Resources: Wrongful Termination

Breach of Contract

Wrongful termination can also occur when an employer is in breach of contract. This is particularly pertinent for those in management positions who may have contracts expressly detailing the expectations of their position. Any employee who is fired while maintaining the terms and expectations of their contract may be the victim of wrongful discharge. If...  More About Breach of Contract  


Employers in the U.S. are prohibited from firing employees on the basis of race, gender, age, or disability, among other factors. Termination that occurs on any of these grounds can be characterized as discrimination and is illegal. While some employment protections only exist in certain states, discrimination is the most broadly recognized form of wrongful...  More About Discrimination  


Instances of retaliation involve someone being let go after asserting their legal rights under federal employment laws, or in cases where a whistleblower is fired for reporting illegal conduct to an outside agency. Many states have laws protecting whistleblowers, and if you suspect you were punished for legal conduct, you may be a victim of...  More About Retaliation