Relationship Builder


Date: 1/1/06
To: Maria Crane
From: Drew Sterling
Re: Resume for ____________(TITLE), ______(NUMBER), _________(DEPARTMENT) at _____________(COMPANY)

Dear Maria,

I'm very interested in submitting my qualifications and finding out more about the _______________(TITLE) you have available at ____________(COMPANY). I've proven throughout my career to be an effective and persuasive ____________(TITLE) while managing ________________(ACTIVITY). My varied __________(SKILL) and __________(SKILL) experience may be just what you're looking for.

I'm currently the __________(TITLE) for ___________(COMPANY) based in ___________(LOCATION), a(n) _____________(FIELD) company.

I'm adept at ________(SKILL), ________(SKILL), and ________(SKILL). I've orchestrated and managed all types of ____________(ACTIVITY). I grew our ____________(FIELD) business from ____(NUMBER) to _____(NUMBER). Most recently I've spearheaded new _________ relationships within multiple industries, while continuing to maintain existing relationships.

I have built relationships within _____________(FIELD) community by contacting over ___________(NUMBER) organizations around the country. I have managed and attended dozens of industry trade shows and conventions including _________(LOCATION), _________(LOCATION), and __________(LOCATION).

I've attached a detailed resume of my qualifications. I can be reached by phone at ___________(PHONE/E-MAIL) evenings, _____________(PHONE/E-MAIL) during the day, or via e-mail at ________________(PHONE/E-MAIL). I look forward to speaking to someone from your company soon. Thank you for your consideration.

Drew Sterling