For Networking Assistance

January 1, 2006

Patricia Jones
24045 Winward Drive
New York, NY 10056
Dear Ms. Jones:
I just wanted to let you know that things are going well for me and that I am beginning the process of settling into my new career. I also wanted to thank you for your expertise and time in my job search and for the invaluable advice assistance you rendered. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

You were the first person I talked to in my quest for employment and I think I was both fortunate and lucky to have contacted you. I felt a tremendous amount of support from you and I cannot begin to tell you how important this has been. I have talked to _______________(NAME) and I had lunch with _______________(NAME), who also turned out to be very helpful. I received the name of another person and I will be meeting with that person in the next few days.

It is so rewarding when a senior member of a profession takes the time to give back to the field in this manner—and I feel very lucky to be the one receiving the benefit of your experience. I look forward to our meeting again in the future and continuing the mentoring process we have begun.


Drew Sterling