Professional Contact

January 1, 2006

Kent Cash
53700 Bellevue Common
Glendale, AZ 85308

Dear Mr. Cash:

As we have heard many times in our meetings at the __________(INSTITUTION), the best way to find a new job is to network with professional colleagues. I have decided to search for a new _________(TITLE) position where I can increase my area of expertise and responsibility, and am contacting my network for leads. I am also gathering my references and would like to include you.

I have focused my job search on __________(TITLE) positions in which I can apply my _____(NUMBER) years of experience in integrating cutting edge technology into _______________(FIELD) and ____________(FIELD). As you have seen in the presentations I have made at __________(INSTITUTION), my knowledge of the latest developments and issues in __________(FIELD) management is extensive. I am planning to obtain a position where I can continue contributing to the advancement of __________(FIELD).

Thank you for considering my request. I will check with you soon to ensure that you agree to provide a reference, or I can be reached at _______(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling