College Educator

January 1, 2006

Delores Odell
99473 Deer Ridge Road
Ballwin, MO 63011

Dear Ms. Odell:

Creating an environment that generates enthusiasm from students and motivates them to retain knowledge is one of my strengths. As a teacher for ___(NUMBER) years, I believe strongly in animated teacher-classroom interaction, presenting material in a style conducive to student participation and exploration. This philosophy, combining factual knowledge, creative teaching methodology, and a sincere love of teaching, has been the key in my success as __________(TITLE) at __________(INSTITUTION), as a __________(TITLE) at __________(INSTITUTION), and as a __________(TITLE).

Subjects I am experienced in teaching are __________(TITLE), __________(TITLE), __________(TITLE), __________(TITLE), and __________(TITLE). I have a master's degree in __________(FIELD) and I plan to start my doctoral studies in __________(FIELD).

In anticipation of __________(INSTITUTION)'s need for an educator with my background, I am enclosing my resume outlining my qualifications and skills, highlights of which include:

¤ Recruited by __________(INSTITUTION) to develop and implement new curricula for the __________(DEPARTMENT) Department.
¤ Interactive, animated, and motivational teaching style that led to Òfollowing of studentsÓ.
¤ Conceptualize and orchestrate special events and lectures - including guest speakers - attracting students college-wide.
¤ Strong ability to quickly establish rapport with people from diverse backgrounds through extensive cross-cultural exposure as a __________(TITLE). Certified in advanced communication and instruction techniques.

I would welcome a personal interview and will call you next week to follow up. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Drew Sterling