Top Performer

January 1, 2006

Peter Giles
52329 Veterans Blvd.
Indianapolis, TX 78247

Dear Mr. Giles:

Recently I read a fascinating article in _______________(PUBLICATION) about _______________(COMPANY). The article discussed your _______________(ACTIVITY) and stressed your _______________(ACCOMPLISHMENT). I would like to explore the possibility of joining your organization.
I am seeking a/an _______________(TITLE) position in the _______________(FIELD) industry. My professional career exhibits a record of strong achievement and significant contributions. I am a top performing _______________(TITLE) with an extensive _______________(FIELD) background. I have demonstrated effective open communication skills and can express myself very well.

My resume outlines my skills, key achievements, experience, and education. I left _______________(COMPANY) on very good terms and can provide excellent references from several of their senior executives. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how I can make a very strong contribution to your organization.


Drew Sterling