Strong Background

January 1, 2006

Sandra Pulido
37575 Embarcadero Common
Philidelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Ms. Pulido,
I am interested in a position with _______________(COMPANY). Review of my resume will reveal that I have a strong background in _______________(FIELD), with _______________(NUMBER) years of _______________(SKILL) experience. These are the exact requirements you listed in your recent advertisement.

As today's economic and competitive pressures place tighter constraints on business, _______________(FIELD) professionals with a diverse background can provide greater value when budgets are tight. In my position at _______________(COMPANY), I quickly learned to evaluate and measure biased criteria, handle many duties at the same time, organize material and information methodically, work within a set budget, and meet or exceed expectations.
I will be in the _______________(LOCATION) area on _______________(DATE), and would like to arrange a convenient time for us to meet. I know that I can make significant contributions to your company, and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my potential in person.


Drew Sterling