Proof of Skills

January 1, 2006

John Dunmire Clever
35322 Oak Place
Pinehurst, NC 28374

Dear Mr. Clever:
_______________(NAME) spoke with me yesterday and suggested that I contact you. I am actively seeking new employment. _______________(NAME) told me that you might be aware of potential opportunities with _______________(COMPANY).
A quick glance at my resume should offer proof of my skills in _______________(SKILL) and _______________(SKILL). You'll see that I've had a number of opportunities to use these abilities to _______________(SKILL). As a/an _______________(TITLE) with over _______________(NUMBER) years of experience in the _______________(FIELD) field, I believe that I could be of tremendous value to you in _______________(ACTIVITY). From my observations of the company, I feel that my contributions with respect to _______________(ACTIVITY) could enhance _______________(ITEM).

I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss this potential with you and to mutually explore the contributions I might make to your firm.


Drew Sterling