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Applicant Tracking Systems

Companies that previously got dozens of applicants when they put an opening in the newspaper now receive thousands of resumes from online job boards. Hiring managers can’t possibly sort through that many applications, so most major companies now use applicant tracking systems to do the heavy lifting for them. By optimizing your resume to fit...  More About Applicant Tracking Systems  


Blogging has typically fallen into one of two categories: either as a hobby to express personal interests, or as a professional pursuit all its own, similar to other small businesses. But new thinking also sees blogging as an effective means of securing your next professional job opportunity. By rethinking how a blog can be used...  More About Blogging  


Pretty much everyone would agree that the best job search would be no job search at all. Imagine you had someone to do the work for you, or better yet, the jobs simply came to you? Welcome to the world of corporate recruiters and headhunters. All across the country, headhunters are looking for top talent...  More About Headhunters  


Interviewing for a job can be nerve wracking as the finish line is in sight and you know you are so close to getting the job you really want. The best way to fight those nerves is to be as prepared and comfortable as possible when going into the interview. Some tips are timeless, while...  More About Interviewing  

Job Search

The days of looking for a job in the classifieds are long gone. Even many of the job search tools that gained widespread popularity at the start of the digital era are now considered passe or obsolete. To get the most out of your job search and find the best potential openings, it’s important to...  More About Job Search  


Social media may have started as a rather flippant way for people to connect online, but the social space went professional with the launch of LinkedIn back in 2002. LinkedIn is the go-to social media site for professionals, and it’s become an invaluable resource for those looking for work. Even for people who don’t want...  More About LinkedIn  

New Skill Training

Every job seeker knows if you don’t have the skills the employer is looking for, your chances of getting an interview are slim to none. But bolstering your skill set is easier than many people might realize, and it may provide the biggest benefit in making your resume stand out from the crowd. Curriculum-based training...  More About New Skill Training  

Non-compete agreements

Finding a new job is rarely easy, but it can be made even more difficult if the number of potential employers is limited due to binding non-compete agreements. Particularly for managers who have spent their careers specializing in one industry, non-compete agreements can be debilitating and prevent them from filling that perfect opening. According to...  More About Non-compete agreements  

Personal Branding

Branding is an integral part of businesses acquiring new clients, and it can also be a valuable tool in helping you acquire a new job. While your resume is a quick rundown of your knowledge and experience, a personal brand represents a complete picture of everything you have to offer. It’s impossible to say exactly...  More About Personal Branding  


You made it past the phone interview, nailed the in-person interview, and now it’s time to provide a list of references to your potential employer. References can make or break you as a candidate, and there are a number of best practices that can help tip the scales in your favor. Choosing your references Choosing...  More About References  

Resume Writing

Updating your resume when it hasn’t been touched in a long time can be a daunting task, especially considering how important it is in landing your next job. Many professionals will stress and toil over every detail of their resume, wanting it to be perfect for prospective hiring managers. The way companies conduct their hiring...  More About Resume Writing  

School Options

For many professionals, going back to school to pursue a master’s degree or some other certification is considered the least appealing option when faced with unemployment. Many people see it as merely a last ditch effort when the job hunt fails. Combine the tuition cost with the idea they may need to put their job...  More About School Options  

Social Networking

The phrase “social networking” immediately calls to mind images of teens spending hours on apps like Facebook and Snapchat. But it’s important to pay attention to the value of social networking in a job search, as it offers a unique way to find your next job opportunity. More than LinkedIn LinkedIn is the unquestioned leader...  More About Social Networking