Marketing Management


Date: 1/1/06
To: Maria Crane
From: Drew Sterling
Re: Resume for ____________(TITLE), ______ (NUMBER), _________(DEPARTMENT) at _____________(COMPANY)

Dear Maria,

I am interested in the _____________(TITLE) position posted on your company Web site. I have extensive experience as a ___________(TITLE). I have worked with _________________(FIELD) teams to develop _________________(ITEM), implement _______________(ITEM), and ensure that _______________(TITLE) requirements are met and delivered on time. I have developed business cases, pricing models, positioning, and strategy. I have worked with _________(DEPARTMENT) and ______________(DEPARTMENT) to develop materials to support ______________(ACTIVITY), worked with ____________(DEPARTMENT) teams and customers to deliver ______________(ITEM) to ensure success. I also have additional years of experience as an _____________(TITLE), which gives me another perspective on the ________________(ACTIVITY) process. I have attached my resume for your review and I look forward to hearing from you.

Drew Sterling