Goal Acheiver

January 1, 2006

Scott Wilcox
69238 Seventh Circle
Houston, RI 02886

Mr. Wilcox:

My devotion to __________(FIELD) has been a lifelong affair of study, preparation and achievement. My dream was to manage my own __________(TYPE) store. In ____(YEAR), I achieved that dream: management of a major retail outlet posting in excess of _____(AMOUNT) annual revenue. This was not an isolated incident but a crowning moment in a series of achievements, a life of hard work and passion and another stepping stone within the industry I love. It is this passion and this expertise and broad experience, which I offer to __________(COMPANY).

My attached resume details my career history covering diverse disciplines including __________(FIELD), __________(FIELD), __________(FIELD), and __________(FIELD), however I have here included just some of the personal feedback received:

ÒDrew works extremely well under pressure and excelled in this positionÉI highly recommend Drew without reservation to any position she may apply for as I have full confidence that she would be an asset to any employer.Ó
ÒDrew is an asset, not only as a colleague, but as a friend.Ó
ÒTrustworthy and dependable with a caring and fun-loving nature.Ó

In addition, I enthusiastically offer to your company my leadership and communication skills, my ability to identify and implement marketing strategies to achieve strong growth, my ability to motivate and guide staff to achieve service excellence, and to foster excellent relations with all levels from management to representatives, staff, and clients. Topping these off are my sense of humor, vivaciousness, energy, and high degree of self-motivation.

Realizing that this overview in conjunction with my attached resume can only offer you an outline to my abilities I would appreciate having the opportunity to meet with you to discuss more fully how I may contribute to the success and growth of __________(COMPANY). I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Drew Sterling