For Referral and Advise

January 1, 2006

Michelle Jester
28799 Washington Drive
Seattle, WA 98455
Dear Ms. Jester:
As you know, sometimes it is a challenge to make the exact contact necessary in a job search that can truly make a difference. Thank you for getting me in the door at _______________(COMPANY). The invaluable contact you gave me was certainly the right one. I have been able to talk with _______________(NAME) and schedule an interview. I am excited about the process of determining if an employment possibility exists at this time.

Since we last spoke, I have followed your advice and have _______________(ACTIVITY). You were right, it has certainly helped me with _______________(ACCOMPLISHMENT). I plan to continue _______________(ACTIVITY) until I have _______________(ITEM). Thank you for both your advice and career guidance. I know it will help me in my future quest for employment.

In the meantime, I'd also like to thank you for your help and cooperation in my career search. You provided necessary encouragement, motivation, and support and it has made a tremendous difference over the past few months while I have been looking for a new job.


Drew Sterling