Consulting Background

January 1, 2006

Kent Cash
53700 Bellervue Common
Glendale, AZ 85308

Dear Mr. Cash:

I am interested in applying for the _________(TITLE) job opening, and have enclosed my resume for your review. Although my experience has focused on _____________(FIELD) work, I'm confident that I can excel in this position because of my consulting experience with ____________(FIELD) clients and my ability to ______________(ACTIVITY).

Based on my research on the _________________(FIELD) industry, I believe my skills in _____________(ACTIVITY), _____________(ACTIVITY), and _____________(ACTIVITY), ideally suit me for a position as a/an _______________(TITLE). This job requires the ability to ______________ and expert knowledge of _______________(FIELD) and ________________(FIELD). My resume demonstrates that I meet these qualifications.

As a/an __________________(TITLE), I will bring _______________(SKILL), _______________(SKILL), and ________________(SKILL) to ____________(COMPANY). I look forward to discussing this position with you, and will contact you next week to set up an interview. You can also reach me directly at _____________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling