Increasing Profits

January 1, 2006

Patricia Taylor
41379 Sandra Street
New Castle, CA 91360-0396

Dear Ms. Taylor:

I am an accomplished __________(TITLE) with a proven track record for implementing ingenuous marketing plans and strengthening client relationships that have resulted in significantly increasing profits for major corporate entities. My enclosed resume will detail the specifics of my extraordinary background; however, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my key qualifications as a high-yielding revenue producer and partnership manager, in comparison to your requirements:

You Seek:
I Have:
- Over __(NUMBER) years of __________(FIELD) experience
- Over __(NUMBER) years of __________(FIELD) experience
- Extensive background implementing __________(ITEM)
- Launched __________(ITEM) that generated ___(AMOUNT) in ___(NUMBER) months
- Established accounts with __________(INSTITUTION)
- A portfolio of ___(NUMBER) clients who purchase in excess of $___(AMOUNT)
- Ability to manage and motivate __________(ACTIVITY) teams
- Managed and mentored a __________(ACTIVITY) team of ___(NUMBER) that produced over $___(AMOUNT) last year

Furthermore, I possess cutting-edge technology expertise, and have a __________(DEGREE) in __________(FIELD). I would like to use my effective and influential __________(SKILL) and __________(SKILL) skills for your company. With my qualifications, I am sure I can provide increased profits within ___(NUMBER) months or less.

Kindly contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange a meeting and allow me the opportunity to discuss how I can be an asset to your company.

Thank you and I appreciate your consideration, and will anticipate your response.


Drew Sterling