Operational Executive

January 1, 2006

Louis Wallis
30667 Deer Ridge Place
Mission Viejo, MD 21740

Dear Mr. Wallis:

As an experienced __________(TITLE), I possess extensive knowledge in developing new accounts and driving business, improving sluggish sales and significantly impacting growth and profits. I have enclosed my rŽsumŽ, which outlines my __(NUMBER)-year career history, for your consideration of your __________(TITLE) opening.

My strengths include all aspects of operation, marketing, recruiting, training, management, sales, compliance, production, communication and administration. I am particularly skilled at rejuvenating struggling business units towards a greater level of productivity thanks to my ability to quickly identify obstacles and take proactive measures needed to optimize performance of the associated elements.

Some of my many professional accomplishments include:

¤ Expertise in developing sound strategies which positively affect production and profits.
¤ Fostering productive work environments yielding positive results.
¤ Penetrating challenging markets with positive results, including referrals and repeat business.
¤ Successfully negotiating with key decision makers.
¤ Polished presentation skills routinely utilized in developing and delivering highly effective training materials.

As an energetic, tenacious and true team player, I am enthusiastic about possibly continuing my career with the challenges your organization and position have to offer. I look forward to discussing the position in greater detail and can be reached at __________(PHONE/E-MAIL) if you would like to arrange for a confidential meeting.


Drew Sterling