Strong Customer Relations

January 1, 2006

Glen Hill
86038 Ceder Street
Seattle, WA 98136

Dear Mr. Hill:

__________(NAME) suggested I write and include my resume for your consideration. I have ___(NUMBER) years' experience in __________(FIELD) with the last ___(NUMBER) years as a __________(TITLE). I have successfully established and maintained strong customer relationships and managed portfolios valued in the millions. In addition to my resume, please also consider the following personal characteristics and qualities:

¤ Highly self-motivated with strong work ethic and proven ability to succeed.
¤ Demonstrated record of progressive responsibilities and promotions.
¤ Strong customer relationship management, establishing and strengthening customer loyalty.
¤ Proficient customer service and teaming skills, complemented with effective negotiations, creative solutions, successful conflict resolution and design of win-win resolutions.
¤ Strong financial background with investment licenses in __________(ACTIVITY), __________(ACTIVITY), and __________(ACTIVITY).

I work well in a fast-paced environment where changing priorities and market conditions are the norm. I strive to maintain top-performance and am driven to succeed. I work well with people and make significant contributions as both a team player and as an individual contributor. I would enjoy using my skills at __________(COMPANY).

Thank you for taking time to review my resume. I will contact you later in the week to confirm receipt, answer any questions you may have and to discuss the possibility of a meeting.


Drew Sterling