Reentry after Education

January 1, 2006

Donna Gordon
58879 Second Ave.
Apt. 474
New Castle, CA 91360-0396

Dear Ms. Gordon:

I have been unemployed for a year to pursue educational opportunities and am now restarting my job search. Enclosed is my resume outlining more than _______________(NUMBER) years of extensive experience in _______________(FIELD). My credentials include progressive responsibility with documented success in the areas of _______________(FIELD) and _____________(FIELD).

For _______(NUMBER) years, I had been overseeing ___________(ACTIVITY) and ______________(ACTIVITY) and, for __________(NUMBER) years prior to that, I was responsible for the _______________________(ACTIVITY). These are similar responsibilities as mentioned in the last few ________((TITLE) job postings found on your Web site. During the past year I have been unemployed, I completed the MBA program at ________(INSTITUTION) with a concentration in ____________(FIELD), and volunteered part-time as a _________(TITLE) at ________________(INSTITUTION).

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance in my job search. I will call you next week to see about your interest in my qualifications. I can also be reached directly at ________(PHONE/E-MAIL) or ___________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling