Resources: Financial Needs

401(k) Options

The immediate problems of unemployment are obvious: paying your mortgage, car payments, tuition, and daily living expenses. But you should also be paying attention to the effect on your long-term financial future. If you have a 401(k) through your former employer, you’re faced with a number of options to protect your assets, and it’s worth...  More About 401(k) Options  

Asset Protection

Sudden unemployment can throw your world into chaos, both personally and financially. As you search for ways to make up for lost income, you will invariably consider the assets you’ve accrued through a career of professional success. While a sound financial strategy will take all options into account, it’s important to protect your most valuable...  More About Asset Protection  

Car Payments

For many of us, our vehicles are our tickets to freedom and something we rely on for groceries, picking up kids from school, and the other routines of daily life. So protecting our cars becomes extremely important during a time of unemployment. Thankfully there are several ways to ensure your car payment stays current and...  More About Car Payments  


Pinching pennies is never more important than when you’ve been laid off, and the more you try to list your expenses, the more you realize how many bills you really have. It’s not always possible to do away with certain expenditures, which is why a strict budget is so crucial during trying times. But even...  More About Expenses  

Medical Options

If you’ve recently lost your job, you may hear a friend or family member say, “At least you have your health.” That may provide some perspective and comfort, or it may cause even more stress as you realize you no longer have health insurance. Thankfully you can alleviate that stress by accessing health insurance through...  More About Medical Options  

Mortgage Options

The biggest concern for many people after a job loss is wondering how they’re going to afford their mortgage payments. It’s typically the most expensive bill families have, and the one they often worry about most. But there are a number of options to help pay your mortgage in the event of sudden unemployment. Unemployment...  More About Mortgage Options  

Retirement Options

Becoming unemployed while nearing retirement age means you’re faced with a difficult decision: should I look for a new job or just retire now? The answer depends on your unique financial situation, but there are a few things you should keep in mind as you try to decide your future. Rethinking your career plan The...  More About Retirement Options  

Unemployment Options

Roughly two million Americans utilize unemployment insurance benefits every year, primarily for very short periods of time. Still, only about a quarter of people eligible for unemployment apply for it, mostly due to stigma or other circumstances. Because unemployment typically pays a percentage of your previous wage, it can be a big help in getting...  More About Unemployment Options