Personal Recommendations B

January 1, 2006

Peter Roberson
51214 Veterans Blvd.
Shawsville, VA 24162

Dear Mr. Roberson:
A friend of mine, _______________(NAME), suggested that I write to you. _______________(NAME) and I grew up together in _______________(LOCATION), and spent many years in the same _______________(LOCATION). He/She knew that I was anticipating making a career move and believed that in your current position, you may be able to help.

The enclosed resume details the specifics of my experience and accomplishments. After _______________(NUMBER) year(s) of experience as a/an _______________(TITLE), I am seeking a position where my experience and skills can be more fully realized. Positions which fall within the scope of my abilities include: _______________(SKILL), _______________(SKILL), and _______________(SKILL).

On the assumption that you might have suggestions and/or counsel that would assist me, I will contact you early next week to see if a convenient time may be arranged for us to meet. My time is certainly flexible and I would be willing to work around any availability you may have.


Drew Sterling