Administrative Support

January 1, 2006

Sandra Pulido
37575 Embarcadero Common
Philidelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Ms. Pulido,

Over the last __ years I've managed the front and back administrative operations for a busy, progressive company. This experience is very similar to that needed for the position of __________(FIELD), which you advertised in the __________(PUBLICATION). As a talented __________(TITLE) with a solid record of achievement, and a certificate in __________(FIELD), I am confident that I will positively impact your office operations as your __________(TITLE). Along with my resume, please consider the following personal characteristics and skills:

Strong project management skills encompassing all aspects from inception through to completion.
Proficient computer skills with compatible troubleshooting skills.
Advanced oral communications skills, able to explain technical information in an understandable fashion.
Excellent proofreading and writing skills, including ability to write reports and agendas, and edit contracts and insurance applications.
Successfully trained and recruited new employees, collaborating with team members to provide effective orientations.

I would enjoy utilizing my valuable interpersonal and teaming skills with your company. I am detail-oriented, hard-working and have a strong work ethic. I thrive in a fast-paced work environment and look forward to the daily challenges that provides.

The accompanying resume provides an overview of my work experience and background. I think it will be mutually beneficial for us to meet to discuss your job requirements and my qualifications further. I will contact you in a few days to inquiry about a meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Drew Sterling