Project Manager

January 1, 2006

Louis Wallis
30667 Deer Ridge Place
Mission Viejo, MD 21740

Dear Mr. Wallis:

I would like to transition into a career as a ___________(TITLE), after _______(NUMBER) years as a ______________(TITLE). Your Web site lists a job opening in this new area, and I am submitting my resume for the position. I believe my management skills as a __________(TITLE) will easily transfer into a position as a ___________(TITLE).

My qualifications include a/an _______________ (DEGREE) from _______________(INSTITUTION) and experience overseeing _______________(ACTIVITY), _______________(ACTIVITY), and _______________(ACTIVITY). My assignment as project manager for _________(COMPANY) really peaked my interest in __________(FIELD). As a result, I picked up new skills and an appreciation for _____________(ACTIVITY), which I would like to focus on for your ____________(COMPANY).

I look forward to discussing the position of _______________(TITLE), and will contact you next week about setting up an interview. I can also be reached directly by phone at __________(PHONE/E-MAIL) or through e-mail at ___________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling