Moving to New Location

January 1, 2006

Sandra Clark
35966 Fairway Road
Philidelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Ms. Clark:
If you take the time to review my enclosed resume, you will see that I have the skills and experience required to assist your company reach its stated goals in the near future.
I am interested in joining your firm's _______________(DEPARTMENT), particularly in a _______________(FIELD) capacity. My current employer also makes _______________(ITEM), so _______________(COMPANY) naturally came to mind as I planned my forthcoming move to _______________(LOCATION).
Though a resume is a good way to help sort the possible candidates from the probable candidates, a personal interview is the best way to judge the true caliber of an individual. When would be the most convenient time for us to meet? If I do not hear from you before _______________(DATE), I will call you the morning of _______________(DATE).


Drew Sterling