Corporate Values

January 1, 2006

Maria Farris
58002 Sacramento Ave.
Apt. 142
Alexandria, OH 45440-0195

Dear Ms. Farris:
_______________(NAME) suggested that I write to you regarding a position as a/an _______________(TITLE) at _______________ (COMPANY). _______________(NAME) made this suggestion because he/she knows of my long-standing interest in _______________(FIELD).
I am an individual who critically values collaboration, recognition of individual and team contributions, new ideas, and dedication to "best practices" in all areas of expertise. I am an experienced professional looking for an environment filled with challenges and opportunities.

In closing, I am interested in interviewing with you or one of your associates. I can be reached most days and evenings at my home phone number, _______________(PHONE/E-MAIL), to arrange for an interview at a mutually convenient time.


Drew Sterling