Resumes by Industry: Science Research and Environment

Archeaology Intern

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Junior college student with an anthropology major, emphasizing archeology, offering hands-on archeological excavation site experience working in the Central American Rain Forest with the University of Texas. Can read and communicate in Spanish. Computer skills include Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook).

Excavation field techniques include:
· Cleaning lithics and ceramics
· Utilizing the Total Data System for mapping, as well as measuring tape and compass
· Profiling
· General excavation skills


VASSAR COLLEGE, Poughkeepsie, New York
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology / Archeology Studies, 2002
Relevant Coursework:
· Native American Civilizations - Studied Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations
· Archeology of Early African America - Historical archeology of early African American settlements
-Written report of site activity for a mock settlement over a 300 year time frame, describing layers, artifacts, features, and locations
· Introduction to Human Origins
· Pleio-Pleispocme Hominids - In-depth study of human evolution
· Function and Evolution of the Human Skeleton - Physical anthropology of the skeleton
· History of Anthropological Theory - Studied theorists such as Marx, Durkheim, Freud, Weber, Ruth Benedict,
-Clifford Geertz, and Franz Boas
· Myths, Rituals, and Symbols
· Anthropological Linguistics


University of Texas, Belize, Central America
Student Excavator, 2002 - Present
Selected to participate in this program. Have gained hands-on archeological field techniques and mapping skills while excavating rural settlements in the Rain Forest.

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Bioengineering Research Assistant

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Excellent analytical and quantitative abilities in team building, communications, organization and strategic planning.

• Highly skilled in project supervision, multi-media presentations, information technology, report generation, technical research and team participation.

• Coordinate a wide variety of team projects, including database management and the formulation of quantitative/analytical engineering models for applications in the medical, space and aircraft design industries.

• Effectively plan and conduct technical presentations in a professional manner for executive audiences; research and produce articles and reports for publication.

• Consistently recognized by executive management and colleagues for cross-discipline talents in needs analysis, troubleshooting and problem resolution in high-pressure, technical environments.


• Knowledge of Windows 98/NT, UNIX, DOS, BASIC, Pascal, HTML, MS Office, FrameMaker and Internet applications.
• Familiar with AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, I-DEAS, Maple, Mathematica and programming with MATLAB (SIMULINK, Nonlinear Identification Toolkit, Image Processing Toolbox).
• Currently hold an Engineer-in-Training license #XE093436 through the California Department of Consumer Affairs since 1994.


Boston Hospital, Boston, MA
1996 - 1998
Bioengineering Research Assistant
Responsible for project consulting with an interdisciplinary team tasked with studying applications between mechanical engineering and cardiopulmonary physiology.

• Worked closely with doctoral biomedical engineers, medical staff and physicists in data collection, analysis and solution generation.
• Team-led the development of new methodologies for analyses of a variety of medical data per Positron Emission Tomography (PET) applications.
• Personally drove a project to develop a mathematical model to analyze PET data; quantitatively tracked gas exchange in lungs using PET medical images.
• Efficiently partnered with team members in over 72 full-day PET experiments, along with generation of collaboratory protocols and procedures.
• Key participant in 10 major bioengineering projects, as well as author of 2 papers presented during conferences of the American Thoracic Society & Biomedical Engineering Society from 1997-1999.
• Also submitted original research for publication in 4 different biomedical engineering & medical journals.

Rockwell Space Systems Division, Downey, CA
1995 - 1996
Technical Assistant
Key participant with senior engineers in the dynamic/structural analyses of current/advanced versions of Space Shuttle payloads during on-orbit flight phases.
• Served as a co-author for many detailed in-house reports for tracking and monitoring project activity.
• Revised and updated spreadsheet programs for quantifying and summarizing on-orbit loads for U.S. shuttle missions with the Russian Space Station, "Mir".

C&D Interiors, Inc, Huntington Beach, CA
1994 - 1995
Tasked with a case study involving the testing of miniature honeycomb panel sandwich structures for mechanical strength and flammability properties for aircraft applications.
• Recommended numerous modifications to select better materials, meet specifications and enhance redesign efforts.
• Created and updated a searchable database to collate and analyze test results.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
M.S., Mechanical Engineering
GPA: 4.2, • Researched and wrote a thesis in bioengineering entitled, "Quantification of Regional Perfusion, Shunt Fraction and Ventilation Using Positron Emission Tomography: A Nonlinear Tracer Kinetics Model".
• Vice President of Young Alumni with the MIT Club of Southern California.

Loyola Marymount University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
GPA: 4.0, • Completed several engineering projects involving mechanical and automotive applications.
• Recognized as "1995 LMU Outstanding Graduate in Mechanical Engineering"; "1995 LMU Senior Mechanical Engineering Student of the Year"; and "1994 LMU Junior Mechanical Engineering Student of the Year".
• Member of several key honorary societies, such as Tau Beta Pi and "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges".


American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Society of Automotive Engineers.

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Bioinformatics Scientist

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234



- Intensive experience in DNA and protein sequence analysis using GCG, BLAST, genefinder, ORFfinder, and Grail.
- Gene discovery, including protein domain identifications, EST blast, and unfinished sequence database mining.
- Proficient in structure-function relationship, both in experiments and molecular modeling based on three-dimensional structure using Sybyl and Insight II packages.
- Adept at structure-function relationship analysis (protein domain) based on primary sequences and PDB crystal structures.
- Development of applications for genomic sequencing data, including algorithms and implementation.
- Skilled at signature sequence analysis, including protein domains and protein family classification for protein and DNA sequences.
- Practiced at writing 3-tier applications development in microarray and sequence data analysis.
- Accomplished object-oriented programming language (OOPL) designer for applications development.
- Experienced in development of computer applications for genomic data analysis.
- Proficient in writing programs for microarray data analysis.
- Database design and implementation.


Pathobiology Department, University of Florida
Ph.D, Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry, Pathobiology Department,

Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
M.S., M.S., Computer and Information Science
Software Testing, Programming Languages, Database Management
Computation Algorithms, Data Structure and Algorithms, and Computer Architecture

Entomology Department, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
M.S., Entomology

Entomology Department, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China
B.S., Entomology


• SYSTEMS - UNIX, Linux, Windows 95/98NT/2000, Macintosh
• LANGUAGES - Basic, C++, SQL, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, Perl, OOPL
• DATABASES - Oracle, Access
• APPLICATIONS - SAS, Oracle Tools, MS Office


• Developed DNA library of Anaplasma marginale.
• Purified, hybridized, and sequenced DNA of plamepsin genes from P. falciparum.

• Designed and implemented web-based application based on Microarray Database Management System (MDMS), using JAVA/JSP.
• Wrote applications for Malaria Genome Tag project, using Visual Basic.
• Developed diagnoses applications based on microarray data, using artificial neural network and Matlab.
• Built program for automating collection and analysis of kinetic data, using Visual Basic.
• Composed microarray transformation algorism based on entropy using Matlab.
• Developed application for screening of pest-resistant varieties of soybean.
• Constructed discriminate Analysis for micorarrary data using Visual Basic.
• Complied CPU performance data transformation program, using Perl.
• Assembled and implemented, MDMS using Oracle.

• Expressed, purified, and enzymatically assayed plasmepsins, a family of aspartic proteinases from malaria parasites.
• Mutated amino acid residues in plasmepsin sequence to test functions in vitro, based on analysis of structure-function relationship.
• Made molecular models of plasmepsins using Sybly for structure-functions relationship analysis.
• Designed established protocols for protein purification/quantification.
• Created established FPLC protocols for protein purification.
• Discovered three proteinase genes of P. falciparum.
• Developed kinetic assay for plamepsins.


2001 - Present
Postdoctoral Associate

University, College of Veterinary Medicine
1995 - 2001
Research Assistant

Academy of Agricultural Sciences
1986 - 1995
Research Scientist

Academy of Agricultural Sciences
1985 - 1986
Research Assistant


Presidential Recognition, University - 1997 and 1999


American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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Clinical Research Manager

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Dynamic research career with extensive recent focus on clinical trial establishment, clinical trial management, and related clinical research background, building on multiple direct and transferable skills/knowledge in these areas:

• Clinical Trials/Management • Monitoring Reports/Clinical Study Forms
• SOP Implementations • Source Documentation Verification
• ICH Guidelines/GCP Expertise • Investigator Brochures
• Phase I, II, III Studies • Investigator Meetings
• Study Designs • Quality Assurance Audits
• Protocol/Study Procedures Manuals • FDA Audit Issues


• Strong knowledge of project leadership and clinical data management, clinical trials and related areas from four years of experience with Cato Research in a clinical research management role
• Selected certifications include ACRP Certified (CCRA) with analytical and medical research experience.
• Maintain a broad scope of knowledge to identify and pursue possible solutions to problems. Creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
• Significant training, continuing education and knowledge of regulatory requirements and ICH guidelines.
• Two years of Clinical Nursing experience provides a strong medical foundation and a variety of transferable skills. Knowledge of therapeutic areas include: oncology, pediatric and adult respiratory, endocrinology and women's health; have worked on multiple projects as a CRA and CRM in these areas.
• Research experience includes outstanding ability to analyze, gather, write, evaluate and produce detailed reports on a variety of projects. Expertise in collecting, review and production of critical documents.
• Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills Comfortable speaking with RNs, MDs, study coordinators and clinic directors.
• A team-oriented professional who works well under pressure, is goal oriented, with a commitment to exacting research.
• Professional experience has provided exposure to: drug development process, clinical monitoring processes, collaborative opportunities, compliance, training, data collection, source documentation, validation, personnel management.
• Exercises judgment within generally defined practices and policies in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions Successfully interact with sponsors, team members, and senior management.
• Supervise and manage internal and external personnel to ensure timely initiation and completion of clinical studies and various clinical documents including those submitted to regulatory agencies Consistently projected and operated within study budgets.


-CLINICAL RESEARCH, Research Triangle Park, NC
2001 - Present
Clinical Research Manager
- Led key clinical therapeutic areas of Oncology, Respiratory, Endocrinology, and Women's Health.
- Directly managed 15 employees and worked with 35 CRAs in scheduling projects as well as directing CRAs on project teams that have led to 12 published papers internally and externally.
- Promoted from a Certified CRA to CRM I and currently to a CRM II.
• Responsible for the daily activities involved in clinical trials, manage the direction, planning and implementation of clinical research trials. Key team member for proper study execution, which includes recruitment and enrollment strategies, oversight of monitoring activities, study conduct, compliance with regulatory standards, and completion of data transfers. Obtain and process adverse event data in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other regulatory guidelines. Prepare study-related documents and reports of trial progress. Serve as prime source of information and input into the design of protocol, Study Procedure Manuals, and Case Report Forms. Ensure effective follow-through on all assigned tasks as well as strategic delegation of tasks to qualified individuals.

1998 - 2001
Clinical Research Associate
• Monitored clinical studies, served as a liaison between the sponsor and sites, responsible for reviewing site contracts and budgets. Participated in project meetings and conference calls, traveled to study sites to supervise and coordinate clinical studies. Verified source documentation, accounting for CTM, ensuring compliance with GCPs and SOPs. Additional position responsibilities included: maintaining study files, monitoring and collecting adverse experiences, writing and reviewing site visit reports, serving as a key resource for site queries.

1996 - 1998
Fertilization Staff Nurse/Team Research Coordinator
Coordinated patient care management and the administration of informed consents. Scheduled laboratory and radiographic evaluations, interpret test results and track patients on a daily basis for response and protocol compliance. Specialized duties include all aspects of data management including nursing assessment of patient progress in source documentation, organization of patent data, related source documents and study files. Managed regulatory binders and completed case report forms. Maintained strict adherence to protocols, assisted with patient accruals, adverse event assessments and reporting, financial issues and other study requirements. Responsible for all aspects of investigational drug management including dispensation, accountability, inventory, record completion, and maintenance of appropriate control of investigational drugs in accordance with FDA guidelines. Collaborated with physician staff in case management of study patients on a daily basis. Served as liaison between physician staff and patients; served as primary contact.

1992 - 1996
Nurse Assistant
Coordinated and facilitated all aspects of busy student health clinical, including administration of immunization, interpretation and discussion of test results with student patients. Served as liaison for patients regarding student health issues with physicians, and customary nursing assistant patient care duties.


2003-ACRP Meeting, Washington, DC teleconference
2002-Essential Practices for Effective Clinical Trial Management - telecourse and onsite at Bowman-Gray Hospital, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC


Bachelor of Science, Nursing


State of North Carolina Nurse # 980309

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Compliance Officer

Jamie Hill
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Operations/Compliance Officer, International Program Administrator, Environmental Risk Manager, or Director of Policy Development.


Career reflects over 10 years experience in the highly regulated and diligently monitored industries of health, safety and environmental management; with a demonstrated record of success on both national and international projects. Strong analytical skills and intuitive understanding of culture are foundational to resolving environmental violations efficiently and under budget.


Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
M.S., Environmental Science

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Masters, Public Affairs
Concentration in environmental policy and international affairs.

Wabash College, Terre Haute, IN
Bachelor of Science, Biology
Tri-lingual professional able to fluently converse in English, French, and Spanish.

Professional and academic credentials have been enhanced with additional training in wastewater treatment, hazardous materials management, emergency response, risk assessment, and wetland identification, and environmental technologies.

Research Related Experience Included:
• Served as Intern for the Overseas Development Council of Washington D.C.
• Reviewed literature on the environmental impact of non-traditional agricultural exports and crop production in Central America.
• Wrote and presented recommendations for policy implementation to ODC.
• Compiled resources to facilitate the incorporation of ODC environmental policy analysis.
• Participant with the Peregrine Fund, Inc and the World Center for Birds of Prey.
• Site Attendant for the Reintroduction Program of Endangered Species.


• Special Advisor to the Commission on Oversight and Inspection of the Sanitary Landfill in Central America.
• Technical Advisor and Course Instructor on solid and hazardous waste issues for the Environmental Unit of the City Planning Office.
• Water Quality Specialist; analyzing water quality, fish/plant tissues, sediment samples.
• Delegate in Havana Cuba for the International Conference on Environment and Development: Five Years After Rio.
• Global Forum Participant at United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
• Traveled extensively for business and scientific pursuits in North America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and the Caribbean.


Center for Industrial Research, Houston, TX
1996 - 2000
• Project Coordinator and Chief Investigator of air, water, and sediment contamination.
• Administrated grant funds for project from concept to completion; achieved 130% of goal at 34% under budget.
• Directed the relocation of 20 families from hazardous landfill conditions.
• Served as technical advisor to foreign government agencies.
• Lead consultant and trainer in the areas of solid waste, hazardous waste, transportation, air and water quality, environmental impact studies, and land fill analysis.
• Served on the National Council of Science and Technology.
• Functioned as quality specialist for major project of the National Hydroelectric Commission.
• Adjunct professor of Ecology at the University of Central America.

Geo Waste Management, Bloomington, IN
1994 - 1996
• Served as key liaison between local businesses and regulatory compliance organizations.
• Established protocols/implementation plans for waste management and materials exchange.
• Expedited waste screening programs for landfill specification and pollution prevention.
• Worked with Indiana Department of Environmental Management, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Geological Survey, and the US Environmental Protection Agency on multiple projects.
• Inspected over 300 cases and wrote Standard Operating Procedures for project evaluation.
• Increased grant funding from $90K to $400K.
• Coordinated regional battery collection program to 2 million homes, largest in the U.S.
• Received the 1995 Governors Award for Excellence in Recycling.

Helix Environmental Services, Indianapolis, IN
1990 - 1994
Project Manager/Environmental Scientist
• Qualified and monitored $30M grant fund for largest PCB clean-up project in the country.
• Developed a nation-leading design for a Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility.
• Administered State Water Quality Certification Program.
• Performed wetland identification, reviewed environmental assessments, mitigated proposals.
• Performed statewide surveys using fish species as bio-indicators of water quality.
• Wrote procedural guidelines/policy recommendations to comply with all regulatory agencies.
• Managed five hazardous waste remediation sites with corresponding disciplines and reports.

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Director Environmental Services

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Health Care Industries

Certified Plant Maintenance Manager who combines strong clinical engineering and facilities maintenance expertise with over 20 years experience in health care industries. Demonstrated achievements in:

• Supervision & Management • Project Management
• Strategic & Business Planning • Leadership & Communication
• Recruitment & Team Building • Training & Development
• Strategic Partnerships & Alliances • Regulatory Affairs


Axiom, Phoenix, AZ
Director - Environmental Services
Challenged to fulfill various contract assignments as Facility Maintenance Manager and/or Clinical Engineering Manager for healthcare accounts. Recently contracted to manage clinical engineering at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center in Phoenix. Requested to stay permanently by facility within six months due to high level of professional/technical competency and expertise.
• Assured hospital was in compliance with JCAHO requirements - directly responsible for two successful JCAHO surveys.
• Worked with other departmental heads and administrators to establish good working relationships and lines of communication, which were instrumental in opening of two new hospitals.
• Planned, organized, directed, and coordinated plant operation activities; provided services, repairs, and maintenance as necessary.
• Managed equipment maintenance program ensuring safe and efficient operations of hospital facility. Provided technical expertise to analyze existing equipment for cost effectiveness, reliability, and safety.
• Maintained appropriate environment for patients, employees, medical staff, and public in accordance with policies/procedures, hospital regulatory requirements, and local community and governmental agencies.
• Developed in-house diagnostic imaging equipment service program; established and maintained an effective preventative maintenance program.
• Recruited, trained, and motivated strong working team of eight employees; confirmed workforce had necessary qualifications to maintain the equipment at the reliability required.
• Identified areas that were not economically feasible to use in-house expertise and retained qualified outside services as needed; coordinated and controlled work of all contractors on site.
• Handled budgeting and controlling costs of maintenance, plant operations, new plant equipment, renovations, and new construction on hospital campus.

St. Jude's Medical Center, Dallas, TX
1989 - 1999
Director - Plant Operations/ Safety Officer
Directed activities of plant maintenance and biomedical engineering departments, including renovations and new construction projects.
• Recognized for and achieved:
• Three successful American Osteopathic Association Accreditation surveys,'First-time' JCAHO Accreditation survey (1992),
• JCAHO Accreditation survey with several commendations under the Environment of Care Standards (1995),
• JCAHO survey with no finding (1998),
• Two Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities surveys.
• Installed and implemented computerized maintenance records systems in both departments.


1964 - 1989
as Instructor, Radiology Service Engineer, Training Director, and Service Manager. Employers included:

United States Army Medical Equipment School; Phoenix, AZ (11/87-11/89)

Veterans Hospital; Phoenix, AZ (1/87-11/87)

Medical Instrumentation Systems, Inc.; Oklahoma City, OK (1/86-1/87)

United States Army, Biomedical Equipment Systems (6/64-12/85)


Colorado State University
B.S., Technical Management

Colorado State University
A.A.S., Biomedical Equipment Technology


Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE)
National Fire Protection Association

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Environmental Biotechnologist

Frances O'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Dynamic, forward-looking team player with 5 years’ experience, both tertiary and work experience related, in biotechnology. Combines extensive technical, analytical, and interpretive skills with practical field experience. Possess strong interpersonal skills: experience working with multi-discipline research/scientific teams and professionals. Proficient in English, Hebrew, and French. Areas of expertise include:

· GC-MS & LC-MS Analysis
· Water Quality Guidelines
· Solvent Extraction Methods
· Multivariate & Univariate Statistics
· Analysis of Biological Molecules
· Ecological Risk Assessment Principals & Methods
· Traditional & Advance Techniques in Microbiology & Molecular Biology
· Chemistry Microbiology Of Pollution Associated With Mining


Ph.D., Environmental Biotechnology
1999 to 2003
· The use of microbial phospholipid fatty acid profiling to measure the impact of acid rock drainage on microbial communities in sediments.
· Performed analysis, identification and quantification of microbial biochemical markers such as phospholipids, PHAs and ubiquinones using GC-MS and LC-MS.
· Conducted physio-chemical and microbiological analysis of polluted sediments and water samples (ie. Heavy metals analysis, BIOLOG analysis, viable count, microbial morphology, 16s rRNA analysis etc.).
· Carried out multivariate statistical analysis to correlate physio-chemical parameters with biological ones.

Bachelors, Biotechnology
1996 to 1999
· Course included: Biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology.
Course provided professional qualifications in biological sciences with an emphasis on DNA technology and its applications, combined with a firm basis in the industrial aspects of biotechnology.
· Appointed as Project Leader for the establishment of a quality control plan for a pharmaceutical plant project, supervising up to 10 students and assisting team members.
· Acknowledged for strong skills in statistics, biochemistry and molecular biology, assisting fellow students in problem diagnosis and troubleshooting.


Scientific Officer – Microbiology Department, Environmental Division
1999 to 2003
Team member of waste management project responsible for the evaluation of microbial molecular indicators for the measurement of ecological impact at a national research institute for environmental risk assessment.
Key Contributions:
· Research results on comparisons between polluted and unpolluted sites accepted for publication in the prestigious international scientific magazine “The Journal of Microbial Ecology”, with two other collaborative publications anticipated.
· Implemented quality control parameters in order to standardize and streamline the administration and analysis of experiments.
· Key player in the integration of team members’ research through statistical analysis, contributing significantly to the scientific knowledge of the organization.
· Collaborated with team members in determining the relationships between environmental stressors (heavy metals, pH, flow etc.) and microbial communities’ biomass and diversity.
· Trained team members on the various procedures for using statistical programs; enlisted as technical specialist due to high level of technical skills.
· Conducted an in-depth analysis on the various sediments to determine the ecological impact of acid mine drainage pollution on microbial communities through organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and analysis of vast amounts of data using multivariate statistics.
· Collaborated with project staff on the application of microbial bioindicators to determine ecological impact and recovery.
· Performed a number of projects and tasks unsupervised due to consistently solid performance. Projects included:
· Analysis of microbial phospholipid biomarkers using GC-MS and statistically analyzing the data.
· Analysis of microbial respiratory ubiquinone biomarkers using LC-MS.
· Analysis of microbial communities using carbon utilization assay (BIOLOG).
· Analysis of microbes using traditional microbiological methods.
· Assisted senior scientists in the evaluation and comparison of methods for assessment of environmental microbial communities.

Research Assistant (Work Experience)
Worked in a developing capacity as a research assistant with increased responsibility for paternity tests, DNA fingerprinting, Southern Blotting, PCR analysis, and individual projects using gel electrophoresis.
Key Contributions:
· Wrote and submitted report for special in-house project to establish the relation between microdeletions in the AZF regions of chromosome Y and male infertility.
· Collaborated with chief scientists in the preparation and execution of paternity tests, including preparation of the gel for electrophoresis, preparation of samples, and amplification with PCR.

Research Assistant (Scholarship Program)
Performed a variety of research and analysis assignments in the field of food microbiology using independent judgment and diagnosis, including testing different batches of media with different inocula, assessing results, media making, resuscitation of lyophilized cultures, serial dilutions, and spread plating.
Key Contributions:
· Independently conducted several international collaborative studies in methods and media for enumeration of yeasts and moulds in foods.
· Played a key role in the optimization of international standard quality control techniques in the field of food microbiology.
· Wrote and submitted report for international collaborative study aimed at setting international quality control standards for specialized media.


· Solvent Extractions
· UV Absorption Spec.
· Particle Measurement Analysis
· Solid Phase & Column Chromatography, TLC
· Biosynthesis & Chemical Structures of Fatty Acids
· Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer Analysis, HPLC
· HP4500 Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
· Microwave Assisted Acid Digestion (MLS1200 Mega laboratory microwave digester)
· Vista Simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP-AES)
· CNS2000 – for rapid determination of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur of mineral and environmental samples
· Identification & Quantification of Compounds using Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer Analysis (extensive knowledge, 4 years experience using various instruments i.e. HP 5890 series II coupled to VG TRIO, Varian Saturn GC-MS etc)


· Student T-tests
· Covariant Analysis
· Regression Analysis
· Redundancy Analysis (RDA)
· Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
· Principle Component Analysis (PCA)
· Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA)
· Non-Parametric Multidimensional Scaling (nMDS) Ordination


· Paternity Tests
· Southern Blotting
· Bioreactor Operation
· Media Preparation
· Serial Dilutions
· 16s rRNA Analysis
· Gel Electrophoresis
· DNA Fingerprinting
· Preparation of DNA Libraries
· Australian Water Quality Guidelines
· Techniques of Hybridization & Sequencing
· Sterilization Methods, Autoclave Utilization
· Polymerase Chain Reactions & Western Blotting
· Spread Plating, Plate Count, Viable Count, MPN
· Immunological Assays (Cellular & Serological Techniques)
· Retrieving & Analyzing Nucleic Acid & Protein Sequences from Databases (i.e. GENBANK)
· Differentiations of Bacterial & Fungal Species Using Rapid Test Kits including API, Carbon Utilization Assay (BIOLOG) & Identification Using Microscope


O’Malley, F., Brown, P.J., Stone, D.J., and Smith, L.J. “The use of phospholipid fatty acid analysis to measure impact of acid rock drainage on microbial communities in sediments” Journal of Microbial Ecology, due for publication April 2004.

Stone, P.J., O’Malley, F., Browne, D.J.M. and Smith, L.J. “Phospholipid fatty acid analysis of the impact of acid drainage on aquatic sediment microbiota.” Microbiology America (ISBN 1324-4272), 22(4): A95, 2001.

Stone, P.J., O’Malley, F., Wilkes, K.L., Browne, D.J.M. and Smith, L.J. “The Finniss River: A Natural Laboratory of Mining Impacts - Past, Present and Future.” The Finniss River Symposium ANSTO E/748: 19-22, 2001.

Stone, L.J., Holden, P.J., O’Malley, F. and Browne, D.J.M. “Bacteria as bio indicators of pollution: characterization of the impact of acid mine drainage on microflora using phospholipid fatty acid analysis.” ABA 2000: Proceedings 15th American Biotechnology Conference, p47, 2000.

Stone, P.J., O’Malley, F., Holden, K.M., Browne, D.J.M., Kennedy, R.A., Wilkes, K.L., and Smith, L.J. “Phospholipid Fatty Acid Analysis as a Measure of Impact of Acid Rock Drainage on Microbial Communities in Sediment and Comparison With Other Measures.” ANSTO C616: Proceedings of the Third Brukunga Workshop: Quantifying the degree of ecological detriment in the Dawesley Creek/Bremer River System, 43-46, 2000.


“Microbial Measures of Impact of Acid Rock Drainage on Waterways”, WAMMO:99 Water Management in Metallurgical Operations, 1999


University of New York
Microbial Communities Characterization (1999–2003)
DNA Labs
DNA Fingerprinting (1999)
Paternity Tests (1999)
Southern Blotting (1999)
PCR Analysis (1999)
Gel Electrophoresis (1999)
Enumeration of Yeasts & Moulds in Foods (1999)
New Jersey Community College
Project Management
Military Officer’s Academy, Israel
Logistic Management & Leadership
St John’s Ambulance
First Aid Certificate


MS Suite: Word 2000, Excel 2000, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Access; Netscape, Internet Explorer, Composer, Front Page, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Photoimpact,
Other Tools:
Minitab, Canoco for Window, Primer, SPSS, Medline, Cambridge Scientific, Biblioscape5
PC, Macintosh, Windows 95, 98, 2000 & Dos 7

Jennifer Rushton - -

Environmental Consultant

Frances O'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Offering strong leadership experience as project manager, coordinator, inspector, and design consultant. Experience includes safety, regulatory compliance, quality control, supervising team members and contractors, writing project plans, reports, and documentation; scheduling, reviewing bid proposals and awarding contracts; preparing budgets, and controlling expenses. Proven record of success completing projects on time and under budget. Thoroughly knowledgeable in governmental compliance, regulatory procedures and reporting.

Training and Accreditations

Accredited Asbestos Inspector
Trained Asbestos Management Planner

Overall Qualifications

Environmental Technology and Engineering
Policymaking and Process Management
Site Assessment and Abatement
Project Budgeting and Management
Environmental Regulations and Compliance
Crisis Management and Emergency Response
Staff Training and Development
Programs, Policy & Procedure Development

Asbestos Related Work History

1999 to 2003
Project Manager, Asbestos Management Planner, Asbestos Inspector
Provided inspection and design services, management plan reviews, and administrative services to commercial clients.

· Inspected over 50 schools and other facilities for asbestos-containing materials.
· researched existing information and identified issues
· developed inspection and reporting protocols
· coordinated field activities with school principals and other personnel
· conducted detailed field inspections
· surveyed campus and developed site plans / floor plans
· produced reports that fully met the client’s requirements
· developed and implemented the reinspection program mandated by state regulations.
· Designed asbestos abatement projects for schools, hospitals, state office buildings, and military bases.
· inspected facilities to determine scope of work
· wrote specifications and contract documents
· created drawings
· developed bid documents
· evaluated contractor’s submittals including payment applications
· Provided support services to architectural firms.
· conducted ongoing project field inspections and issued reports to clients including final inspections
· evaluated submittals from contractors and requested changes/corrections if necessary
· attended construction meetings
· responded to questions from clients and contractors

Project Manager
· Coordinated staffing needs for industrial and commercial asbestos abatement monitoring projects; assigned and evaluated staff performance.
· Evaluated data submitted by field staff and provided quality control as needed.
· Provided asbestos related inspection services and wrote inspection reports in accordance with regulatory requirements.
· Wrote Operations and Maintenance Manuals for clients with asbestos related issues.
· Served as liaison between asbestos abatement contractors and owners.
· Developed and implemented asbestos related training.

1999 & 1997 to 1998
Environmental Consultant, 1999
Senior Environmental Technician / Project Manager, 1997 to 1998
· Designed and administered asbestos abatement and management projects for commercial clients.
· Wrote project specifications and contract documents.
· Evaluated contractor qualifications and authorized project related payments.

1986 to 1997
Asbestos Coordinator
· Identified and evaluated potentially hazardous asbestos related situations, and developed and implemented appropriate responses. Developed policies related to asbestos-containing materials.
· Provided design support and administered asbestos abatement projects; evaluated specifications and contract documents; evaluated contractor qualifications; authorized payments
· Developed, conducted, monitored, and evaluated data gathered from environmental sampling programs.
· Monitored regulatory compliance.
· Developed and coordinated asbestos-related medical surveillance programs.
· Developed and implemented asbestos related training.


Master of Science in Geology
Thesis: “Petrologic and Paleobiologic - Analysis of Basin-Slope Cores, Islas de Aves, Venezuela”

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Judy Arabie - Just Your Type, Inc. - Résumé Manager - -

Fish Hatchery Manager

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Career Focus: Aquaculture Science. Location and Travel: Open/Unlimited

Seeking opportunities in a commercial scale/worldwide aquaculture setting involving mass rearing of aquaculture species, live feed production, recirculation water systems and monitoring of water quality parameters are essential. Professional transferable skills include:

· Aquaculture Industry Experience
· Multi-Task Project Support/Research Liaison
· Project Consulting/Management
· Recirculation/Hatchery System Management
· Fluent in Spanish/French
· Water Quality Management
· Fiberglass Fabrication
· International Fish Hatchery Consulting
· Underwater Photography
· Travel Scheduling
· Budgeting/Financial Controls
· Customer Relationship Management
· Aquatic Feeding & Maintenance
· PADI Certified Diver
· Coral Propagation Strategies
· Strong Written/Verbal Communications


· Strong professional skills in the support and further development of the aquaculture industry, specific areas of interest include: International Consulting Pond Management, Sportfishing, Pond Construction, Water Quality, Diseases, Production Methods, Transport Strategies, Marketing and Business, Feeds and Feedings, Resources, Species, Reproduction, Fish Holding.
· Reputation as an innovator and enthusiastic, team-building problem-solver; key player in developing, constructing, and operating commercial aquaculture projects. Liaison to research teams operating state-of-the-art technologies and producing high quality populations. Will take responsibility and ownership of projects.
· Professional level skills assisting with plumbing, carpentry, and other aspects of system fabrication, all aspects of fish husbandry including feeding, fish grading and movement, water quality monitoring and control, fish inventory control, and fish spawning as well as strong overall multi-task, organizational skills.


B.A. in Aquaculture with Double Minor in French and Spanish, May 2004


2000 – 2002
Marketing & Aquatic Development Manager
· Provided consulting to fish farm (40 species) with duties including harvesting and hauling; utilized language skills to communicate in French and Spanish to overseas vendors and Central American country representatives.
· Completely maintained and managed this 176-acre farm near the Gulf of Mexico.
· Responsible for the maintenance of water gardens and custom reef tanks.
· Worked closely with international fish harvesting companies and consulted with international vendors.

John M. O'Connor - -

Historical Researcher

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over 9 years of experience in historical study and research. History Ph.D. candidate with understanding of war and its effects on civilians. Especially interested in study of Holocaust, its causes and its impact on survivors.

Dependable and intelligent professional who is extremely attentive to detail and produces quality work. Creative problem solver who manages ambiguity and deadlines well. Eager to make long-term commitment to Shoah Foundation and the Holocaust project.


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Ph.D, History

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
M.A., History

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA
B.A., History & English
Cum laude


• Currently preparing a dissertation on the reactions of Southern civilians on the Confederate homefront during the American Civil War.
• Wrote master's thesis on the responses of Southern women on the Civil War homefront.
• Hired as a Research Assistant for noted historian Edgar Byron-Smith. Researched, proofed, checked and approved footnotes, and copy-edited material to support research on twentieth-century American culture. 2000-2002
• Hired as a Research Assistant for historian Gary Thompson. Conducted independent research, proofed, confirmed footnotes, and copy-edited to support his work on the history of public health in the state of Georgia. 1999-2001
• Researched, designed and set up "Made for the Trade: Seminole Tourist Art in the Twentieth Century," an exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. 1998-1999
• Chosen to research, write and edit entry on "Women," for an upcoming Civil War Encyclopedia.
• Published 4 book reviews in professional historical journals.
• Presented dissertation findings at 2 historical conferences, with 2 more proposed for 2005.
• Researched and prepared classroom teaching, class reading and assignments for instructor positions.


• Taught as an Adjunct Instructor at Lesley College, Boston, MA for "Democracy, Dissent, and Disunion: The United States, 1815-1877." Summer 2003
• Assistant for "Cultural Diversity" at Tulane University. Fall 2000


• Received a national grant: the Paul M. Frank Grant from the American Historical Association to do research in the archives of South Carolina. 2003-2004
• Received a national Women's Studies Research Grant from Duke University to support doctoral work. Spring 2003
• Received a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship from Tulane University to finish writing dissertation. 2002
• John Pozzetta Fellow, Department of History, Tulane University. 2002
• Grinter Fellow, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tulane University. 1999-2000
• Richard J. Miaubach Fellow, Tulane University. 1997-1998
• Simon & Judie Klein Scholarship, University of Massachusetts, Lowell. 1997


"Women." Howard S. Heidler and Marilyn T. Heidler, eds., Encyclopedia of the American Civil War. ABC-CLIO, 2004.


• "'Untiring in their Efforts': Female Outrage and Confederate Action," Southern Historical Association Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky, November 8-11, 2005 (Proposed).
• "'An Army of Women': Defenders of the Confederate Homefront, 1864-1865," Fifth Southern Conference on Women's History, Southern Association for Women Historians, Richmond, Virginia, June 15-17, 2005 (Proposed).
• "'Full of Fire and Patriotism': South Carolina Women in the Path of Sherman," St. George Tucker Society Meeting, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, June 4-6, 2002.
• "'War Means Ruin and Misery': The Rape of the Confederate Homefront," Eleventh Annual History Forum at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, April 16-17, 2001.


• Julie A. Doyle, John David Smith, and Richard M. McMurry, eds., This Wilderness of War: The Civil War Letters of George W. Squier, Hoosier Volunteer (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2004) and J. Roderick Heller III and Carolynn Ayres Heller, eds., The Confederacy Is on Her Way Up the Spout: Letters to South Carolina, 1861-1864 (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2004) in North Carolina Historical Review (July 2004).
• John L. Heatwole, The Burning: Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley (Charlottesville, Va.: Howell Press, 2004) in Civil War History (Forthcoming).
• Lucinda MacKethan, ed., Recollections of a Southern Daughter: A Memoir by Cornelia Jones Pond of Liberty County (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2004) in The Georgia Historical Quarterly (Forthcoming).
• Dorothy Denneen Volo and James M. Volo, Daily Life in Civil War America (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2003) in Civil War History (Forthcoming).

PRWRA Gail Frank - Frankly Speaking - Tampa, FL 33626 - - - (813) 926-1353 - (813) 926-1092 fax

Industrial Researcher

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Award-winning Biochemical Scientist with postdoc experience in synthesizing and evaluating novel nicotinic receptors with PET/SPECT studies, and industrial postdoc experience in synthesizing brominated furanones. Developed novel synthetic approaches to phosphonopeptide analogs, and optimized and produced Cholesterol Enzyme Kits in a pilot plant. Lead technical teams in complex biochemical organic and medicinal experiments.


• Organic Synthesis • Solid Support Synthesis • Inorganic Chemistry
• Radiochemistry • Column Chromatograph • Dialysis Technique
• Molecular Modeling • Enzyme Assay • Cold Chemistry


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
2000 - Present
Postdoctoral Fellow
Perform nicotinic radioligands synthesis studies based on the 3-pyridyl ether series and epibatidine-based derivatives.
• Label new compounds in developed with C-11, H-3, F-18, and I-125/I-123 in "hot" radiochemistry studies.
• Evaluate nicotinic radioligands with mouse brain biodistribution and PET/SPET imagines studies of baboons and human subjects.

University, Baton Rouge, LA
1993 - 2000
Graduate Research Assistant and Graduate Teaching Assistant
Performed fimbrolides synthesis studies and their analogs that can be tested for efficacy at biofilm removal and economically synthesized for cost-effective use.
• Determined compounds demonstrate activity at relatively low concentrations at detaching biofilm from surfaces.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
1990 - 1993
Assistant Engineer
Studied solution phase and solid phase synthesis of phosphonopeptides as inhibitors of proteases and reaction mechanisms of phosphorus chemistry. Supervised one undergraduate researcher.
• Synthesized non-natural amino acids.
• Taught graduate/undergraduate organic laboratory classes for eight semesters to average 14-student classes and one semester of 18 students.


· Outstanding Graduate Student Travel Grant Award, 16th American Peptide Symposium
· Vice President's Chinese Students and Scholars Award, Louisiana State University
· Outstanding Young Scientist Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology
· Outstanding Student Awards, Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology


American Chemical Society and American Peptide Society


Louisiana State University
Ph.D, Organic Chemistry
Synthesis of Phosphonate and Thio-phosphonate Peptide Analogs as Inhibitors of Carboxypeptidase

Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology
B.S., Biochemical Engineering

PRWRA Nick Marino - Outcome Resumes and Career Service - - Bishop, TX 78343

Laboratory Manager

Marion McLeod
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Senior Level Executive with 20 years experience in Technology, Applications, and Laboratory Management. Background in leadership and initiative, with a track record of achieving consistent profitability and stability while overseeing considerable growth. Strengths include coordinating domestic/international sales and technical teams to expand market penetration in a competitive arena, while growing sales and exceeding revenue goals. Skilled in managing diverse groups, developing relationships across department lines and communicating with employees at all levels. Published author with expertise in developing, writing, and presenting technical publications, validations, SOPs, ISO9000, newsletters, applications, and marketing collateral.


• Product Development and Management • Competitive Strategies/Pricing
• International and Domestic Sales/Markets • Profit and Revenue Growth Strategies
• New Ventures/Start-Up • New Product Research and Implementation
• Marketing/Sales/Public Relations • Budgeting and Administration
• Productivity/Profitability/Cost Containment • Policy and Procedures Development
• Product Introduction/Coordination • Technical Service Management


• Served as consultant to companies seeking FDA, NIST, and/or other quality approvals, lending technical expertise. Served as expert witness.
• Challenged to develop within a two-week time period, sales/service training courses for a partnership with one of the largest analytical instrumentation-labeling companies in the U.S. Courses designed to expand the company's growth into international markets. Trained 80+ domestic and international sales/service teams within a record three-month period.
• Served as technical support expert, achieved a sales closure rate of 95%. Assisted sales teams in demonstrating the products' and services' benefits and uses; providing customers with special instrument procedures, performance evaluations, data interpretation, and physical science support.
• Designed and authored an 80-page device/instrument process validation document used by medical companies to meet FDA approval. Structured a business plan outlining packaging, distribution, marketing, and training. Achieved $50,000 in new revenue in 1998 in the international market.
• Developed and launched a new lab service providing particle size measurement and consultation services, grossing over $300,000 in sales in 12 months.
• Achieved sales growth of over 1000% within five years providing technical training course in-house, on-site, and at industry events, including business sector meetings and trade shows. Wrote and presented all marketing and promotional materials, providing in-depth information training courses designed to educate customers on business, marketing, and technical aspects of company's products and services.
• Challenged to develop an on-line sales manual used for sales training courses on company's products/services. Initial material and pursuant updates transmitted to over 100 domestic and international sales personnel via e-mail.
• Promoted company's visibility in the marketplace and continued marketing success by presenting particle size measurement publications at 35 medical, metal, fine particle, ceramic, and other technical conferences.
• Collaborated on division's sales and marketing plans, and contributed to company's strategic plan. Developed and wrote application bulletins, white papers, and client newsletters.

1999 - Present
Adjunct Professor Chemistry
Recruited to instruct 13 in-coming freshmen in General Chemistry, pre-requisite for college-level chemistry series.

1996 - 1999
Senior Product Manager
Oversaw strategic planning, staffing, departmental budgeting and operations. Key participant in the design, development, production, and marketing of lab instrumentation products for a multi-million dollar corporation serving organizations worldwide.
• Managed day-to-day activities of three laboratory employees overseeing strict compliance policies and procedures related to development of instrument procedures. Administered a $200,000 annual budget.
• Contributed to company's 20% annual product growth by designing advanced applications based on clients' needs. Developed materials to be used while conducting marketing and training seminars, created and introduced a quarterly industry-related newsletter, promoted company at trade shows and promotional events, and wrote/published industry-related technical manuals and publications.
• Worked with engineers in design and development process, provided technical support to end-users, and directed follow-up and resolution of customer problems.
• Presented with company award based on project leadership for instrument/product validation and outstanding contribution to problem resolution and product development.

GOLDMAN AND FRANK, Anytown, Pennsylvania
1995 - 1996
Instrumentation/Validation Instructor
Recruited to provide instructions and training in particle size instrumentation, sample preparation, and validation to analytical/formulation chemists, chemical engineers, validation specialists, and key personnel of manufacturing facilities.
• Developed and presented numerous educational seminars traveling to client locations throughout the U.S. and Europe.
• Direct user-specific training programs and educational curricula for groups geared to international protocol.

REED AND ASSOCIATES, St. Petersburg, Florida
1992 - 1995
Laboratory Manager
Administered all operations of the chemistry/instrumentation lab, managed a team of administrative and support technicians.
• Oversaw strict adherence to safety policies and procedures while using instruments during testing, ensured proper application of materials, administered vital hazardous materials program for facility, developed procedures for handling hazardous materials - use and disposal.
• Provided critical interface with the sales department, coordinating marketing efforts promoting lab services to industrial customers.
• Managed laboratory staff, hiring, scheduling, motivating and evaluating performance. Ensured work met specified standards and safety codes.

REED AND ASSOCIATES, St. Petersburg, Florida
1979 - 1992
Technical Support Manager
Provided domestic/international sales and technical teams with training and systems support in particle size measurement instrumentation.
• Worked directly with customers developing new instrument applications. Provided troubleshooting and problem resolution.
• Coordinating efforts with sales and marketing, developed methods and procedures to meet clients' needs and requirements.
• Provided training and system support, follow-up; skilled at listening to clients' needs and concerns, developing effective solutions.


M.S., Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

DREXEL UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
B.S., Chemistry

PRWRA Kathy Hadley - Kathryn Hadley & Associates - E-mail:

Manager Environmental

Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Successful management career known for solid leadership with environmental and regulatory issues. Combine comprehensive industry knowledge with effective interpersonal dynamics and public relations expertise to interact with diverse stakeholders. Innovative with sharp analytical and problem solving capabilities. Thorough; detail and process oriented with strong follow-through and administrative skills. Key Credentials:

• Inter-Agency Relations • Regulatory Compliance
• Environmental Impact Assessments • Cross-Cultural Relationship Management
• Research & Reporting • Multi-Party Forums & Presentations
• Process & Performance Optimization • Problem Resolution


Energy Company, Blue Bay, Alberta
1999 - Present
Earned this senior portfolio due to solid industry knowledge, leadership and interpersonal skills. Direct all aspects of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for company oil sands expansion projects including mining, upgrading and in situ. Develop annual environmental strategic plan and applications for routine operating approval amendments. Manage a $1.5M annual budget for environmental research and stakeholder commitments.

• Assess and balance needs of company, regulators and stakeholders to achieve approval for expansion projects which meet or exceed environmental criteria in a safe and cost effective manner.
• Guided 40 consultants to facilitate EIA to support regulatory applications for growth projects. Awarded $4M budget. Project approved and construction began on time. Delays would have cost company $1M per day.
• Chair, and / or participate in numerous regional multi-stakeholder environmental forums to facilitate research and monitoring initiatives. Forums have up to 35 participants in total.
• Company appointed contact with provincial and federal regulatory agencies for regional environmental concerns, growth projects and operational issues.

Energy Company, Blue Bay, Alberta
1996 - 1999
Controlled regulatory governance and compliance activities for mining and refinery operation. Interfaced with company personnel and regulatory agencies regarding potential environmental issues. Managed hydrology, hydrogeology and land reclamation issues for Environmental Impact Assessments. Participated in AEUB public hearing process.

• Maximized daily oil production and boosted overall operations. Accomplished this by strategically crafting applications requesting regulatory approval to allow routine physical plant and mining operations upgrades.
• Reliable nature provided 24-7 availability for environmental infractions, emergencies and subsequent reporting. Stringent analytical assessments had to be implemented to discern which violations were reported internally versus externally.
• Initiated the Athabasca River Aquatic Monitoring Program which teamed with multi-stakeholders including First Nation, Environmental NGO, regulators and oil sands industries. This well-received program ensured funding was covered 100% by industry ($500 000 per annum) yet operated on a consensus basis seeking participation from all key players.

Energy Company, Blue Bay, Alberta
1991 - 1996
Charged with creating mine closure and reclamation plans, in addition to instituting annual groundwater monitoring programs as per regulatory operating approval requirements.

• Expertise sought for new mine expansion project Environmental Impact Assessments and all pertinent applications.

Earth and Energy Company, Blue Bay, Alberta
1989 - 1991
Retained to administer geotechnical investigations including tailings dyke designs, plant infrastructure construction and remedial projects. Accountable for designing earth fill and hydraulically placed tailings impoundment dykes.

• Strategized to develop tailings dyke construction procedures and specifications that met geotechnical design criteria and operational constraints without impacting production.


Windows, DOS, Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Research and E-mail.


University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
Ph.D, Engineering Geology

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
M.S., Engineering Geology

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario
B.A., Geology / Geography
Member: Alberta Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists

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Marine Inspector Federal Employment

George Murdock
1000 Commerce Road • Dallas, TX 77650
Day: 925-555-9999 • Evening: 925-555-0000 •

Social Security
Veterans Preference
5 Points
United States
Highest Federal Civilian Job Held: N/A
Federal Status: U.S. Coast Guard, W-2, 6/81-Present

¨ 21 years experience Senior Marine Inspector, Program Manager, Engineering Officer, Supervisor, and Trainer for US Coast Guard, including 3 years experience as Commercial Fisherman.

¨ 30 years extensive educational, professional development background: courses in emergency operations, vessel operation/maintenance, safety inspection, and related areas.

¨ Organized, thorough inspector; track record of conducting comprehensive investigations and data analysis leading to pro-active process improvements and policy changes.

¨ Skilled technician and troubleshooter; quickly able to pinpoint safety violations/equipment errors, and recommend action plans to resolve problems within federal, state, and local guidelines.

¨ Strong leader: develops sound, sustainable relationships with crewmembers, upper management, government agencies and associates, and fishing industry professionals.

¨ Impeccable record of training and leading crewmembers in the fulfillment of goals and objectives.


· Safety Enforcement / CFIVSA

· Legal Compliance Issues

· Equipment Maintenance

· Inter-Agency Communications

· Liaison & PR Affairs

· Vessel Architecture

· Emergency Systems

· Media Communications

· Investigative Procedures

· Data Analysis & Management

· Training & Development

· Coast Guard Regulations

· Project Lifecycle Management

· Pollution Prevention

· Policy Development


Licensed US Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer

US Coast Guard Qualified Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Examiner

Small Passenger Vessel, Foreign Tank/Chemical Tank/Freight Vessel, and Machinery Inspector

Accomplished Commercial Fishing Vessel Builder

Experienced Commercial Fisherman

United States Coast Guard
1764 Jimmy Johnson Blvd.
40 hours/week
Port Arthur, Texas 77650
Starting Salary: E-1
Supervisor: CDR Wilson, 409-723-8729
Ending Salary: W-2
Supervisor may be contacted.

U.S. Coast Guard, W-2

Maintained highly successful steady career progression from E-1 to W-2, encompassing various positions for Coast Guard, including Engineering Officer, Supervisor, Training Specialist, Program Manager, and Marine Inspector/Investigator, with emphasis on 9-years as Boarding Officer, conducting “fisheries enforcement boarding” to ensure compliance with federal fisheries law. Gained initial experience and expertise in enforcement of commercial fishing vessel safety laws.

· Promotion from Marine Inspector and Investigator to Senior Marine Inspector based on performance and technical engineering expertise.

· Enforcement state and federal laws successfully while assigned as Law Enforcement Liaison Officer, working jointly with North Carolina Fisheries Division and local Federal Marine Fisheries Officer.

· Ensured US vessel fleet compliance with federal regulations, completing detailed audits of ship management processes while assigned as Manager for Alternate Compliance Inspection Program.

· Oversaw new construction projects for steel vessels at Marine Safety Office Port Arthur, fulfilling blueprint objectives; engineering plan analyses; systems testing; and fire/safety plan review.

· Directed numerous marine casualty cases involving commercial fishing vessels, determining root causes, recommending preventative changes, and ensuring thorough documentation.

· Created training program for newly assigned crew of CG Block Island that emphasized “at-sea” boardings of commercial fishing vessels and boosted crewmember competency.

· As Coast Guard Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner, collaborated with Commercial Fishing Vessel branch in conducting comprehensive fishing vessel safety exams and informative fishing vessel safety shows.

Brooks Seafood
6/78 – 6/81
518 Island Drive
40 hours/week
Harkers Island, NC 28531
Starting Salary: $15,000
Supervisor: Dan Melon (919) 742-9898
Ending Salary: $39,000
Supervisor may be contacted.

Commercial Fisherman

Hired as deck hand and fisherman responsible for controlling processes using various types of commercial nets and setting/recovering commercial fishing gear. Operated under adverse weather conditions on open deck, retrieving gear and sorting catch. In charge of equipment and vessel maintenance necessary for proper operating condition.

Promoted to Captain for sole operations management of commercial vessel.
Built strong network of personal contacts with commercial fishermen over past 20 years to present.
Assisted company owner in “building from scratch” two commercial fishing vessels specifically designed for Carteret County, North Carolina region, gaining experience in wood boat construction, project planning, purchasing, and observation of safety regulations in design.
Diploma, 1978, East Carteret High School, Beaufort, NC 77657

U.S. Coast Guard Training Center—Yorktown, Yorktown, VA
270 Coast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter Ships Service Generator Waste Heat Recovery System and Evaporator
270 Medium Endurance Cutter Main Propulsion Control and Monitoring System
Caterpillar Diesel Engines Operation and Maintenance
Maritime Law Enforcement School, U.S. Coast Guard
Human Factors Engineering Course (MS 540 R)
Hydraulic Systems Operation and Maintenance
Senior Marine Inspector Course (MS 452A R)
Engine Governors Operation and Maintenance
270 Medium Endurance Cutter Controllable Pitch Propeller
Marine Inspector Course (MS 452)
Damage Control Team Training
Alco Model 251 Diesel Engine
Small Cutter Damage Control
U.S. Coast Guard Training Center—Governors Island, New York, NY
National Search and Rescue School
Texas A&M University—US Fire Administration, Lumberton, TX
Managing Company Tactical Operations–Decision-Making and Preparations Courses
Texas A&M University—Clute, Livingston, TX
16 Hours Pump Operations/Communications
Pump Operations and Maintenance
Texas A&M University—College Station, TX
US Coast Guard Advanced Marine Firefighting Course
Firefighting Course I & II
Emergency Response Strike Team—Nederland, TX
Incident Command System Training Course
Avoid Impending Disaster Inc. —Port Neches, TX
Emergency Response Training (Technician Level)
Vehicle Fleet Insurance Services—Lumberton, TX
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
McMillan Offshore Survival Training—Port Arthur, TX
Water/Helicopter Emergency Escape Device Survival Training
Quality Maritime Consultancy and Training LTD—Yorktown, VA
Maritime Auditor/Lead Auditor Course (A9098)
American Bureau of Shipping Marine Services, Inc.—Yorktown, VA
Understanding the International Safety Management Code
Bureau Veritas—Port Arthur, TX
International Safety Management Code Familiarization
American Bureau of Shipping Academy—Yorktown, VA
Welding Inspection for the Marine Surveyor
Naval Aviation Schools Command—Pensacola, FL
Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer Indoctrination Course (Q-9B-0023)


Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Air Pollution Specialist / Environmental Data Analyst

Expert Skills

Synoptic Weather Forecasting
Public Media (Radio) Weathercasting
Proposal Writing for Environmental Systems
Technical Writing, Environmental Climatic Assessments
Acquisition / Archiving Climatological Data
Meteorological Graphics
Marine Forecasting from the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil
Numerical Programming
Bilingual: Spanish / English
Fortran IV and Basic Programming Skills

22 years experience in forecasting hurricanes and 12 years forecasting ozone readings


Master of Science in Civil Engineering / Major, Atmospheric Science, 1980
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science / Major, Atmospheric Sciences, 1974

Honor Graduate; Engineering Fellow, School of Engineering Scholarship; Dean’s List; Tuition Scholarship Recipient

Work Experience

1979 to Present
Forecasting Meteorologist

1977 to 1979
Forecasting Meteorologist (part-time)

1977 to 1979
Staff Meteorologist, December 1977 to January 1979
Meteorologist, January 1975 to November 1977
Meteorological Assistant, March 1974 to December 1975 (part-time)

ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE GROUP, University of Texas, Austin, TX
1971 to 1974
Meteorological Research Assistant (Work Study)

Judy Arabie - Just Your Type, Inc. - Résumé Manager - -

Project Manager Science and Health

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Manager with marketing, sales, public relations, and new business development experience in the science, environmental, and health-related industries. Noted for written and oral communication skills and sales presentations.


Bradford Business Associates, Anytown, Idaho
2001 - Present
Project Engineer
• Manage decommissioning and decontamination (D&D) projects including deactivation projects.
• Handle procuring, installation, and operability of the new TRUPACT II Loading System.
• Interface with State of Idaho, WIPP personnel, DOE and company management and personnel.
• Oversee the MTR Spent Fuel Shipment project including various tasks in preparation for the shipment of spent fuel from TRA to INTEC fuel processing facility.

Zane Company, Anytown, Idaho
1997 - 2001
Project Engineer
• Handled package development, cost estimating, scheduling, resource planning, facilities review, DOE and State Agency interfacing, sampling, and waste disposition.
• Managed the Surveillance and Maintenance Project.
• Supported the Large Scale Demonstration and Deployment Project including finding and evaluating new and existing technologies applicable to environmental remediation and D&D.
• Support the VCO Systems Identification Project for the LOFT Facility including engineering reviews, facility history evaluations, physical walkdowns of the facility systems, and preparation of a Systems Identification Package for the State of Idaho.

Zane Company, Anytown, Idaho
1992 - 1997
Project Manager
• Managed the Underground Storage Tank Removal Project including planning, safety and environmental compliance, fieldwork supervision, hazardous waste analysis and disposal.
• Coordinated equipment acquisition, field work supervision, radiological controls, radiological waste analysis and waste disposal.

SFB, Anytown, Idaho
1989 - 1992
Associate Scientist
• Identified and tested low toxicity, environmentally compliant solvents for paint stripping operations at DOD and DOE facilities.
• Researched new technologies, laboratory testing, database entry and report writing.
• Project Engineer for the "Low Metals Technology" and "Biodegradable Solvents" programs at Tinker Air Force Base Industrial Waste Treatment Plant. Performed biodegradation, ion exchange and filtration studies on the base's wastewater streams.
• Worked with Air Force personnel to meet new environmental regulations.
• Designed and implemented cleaning process for testing purposes at the base.
• Maintained safety and quality compliance standards for pilot plant facility.

U.S. Forest Service, Anytown, Idaho
1988 - 1989
Biology Technician
• Performed environmental impact studies on land.
• Performed stream channel stability evaluations on streams.

Acme Resources, Idaho Falls, Idaho
1987 - 1988
Sales Representative
• Sold and distributed office equipment and supplies to new and existing customers.
• Maintained client accounts, made cold calls, handled customer service.
• Exceeded annual sales goals.
• Worked with senior management to position the company for continued growth and market expansion.


• Received "Excellence" Award for Project Management
• Authored reports on Solvents
• Presenter, National Solvent Substitution Workshops


State University, Anytown, Idaho
Environmental Sciences
Pursuing Masters Degree

State University, Anytown, Idaho
Bachelor of Science, Biology and Ecology
• Academic Scholarship to Idaho State University
• College Varsity Football, Team Member
• College Dean's List

State University, Anytown, Idaho
Pre-Medical Studies


Idaho Wildlife Council


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Internet, and Email

PRWRA Camile Carboneau - CC Computer Services - PO Box 50655 - Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405 - URL: -

Psychology Intern

Frances O 'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


An internship in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology field.


• Extensive independent and collaborative research in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
• Comprehensive data analysis and data management skills


Wellington University, Hamden, Connecticut
B.A., Psychology, Concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Minor, History. Degree to be awarded May 2002. Deans List. GPA in major: A-.

College Reading and Learning Association Certification

Irving P. Cottonwood Award for Excellence in Psychology Research, CICS Community Service Award.

Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology, Wellington University Psychology Club


2001 - Present
Peer Tutor
Tutored students in psychology and history courses. Advised students on test preparation skills. Provided suggestions for study skills. Reported students' progress directly to professors. Evaluated students' research skills. Structured tutoring session to fit students' capabilities.

1998 - 2001
Student Support
Trained new employees in reference to office policies and procedures. Educated new and existing employees about computer systems. Created and entered maintenance requests. Directed daily construction deliveries. Fielded campus-wide emergency calls and dispatched appropriate personnel on a daily basis. Organized and distributed master keys to priority campus personnel. Organized and distributed duplicate keys to students, administrative staff, and maintenance personnel.


Operating System: Windows
Writing/Publishing: Word
Financial: Excel, Quatro Pro
Database: Access
Data Analysis: SPSS
Presentation: PowerPoint
Miscellaneous: TMA Systems, Print Shop Deluxe, Outlook, Publisher, Webshop, FrontPage

PRWRA Kristen Coria - - Accounting Paradigms

Recreation Technician Federal Employment

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Recreation Technician
Vacancy Announcement: BLM/ID-00-000


· Seasoned outdoor enthusiast with vast experience in outdoor recreation planning.
· Trained in Administration of the South Fork of Snake River Pilot Fee Demo Project.
· Proficient at Operation fo Watercraft, i.e., Drift Boats, Rafts, Jet Boats, and Canoes.
· Environmental Interpretation and Education Specialization.
· Excellent public relations skills.
· Outstanding communication skills—written and verbal.
· Knowledge of river safety, rescue techniques, and environmental awareness.
· Accustomed to working in all weather conditions.
· Specialize in environmental education and interpretation.
· Good working knowledge of Word, Excel, Internet, and Email.
· Work well independently and as a team member.
· Self-motivated, ambitious, dependable, hard working, and enjoy educating the public.


University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Master of Science Degree in Resource Recreation and Tourism. Graduated 1993. GPA: 3.6. Master’s Project Title: A Business Feasibility Study for an Outdoor Environmental Education Center in Southeastern Idaho.

Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Social Work. Graduated 1982. Graduated Cum Laude. GPA: 3.7.

Northwest College of Veterinary Technology, Seattle, Washington. Certificate of Veterinary Technology. 1978.


· Microsoft Excel, Beginning, Microserv Technologies, Idaho Falls, Idaho. December 2003.
· Special Recreation Use Permit Training, Boise, Idaho. December 2003.
· Motorboat Operators Certification Course, Orofino, Department of the Interior. July 2003.
· Partners-In-Education Workshop, Norfolk, Virginia. August 1997.
· Interpretive Programs and Canoe Safety Training, Twin Lakes State Park, Virginia; May 1997.
· Project WET Facilitator’s Workshop, Charlottesville, Virginia. February 1997.
· River Safety and Rescue Training, McCall, Idaho. May 1994.
· Earth Education Facilitator’s Workshop, Missoula, Montana. April 1992.
· Project WILD Workshop, Moscow, Idaho. March 1992.


Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho
2003 to Present
Recreation Technician, GS-6
Supervisor: Monte Zane, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $15.72/hour. 40 hours.
· Administered the pilot fee demo project which includes collecting fees, visitor education and provision of a BLM presence at the South Fork of the Snake River boat ramps.
· Educated visitors about the pilot fee project, designated camp areas, overnight camping permits, porta-pottie and bald eagle zone regulations.
· Developed working relationships with other agency personnel and the Outfitters and Guides, promotion and coordination of visitor education and regulation compliance.
· Provided public contact and visitor education including providing a BLM presence at the South Fork boat ramps.
· Participated in river patrol program to help educate river users.
· Monitored boat launch areas ensuring compliance with permit stipulations and river regulations; documented vehicle and boat license numbers of suspected illegal guides.
· Prepared end-of-season reports identifying suspected illegal guides.
· Assisted maintenance crews and hosts with Conant, Byington, and Kelly Island operations as well as with other undeveloped river sites.
· Assisted hosts as necessary with supplies and information.
· Collected fees from the ten Pilot Fee Project Sites located on the South Fork Snake River and from Kelly Island Campground as per established methods and schedules.
· Assisted the ORP with campsite monitoring, WSA surveillance, and reports.

Comprehensive Advocacy, Inc., 44 Diamond, Idaho Falls, Idaho
2002 to 2003
Supervisor: Sammy Wolf, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $25,775/year. 40 hours.
· Advocate on behalf of people with disabilities to protect and secure their human and civil rights.
· Read and interpreted laws, rules and regulations pertaining to people with disabilities.
· Conducted outreach and education to other agencies which serve people with disabilities.
· Performed investigations into abuse and neglect charges as well as death investigations at facilities.
· Helped identify problems, informed, referred and educated clients with disabilities.

Family Resource Center, 230 East 25th Street, Idaho Falls, Idaho
2002 to 2002
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist
Supervisor: Jose Martinez, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $18/hour. 40 hours.
· Assisted children with emotional and behavioral disorders and their families in regaining stability and balance.
· Assisted children in reducing stress caused by emotional difficulties and family dysfunction.
· Identified problems and issues then helped to solve these issues.
· Assisted children with their daily living skills.

Drifter’s of the South Fork, Swan Valley, Idaho
Shuttle Driver
Supervisor: Don Cliffe, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $10,000. 40 hours.
· Shuttled guide’s vehicles and trailers to and from take-out and put-in points.

Natural Heritage Center at Idaho State University, 1651 Alvin Ricken Drive, Pocatello, Idaho
2000 to 2001
Exhibit Interpreter/Delivery Coordinator
Supervisor: Alan Barnes, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $12.75/hour. 20 hours (part time).
· Coordinated and scheduled the delivery of three traveling exhibits on natural science topics to venues throughout Idaho.
· Interpreted the message of the exhibits to guests of museums.
· Designed instructional guides for educators to use in classrooms.
· Assisted with the evaluation of the traveling exhibits.

Teton Basin Ranger District, 525 South Main Street, Driggs, Idaho
1999 to 2000
Grand Targhee Resort Naturalist, GS-05
Supervisor: Jackie Smith, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $11.44/hour. 40 hours.
· Led guided nature hikes and winter snowshoe tours for resort visitor groups.
· Planned and conducted presentations on natural history topics.
· Educated visitors regarding wilderness values.
· Performed wilderness patrol duties.
· Served as a cooperative agent in coordinating and planning activities with the forest service recreation officer and the Grand Targhee Resort Manager.

Teton Basin Ranger District, 525 South Main Street, Driggs, Idaho
Wilderness Ranger, GS-03
Supervisor: Mark Boge, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $9/hour. 20 hours (part time).
· Patrolled the Jedediah Smith Wilderness via solo day trips on foot.
· Initiated contact with the public to disperse information on wilderness rules.
· Informed wilderness users regarding minimum impact, wildlife safety guidelines, and protection of wilderness resources.
· Maintained trailhead signs, cleaned up dispersed campsites, gave written and verbal warnings, and informed visitors of the conditions of trails.

Family Safety Network, PO Box 302, Driggs, Idaho
Executive Director
Supervisor: Carol Martin, Board President, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $14/hour. 20 hours (part time).
· Wrote grants, organized fundraisers, and provided overall guidance for financial goals.
· Managed budgets; prepared quarterly and annual financial reports.
· Educated the community about domestic violence.
· Supervised and trained volunteer crisis advocates.
· Worked with local police, county commissioners, county officials, and other domestic violence crisis centers.

The Virginia Chapter of the Nature Conservancy & Division of Natural Heritage, 21 Governor Street, Richmond, Virginia
1996 to 1997
Senior Conservation Intern
Supervisor: Korene Roberts, 508.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $12.05/hour. 40 hours.
· Recruited, supervised, and managed volunteers for a monitoring program.
· Created an environmental education activity guide for school teachers.
· Organized and led interpretive tours on the North Landing River Preserve.
· Generated interpretive brochures and signs for sections of the preserve.
· Recruited public school teachers to conduct pilot tests of the activity guide.

Joshua D. Smith & Associates, Arco, Idaho
1995 to 1996
Mental Health Social Worker
Supervisor: Arlene Pope, 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $9/hour. 40 hours.
· Conducted psychotherapy sessions for chronically mentally ill clients in a day treatment center.
· Worked with the clients on a daily basis in social skill building, group therapy, and living skills development.
· Kept detailed records on client behavior; daily interaction between clients and staff.
· All clients were on Medicaid, necessitating detailed recordkeeping.

Teton Soil Conservation District & Idaho State Division of Environmental Quality, PO Box 87, Driggs, Idaho
Information and Education Specialist
Supervisor: Steve Jones. 208.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $9/hour. 40 hours.
· Informed landowners about state water quality conservation incentive programs.
· Collected scientific data for an ongoing water quality research project.
· Served as a Student Proctor for the 1995 National Envirothon competition.
· Wrote and submitted articles for the local newspaper on water quality.
· Sampled water in rivers, creeks, and streams for a state-wide agricultural water quality research study on “streams-of-concern.”
· Used high tech water quality sample instruments to collect data.

Camp McDowell, Route 1, Box 330, Nauvoo, Alabama
Environmental Education Instructor
Supervisor: Mike Pillau, 205.000.0000. May contact.
Salary: $7.25/hour. 40 hours.
· Taught environmental education classes to fifth through eighth grade students in the outdoors, assisting with program support roles, and leading outdoor evening programs.
· Led guided night hikes, developed lesson plans, and organized and coordinated events and activities with staff.
· Conducted low and high ropes courses with students.

Camille Carboneau - -

Research Scientist

Sam Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Management professional with over 20 years of research and business development, training, quality control, lean manufacturing and technical service management, education, sales, marketing and operational planning in domestic/international academic and corporate settings. Expertise extends to every department of corporate leadership, including personnel, process design and implementation, service marketing, contract negotiation, product development and supervision.


Range of educational credentials include a Masters in Business Administration (major in operations/marketing), PhD. in Applied Science, Masters in Physics, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Formal education enhanced by additional training in over 15 industry related training programs and certifications: Advanced Certificate in Applied Computers, Certificate for Quality Engineering, Supervisory Skills for New Supervisors, and Strategic Planning.

Actively participate in five different industry specific targets (Chemical Society, Geophysical Union, Physics Society, Society of Quality Control, and the Oceanography Society). Sought by peers, superiors and outside agencies as assertive leader to communicate in oral and written language, publishing approximately 170 functionally relevant articles.

Seeking leadership position as Director of Operations, Senior Engineer, Research and Business Development Analyst, or Plant/Project Manager.


• Supervised hiring, training, personnel, and evaluations for technical/non-technical staff of over 100.
• Adept with world cultures, international demographics, and global multi-site customer base of 100 in 13 countries.
• Intuitive understanding of market trends and product capabilities led to the improving temp-staff turnover, increased revenues 1300%, reduced operational cost by 10%, and enhanced customer satisfaction scores.
• Established protocols to increase customer base by 900%, while monitoring staff, conducting research, and managing a $4M research based fund grant.


Yale University, New Haven, CT
1993 - Present
General Manager/Research Scientist

University of Virginia, RIchmond, VA
1988 - 1993
Senior Research Associate

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
1987 - 1988
Research Investigator

University of North Dakota, Fargo, ND
1985 - 1987
Senior Consultant

University of South Dakota, Pierre, SD
1983 - 1985
Research Assistant/Professor

Ferndale Research Lab, Sioux Falls, SD
1982 - 1983
Guest Scientist

PRWRA Ric Lanham - - RL Stevens & Associates -

Research Specialist Best

Laura Hope
340 West Twenty-Third Street, Charlottesville, VA 22901 / Tel# (804) 555-2324 Email:

Research Specialist


International researcher with 16 years experience studying the effects of environmental factors on human health. Conducted multi-year research focused on harmful effects of environmental, physical, psychological, and immune stressors. Research provided pivotal information in understanding the key roles hormones play in mediating stress responses throughout the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems.


· Outstanding ability to analyze, gather, write, evaluate, and produce detailed reports on critical projects.
· Strong skills in conducting initial research, providing data analysis, evaluating, and then developing viable solutions for integration into the market.
· Expertise working with leading investigators in the field of psychosis.
· Interact effectively with scientists, administrators, and pharmaceutical liaison officers. Ability to adapt to people and institutions at all levels.
· Key research expertise areas include: behavioral, anatomical, physiological, biochemical, and molecular biology techniques.


1996 - Present
Research Specialist
Coordinated psychological treatment research of five international teams. Established and maintained research goals and timelines. Reported teams’ progress to research sponsors.
· Directed project steering committees to further investigate therapeutic techniques and research potential uses of various agents in search of more effective treatments.
· Employed project management and organizational skills to motivate and coordinate teams.
· Fostered ad hoc, real-time video conferencing to reduce travel expenses and time.
· Organized annual conferences to facilitate transfer of research findings and approaches.
· Research selected to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

1990 - 1996
Served as staff researcher conducting studies of a nonpeptide corticotropin-releasing hormone antagonist. Working with an international team, formulated hypotheses to test, designed research methodology, recorded lab procedures, collected data, directed analysis, and generated findings and implications. Attended and presented at scientific conferences.
· Advised company’s management on research results, detailing areas for future study.
· Coordinated and participated in collaborative research projects to further inform development of effective psychological treatments.
· Consulted with physicians, scientists, and medical personnel to maintain strong relationships with medical practitioners.

1986 - 1990
Lab Technician
Prepared and maintained student biology laboratories, including controlling inventory of specimens, chemicals, apparatus, and supplies. Conducted orientation safety sessions for undergraduate students. Ordered supplies and equipment, maintained budgets, and managed hazardous waste disposal.
· Prepared safety instruction sheets, posters, and visual reminders to ensure proper lab techniques and precautions. Reduced serious incidents by over 40%.
· Conducted impromptu safety drills to heighten student awareness of safety issues.
· Assisted faculty with on-going research by writing lab procedures, collecting and analyzing data, and compiling initial research findings.


Master of Science (Psychology), 1986
University of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia
Thesis Title: Compliance Models of Atypical Anti-psychotic Treatment

Bachelor of Science (Biology and Psychology), 1982
Virginia College, Charlottesville, Virginia


National Biological Honor Society
Neuropsychological Research Association
American Psychological Association


Outstanding Master’s Thesis
Most Original Paper, Biology Department
Dean’s List
College Scholars


Effects of Neurological Treatments on Psychosis, JAMA, Nov. 1998.
Atypical Treatments and Their Effects, APA Bulletin, Dec. 1996.
Lab Techniques for Psychological Treatments, College Biologist, Mar. 1995.

Resource Coordinator Federal Employment

Chris Fong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Resource Coordinator
Vacancy Announcement: BLM/ID-00-000


· Competent professional with 24 years of experience in range, riparian, watershed, wildlife, and fishery management as well as synecology and biodiveristy.
· Proficient in developing, coordinating, managing, and performing oversight of multiple natural resource programs and budgets simultaneously.
· Excellent resource, coordination, management, and leadership skills.
· Exceptional experience managing multiple programs and issues simultaneously.
· Research problems, propose solutions and advise the Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist, Field Managers, and the District Managers on wildlife, T&E, riparian, range, botany, and Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) then direct and execute these programs for the Field Office and District.
· Excellent rapport and liaison with the public, landowners, livestock grazing operators, recreationists, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, National Park Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Army Corps of Engineers, environmental consultants, conservation organizations, special interest groups, academics, and Bureau personnel.
· Write plans, environmental assessments, biological assessments, briefings, issue papers, research and funding proposals, and LWCF proposals.
· Develop and implement successful programs using resources, funding, and personnel inside and outside of the BLM.
· High performer, effective time management, organized, resourceful, and a team player.
· Skilled in including Windows, WordPerfect, dBase, Word, Internet, and Email.
· Experienced with BLM budget planning system, procurement program, and GIS program.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management. Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana. Minor in Rangeland Ecology. 1977.


Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Ecologist/Wildlife Biologist/District LWCF Coordinator
Supervisor: Glenda Martin. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting Salary $25,500 (GS-9), January 1993–May 1994.
Ending Salary: $60,100 (GS-11), May 1994–Present.
· Served on the Idaho Falls Field Office staff.
· Coordinated Upper Snake River District Land and Water Conservation Fund Program.
· Prepared, implemented, and monitored multiple LWCF projects within several Field Offices in partnership with numerous conservation organizations and landowners.
· Coordinated, reviewed, and inspected plans, programs, annual directives, and operations.
· Offered state-of-the art technical riparian, ecological, wildlife and T&E input to multiple use and interdisciplinary efforts.
· Worked effectively and provided guidance to District Manager, Field Office Managers, the Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist (SNRS), and Field Office personnel in providing recommendations on wildlife, T&E, ecology, rehabilitation, wildfire, fuels, and LWCF management issues providing sound recommendations and decisions regarding a wide array of issues involving relevant species of wildlife, habitat management biodiversity conservation, and ecological health of the land.
· Served as Wildlife Biologist for Field Office supplying expertise and knowledge to support plan, manage, monitor, and evaluate wildlife habitats and populations.
· Coordinated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, other agencies, organizations, and the public for species status review, species monitoring, and Section 7 consultation.
· Prepared and reviewed biological assessments, environmental assessments, Land Use Plan amendments, Field Office and District annual budget submission and annual accomplishment reports for the riparian, wildlife, T&E, sensitive species, and LWCF programs.
· Liaison between numerous local, state, and federal agencies as well as universities, special interests, conservation organizations, environmental consultants, and the public in cooperative biological or ecosystem management endeavors.
· Prepare and supervise multiple wildlife, botanical, and ecological research, inventory, and monitoring projects in partnership with universities, other agencies, and environmental consultants.
· Served on an interagency interdisciplinary river management team.
· Participated as a team member working on appeals and litigation cases with the Field Solicitor's Office and the Idaho U.S. Attorney's Office.
· Served as a Resource Advisor and other support positions for wildland fire suppression.
· Coordinated the USRD Water Safety Program.
· Operated jet boats and nonmotorized water craft, ATVs, four wheel drive vehicles, and snowmobiles.
· Coordinated the USRD Riparian Program (1989–1993) completing the District’s riparian inventory, classification, and monitoring project in partnership with academia and environmental consultants.
· Served as Acting Field Manager, supervising the range, wildlife, T&E, riparian, fire rehabilitation, fuels, realty, minerals, archeology, and recreation programs.

Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist (Temporary Assignment)
Supervisor: Glenda Martin. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Salary: $61,700 (GS–12).
· Supervised the range, wild horse, burro, wildlife, and fisheries staff and programs for the Idaho Falls Field Office.

Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Biological Technician/Ecologist
Supervisor: Cristine Cook. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting Salary: $21,279 (GS-7).
Ending Salary: $39,500 (GS-9).
· Served on the Idaho Falls District Manager's Resources staff.
· Managed the District Water Rights, Riparian, and Water Safety Programs.
· Filed all District water rights claims in the Snake River Basin Adjudication.
· Worked in the Field Solicitor's Office and Department of Justice to develop strategies to defend BLM’s interests in water on public lands.
· Developed and implemented the Idaho BLM’s pilot riparian inventory, functional condition, classification, and monitoring program in partnership with other BLM states and academia.
· Worked with the District Hydrologist in the soil, water, and air program.
· Coordinated projects with personnel within the District and other agencies, authored environment assessments, and made recommendations for plan improvements on watershed and riparian ecosystems through practices and projects including stream and spring exclosures, riparian plantings, riparian pasture fencing, streambank protection structures and through grazing, watershed, and wildlife plans.
· Planned and conducted aquatic, fish, water flow, water quality sampling of streams and lakes.
· Developed, inventoried, mapped and calculated acreages of riparian vegetation habitat types along the Snake River corridor to determine habitat health and river functionality.
· Co-authored the riparian, wildlife, and range sections of the Snake River Activity/Operations Plan.
· Identified management goals and monitored techniques for perpetuating the riparian zone.
· Monitored big game and livestock utilization, recreation uses, and identified conflicts with grazing and recreational uses along the Snake River.
· Created and maintained computer databases for the District's hydrological, watershed, and riparian data.
· Coordinated HAZMAT surveys and cleanup projects with hazardous materials contractors
· Served as a fire fighter as needed.

Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Supervisor: Steve Anderson. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting Salary: $5,900 (GS-3),
Ending Salary: $19,600 (GS-6).
Range Technician—Medicine Lodge Resource Area. (Temporary Appointments).
April 1989–August 1989 (GS-6), April 1987–November 1987 (GS-6).
· Collected, recorded, and monitored rangeland health data.
· Determined and mapped utilization levels for livestock and wildlife use, collected data to verify actual use reports, and initial detection of livestock trespass damage.
· Mapped and treated noxious weed infestations.
· Performed detailed allotment inspections, kept records of inspections, assembled and evaluated allotment inspection data.
· Prepared detailed overlays, maps, and aerial photos of livestock and wildlife utilization patterns, ecological sites and conditions, livestock allotments, range suitability and other related data as well as working with the range conservationists to evaluate problems, condition, and trend in riparian zones and range land.
· Checked range improvements for compliance with Bureau specifications.
· Assisted the Biologist in various wildlife studies including identifying sage grouse and sharptail leks.
· Monitored a radioed bald eagle with telemetry equipment, maintained wildlife exclosures and guzzlers, recorded, evaluated, and filed all other wildlife field data collected.
· Served as a fire fighter as needed.

Biological Technician–Medicine Lodge Resource Area. (Temporary Appointments).
April 1988–December 1988 (GS-6), June 1983–September 1983, May 1982–September 1982, June 1981–September 1981, and January 1979–September 1980 (GS-5).
· Supervised three Biological Technicians and volunteers collecting and compiling field data regarding location, types, and numbers of wildlife, fish, threatened and endangered plant and animal population and habitat inventories for grazing environmental impact statements, management framework and resource management plans, habitat management plans, activity plans, and project plans.
· Developed, documented, mapped, and assisted the U.S. Forest Service personnel in developing, mapping, and calculating acres of riparian habitat types of Forest Service land along the South Fork of the Snake River for development of the Snake River Activity/Operations Plan.
· Evaluated trend and condition of riparian habitat and made recommendations to resolve conflicts along the Snake River.
· Served on interdisciplinary teams modifying grazing systems.
· Developed project to facilitate rangeland and riparian health improvement.
· Authored environmental assessments, obtained cultural clearance, and ensured project layouts and designs were completed to Bureau specifications.
· Maintained existing wildlife projects such as wildlife waterers and riparian exclosures as needed.
· Represented the Bureau at public meetings and interagency meetings.
· Conducted pre–burn vegetation inventories, participated in prescribed burns, and performed post–burn vegetative monitoring.
· Served on a rangeland ecological site inventory team.
· Served as a fire fighter as needed.

Assistant Crew Boss. (Temporary Appointment). June 1977–September 1977 (GS-4).
· Supervised engine fire crew in wildland fire suppression as well as rangeland recreation project maintenance and construction.

Range Aide. (Temporary Appointment). June 1976–September 1976 (GS-3).
· Served on a wildland fire suppression crew.

Trail Crew Member. (Temporary Appointment). July 1975–September 1975 (Volunteer).
· Served on a nature trail construction crew.

Bureau of Reclamation, 19 Hansen Avenue, Burley, Idaho 83318
Park Technician. (Temporary Appointment)
Supervisor: Jan Smith. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting and Ending Salary: $6.74 per hour.
· Maintained and cleaned three campgrounds at the Ririe Dam site.
· Enforced campground rules; kept time for employees and conducted a recreation survey.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 27 Commerce Circle, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Supervisor: Tom Jones (retired). 208.000.0000.
34 hours per week.
Starting Salary: $13,000, Ending Salary: $26,000.

Wildlife Technician. (Temporary Appointments). October 1988–March 1989, October 1987–April 1988, October 1985–March 1986, October 1983–March 1984, October 1982–November 1982, December 1981–February 1982.
· Supervised operation of game check stations, gathered biological data and hunter information, estimated age of animals, enforced game laws and answered questions from the public.
· Performed big game herd status and health inventories.
· Conducted sage–grouse and sharptail grouse lek searches and monitored radioed sharptail grouse with telemetry equipment as part of a sharptail transplant project.
· Participated in a range forage study involving the Sand Creek elk herd winter range.
· Responsible for compiling, recording, computerizing, and evaluating all field data involved with harvest information and wildlife studies.
· Involved in winter feeding of game animals, particularly elk and deer.
· Cared for and raised various raptors as well as deer, antelope fawns and moose calves.
· Sold licenses and tags and performed receptionist duties at the Region 6 office.

Biological Aide/Wildlife Assistant. April 1986–October 1986.
· Conducted a creel census on Ashton Reservoir; sampled with electrofishing and gill netting.
· Operated a 16-foot boat with a 60-hp prop engine.

Biological Aide/Wildlife Assistant. December 1980–February 1981.
· Conducted creel census on reservoirs and the Snake River.

Wildlife Assistant. June 1978–December 1978.
· Conducted a range inventory and produced a report of forage production and stocking rates using the ecological site method for the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area.
· Compiled data and produced a rangeland site description and productivity report.
· Conducted a browse planting study and worked at game check stations.


· Fire Program. Basic Fire Fighting, Fire Behavior, Incident Command System, Initial Attach Dispatch, Expanded Dispatch, Resource Advisor, Air Operations, and Fire Ecology.
· Riparian Program. Riparian Site Classification, Advanced Riparian Management, Riparian Functional Condition, Riparian Monitoring, Riparian Classification, Rosgen Stream Classification Short Course, Stream Evolution and Dynamics, Water Quality, and Riparian Shrubs.
· Range Program. Ecological Site Inventory, Site Vegetative Inventory Method, and Idaho Standards of Rangeland Health.
· Wildlife and Threatened and Endangered Species Programs. Big Game Habitat Assessment, Sage-grouse Habitat Assessment, Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation, Section 7 Streamlining Consultation, Programmatic Consultation, Counterpart Regulations, Threatened and Endangered Plant Identification, Wildlife Diseases, Big Game Sightability, Big Game Aging, Law Enforcement Training for Nonenforcement Personnel.
· National Environmental Policy Act. Land Use Planning, Environmental Assessment Development, and Project Planning.
· Land and Water Conservation Fund program. BLM Land and Water Conservation Fund process and program and Land Trust Rallies.
· Water Safety Program. Department of Interior Motorboat Operator Instructor Certification Course.
· Computers. Windows, dBase, File Master Pro, Lotus Notes, WordPerfect, Word, PowerPoint, ArcView, ArcGIS 1, GPS, Budget Planning System, and IDEAS-PD.
· Miscellaneous. First Aid/CPR, Defensive Driving, HAZMAT, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity Employment.


Star Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 2003.
On the Spot Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 2003.
Star Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 2001.
Quality Step Increase, Idaho Falls BLM, 1999.
Ed Hill Conservation Award, Teton Regional Land Trust, 1999.
Non-Monetary Recognition of Significant Value, Idaho Falls BLM. 1998.
Quality Step Increase, Idaho Falls BLM, 1996.
Time Off Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1995.
Special Achievement Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1995.
On the Spot Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1995.
Hammer Award, Department of Interior, 1993.
Federal Employee of the Year, Association of East Idaho Federal Agencies, 1992.
Special Act Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1992.
Superior Performance Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1992.
Special Achievement Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1988.
Special Achievement Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1980.


Design Team, National BLM Foundations for Fire and Resource Professional Course (ongoing).
National BLM Sage Grouse Guidelines Team, Washington Office detail (ongoing).
Greater Yellowstone Interagency Grizzly Bear Recovery Team (ongoing).
Greater Yellowstone Interagency Bald Eagle Recovery Team (ongoing).
Ute Ladies Tress Interagency Recovery Team (ongoing).
Idaho Falls Field Office Level I Section 7 Consultation Team (ongoing).
Department of Interior Motorboat Instructor Cadre (ongoing).
Idaho BLM Challenge Cost Share Project Team, 1999–2003.
State of Idaho BLM Range and Riparian Monitoring Team, Boise detail,1996.
State of Idaho BLM Functional Analysis Team, Boise detail,1995.

Appeals and litigation. Experience and knowledge documenting cases, preparing case files, working with the Field Solicitor's Office and the Idaho U.S. Attorney's Office.

Testified at hearings at Department of Interior Administrative Appeal hearings, Federal District court hearings, and at a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Mediation process.

Camille Carboneau - -

Safety Manager

Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Design highly visible ergonomics program and improve safety management, resulting in over 80% reduction in occupational injury/illness incidence rate.
• Coordinate training on regulatory requirements and optimal management practices, including initiating and developing curricula and training materials.
• Initiate, develop, and implement equipment and process safety and environmental review process, used to identify and minimize safety and environmental impacts of new and revised operations.
• Lead behavior-based safety program implementation team.
• Assist with integration of safety and environmental programs for acquired companies and new divisions in North America, South America, Europe, and the Far East.
• Present community-based and collegiate educational programs, workshop seminars, and classroom lectures on ergonomics and industrial safety.
• Represent employer on environmental and safety issues during regulatory inspections and settlement conferences and interact with attorneys and regulatory agencies, achieving greater than 60% reduction in proposed fines.
• Assist in coordination of 24-hour response programs for fire, chemical spills, hot cells, and first aid and oversee investigative team for incidents and work-related injuries and illnesses.
• Utilize extensive knowledge of DOT, DEC, EPA, and OSHA regulations and requirements, as well as zoning and development ordinances.
• Participate on cross-functional quality improvement team with responsibility for improving company-wide written and oral communication process.


Acme Resources, Spokane, Washington
1996 - Present
Team Manager
Manage safety and environmental affairs for six locations with responsibility for industrial hygiene, equipment safety, training programs, record keeping and reporting, risk identification and minimization, team facilitation, emergency response, budgeting, long-range planning, and policy and procedure development.
• Reduced occupational injury/illness incidence rate in Eastern Washington facilities by more than 80%.
• Designed protocol and led first-ever comprehensive, internal safety audit and environmental review.
• Reduced new employee orientation training time by 45% while still covering mandated content and achieving high compliance rate.
• Initiated changes in safety performance tracking that reduced number of reports by 53%.
• Awarded recognition as "Shining Star Performer" in 2001.

Ferndale Products, Inc., Spokane, Washington
1994 - 1996
Manager, Compliance Assurance and Training
Responsible for compliance reviews of all locations in North America, Asia, and Europe. Developed and presented Environmental, Health, and Safety training programs for all levels of the organization. Initiated and coordinated first-ever international forum in Asia.

Ferndale Products, Inc., Spokane, Washington
1991 - 1994
Manager - Environmental, Health, and Safety
Provided guidance on EHS rules and regulations to manufacturing facilities in the United States, Japan, and France. Traveled to all facilities at least twice per year to provide hands-on assistance and program support. Produced bi-monthly newsletter with regulatory updates and news from each facility. Trained staff in Confined Space Entry, Personal Ergonomics, Lockout/Tagout Procedures, and Accident Investigation.

Manning Environmental Services, Spokane, Washington
1988 - 1991
Compliance Manager


Spokane University, Spokane, Washington
Masters, Business Administration
GPA: 3.87

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Science
Academic Honors:
• International Environmental Honor Society
• Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
• Outstanding Young Women of America

Professional development training
Total Quality Management
Project Management
Hazardous Waste Management
Building Supportive Teams
Effective Writing
Managing Differences
USDOT Hazardous Materials Transportation

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