Accepted Counter Offer

January 1, 2006

Vincent Beyer
75502 Hammond Circle
Baltimore, MD 21209

Dear Mr. Beyer:
I appreciated the time we have spent together and the opportunity I had to learn about your company’s goals and objectives. It is always rewarding to learn of new and creative ways to approach challenges in the workforce. I wanted you to know that I have chosen to pursue another path and will be removing my name from consideration for this position.
My current employer, _______________(COMPANY), has made a counteroffer of a new position and raise that I simply could not refuse. Please know that it was a difficult choice, as I found your company to be a progressive and expansive firm. I would have enjoyed the opportunity to working with your talented staff.

I want to wish you well in your continued search for the right person to fill the position. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Drew Sterling