Arrange Follow Up Interview

January 1, 2006

Alice Kridler
99967 Rock Willow Common
Philidelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Ms. Kridler:

I certainly enjoyed my visit to _______________(COMPANY) on _______________(DATE). I came away from our meeting with a clear vision of your company goals and am very enthusiastic about the position you are seeking to fill.
After talking with you, I realized that I have the initiative, intelligence, and common sense that characterize success in this field. I also recognized that my education and internship experiences have given me a strong foundation from which to build a significant career. Most importantly, I am enthusiastic, inspired, and encouraged by what you have shared with me that you have been able to accomplish in the industry. I look forward to the contribution I may be able to make at your organization.

It was a pleasure meeting with you. As you requested, I will call your office on _______________(DATE) to arrange a follow-up interview.


Drew Sterling