Seeking Relocation

January 1, 2006

Robert Churchill
96080 Veterans Street
Beaverscreek, AZ 85375-0496

Dear Mr. Churchill:
I am seeking to relocate and apply my skills to an expanding firm like yours. I have been advised by my colleagues that your firm specializes in _______________(FIELD), a field with which I am very familiar. I am pleased, therefore, to forward a copy of my resume for your review.

Some of my recent accomplishments are:
¥ _____________________(ACCOMPLISHMENT)
¥ _____________________(ACCOMPLISHMENT)
¥ _____________________(ACCOMPLISHMENT)

Should you agree that my skills match the requirements for a position you might have available or expect to become available, I would welcome the opportunity to interview with you. I thank you for your time and look forward to meeting with you.


Drew Sterling