and New Hampshire, including Portland International Jetport.
· Specialized in providing checkpoint security screeners, skycaps, physical terminal security, and perimeter security personnel.
· Sold over $1M in new business first year.
· Appointed Special Company Liaison to Portland International Jetport.

592 Elm Street ● Bedford, ME 04005
Jan 1995 to Oct 1999
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $25,000; Ending Salary: $50,000
Established and operated start-up water treatment dealership, managing staff of 25 for residential and commercial customers in Maine and New Hampshire.
· Generated over $750,000 first-year sales.

289 Liberty Street ● Portland, ME 04101
Dec 1988 to Dec 1994
Director of Operations/Human Resources
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $36,000; Ending Salary: $45,000
Supervisor: Jonathan Doeson, 207–555–1212; May be contacted
Directed Operations, Training, and Human Resources for 35 accounts in 5 states for security services contractor of 200 to 300 employees. Primary accounts included Portland International Jetport, DALA, UALA, USAA, and CALA.
· Managed 16 supervisors and 200 people for selection, training, and customer relations.
· Reduced workforce turnover 50% and overtime more than 70% in first year.
· Retained all primary accounts throughout tenure, dealing directly with clients, including Central Maine Power, NYNEX, Delta Airlines, Portland Jetport, Liberty Mutual, Holiday Inn Hotels, and Hewlett Packard, among others.


Jefferson High School, Portland, ME, Diploma, 1974


· Passenger Assessment & Screening System, Massachusetts State Police, Nov 2003
· International Airport Assessments & Inspection Course, FAA Academy, Jun 2003
· Instructor Development Workshop, FAA Academy, May 2003
· State & Local Anti-Terrorism Training, US Attorney's Office, Mar 2003
· Cargo Security Basic Program, FAA Academy, Feb 2003
· Performance & Results Information System User Course, FAA Academy, Feb 2003
· Basic Airport/Air Carrier Security Special Agent Course, FAA Academy, Aug 2002
· Assistant Security Inspector Workshop, FAA Academy, Dec 2001
· “Goldmine” (software) Sales Training, Burns Int’l Security Services, Mar 2000
· Sales Training, Business Development Institute, May 2000
· Situational Sales Training, Baygroup International, May 2000
· Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification Course, University of Southern Maine, May 1994
· Security Supervisor Training, American Society for Industrial Security, Feb 1991
· Exceptional Customer Service, Zig Ziglar Seminars, May 1990
· Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting, Institution for Professional Seminars, Sep 1988
· Stress Management, Richard Tosti Seminars, Oct 1984


· Group Special Achievement Award: Members of FAA Boston Civil Aviation Security Field Office that responded and assisted Senior Staff during December 2001 “Shoe Bomber” incident, diverted from Paris-Miami to Logan Airport (BOS).


· American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), 1989–1995
· Human Resource Association of Southern Maine (Treasurer, 92–93; VP 93–94), 1990–1995
· Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 1991–1996

Nick Marino -