Project Coworker

January 1, 2006

Stan Chang
95435 West Geary Circle
Annandale, NH 03461

Dear Mr. Chang:

As you mentioned when we worked on the ___________(TITLE) project, opportunities to learn new skills and tackle new challenges need to be seized. I took your advice and am presently pursuing several new job opportunities. I will need references and would like to include you on my list.

The positions I have targeted involve expanded territories, more staff to supervise, and greater budgetary responsibility. I am confident I can meet these challenges, as I demonstrated last year when I temporarily assumed the role of __________(TITLE) for ___(NUMBER) months. To prepare for this next step in my career, I have recently completed the __________(TITLE) program at __________(INSTITUTION).

It was a pleasure working with you on the ____(TITLE) project, and I hope that we will have other opportunities to work together. I will contact you in a few days to see if I can add your name to my list of references. You can also reach me by phone at ____(PHONE/E-MAIL) or via e-mail at _____(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling