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Depression after job loss

The loss of a job can be a traumatic experience. Many people find themselves faced with serious financial considerations, family troubles, and emotional issues. All of these factors can trigger or exacerbate mental health issues, including depression. Depression affects more than 20 million people in the United States and is treatable with the help of...  More About Depression  

Family Support

Unemployment is a family affair. While the person who lost their job may bear the brunt of the emotional burden, family members are affected as well. Despite everyone’s best intentions, unemployment can undermine your family structure, leading to problems both big and small. During such a difficult time, it’s important to consider all opportunities for...  More About Family Support  

Spousal issues

Unemployment stress marriage

Many people who face sudden unemployment feel as if their entire world has been turned upside down, and that feeling can be shared by loved ones as well. For couples who have built their lives together, one spouse losing their job can create considerable stress and strain the relationship in unforeseen ways. Making it through...  More About Spousal issues