Solid Reputation

January 1, 2006

Claudia Adams
63181 Evans Lane
Beaverscreek, AZ 85375-0496

Dear Ms. Adams:
I am writing at the suggestion of _______________(NAME). He/She suggested I contact you because there may be a match between the talents I have developed as a/an _______________(TITLE) and your needs. Let me tell you about some of my achievements with my current employer.
After _______________(NUMBER) years in the _______________(FIELD) field, I have developed a solid reputation for upholding high ethical standards and realizing corporate goals and objectives. I am known as a start-up, turn-around, and growth management professional possessing a proven and verifiable record for attaining challenging profit objectives through effective mass-merchandising, sales/marketing, and management proficiency. Previous employers can attest to the fact that I am an effective, versatile manager who has earned respect of superiors and subordinates for results and motivation skills.

May I suggest that we meet further to discuss your requirements? I believe that I am uniquely suited to your company and have the knowledge and skills you need in an employee.


Drew Sterling