Regulatory Compliance

January 1, 2006

Patricia Taylor
41379 Sandra Street
New Castle, CA 91360-0396

Dear Ms. Taylor:

Please accept this letter of introduction and attached resume as formal application for a position with your company. I am most interested in working alongside a well-respected and knowledgeable management team whose goals and objectives are similar to my own.

My encompassing experience in __________(FIELD)-related issues has afforded me the opportunity to immediately integrate my acquired knowledge with clients, administrators, managers, crewmembers, and governing agencies. I am very aware of the workload associated within management and possess a keen ability to work collaboratively with all parties involved.

Additional strengths that I possess and perceive as most relevant to such a position are as follows:

á Ability to deal with varying degrees of personalities, backgrounds, and cultures.
á Fine-tuned assessment and interpersonal skills.
á Proficient knowledge of compliance and regulatory procedures.
á Full project management from initial contact through clean up.

Committed to:

á Assessing potential risks.
á Providing cost and time-effective __________(TITLE) programs.
á Reviewing and monitoring staff performance.
á Regulatory compliance and reporting.

I also offer exceptional decision-making skills with the knowledge and experience to back those decisions. I am confident that I possess all the qualifications needed to serve your company, staff, and your clientele.

Thank you, in advance for your time and consideration. I anticipate your call to schedule a mutually beneficial meeting time, to discuss your needs and my ability to fill them.


Drew Sterling