Moving into Management

January 1, 2006

Scott Wilcox
69238 Seventh Circle
Houston, RI 02886

Mr. Wilcox:

I am a __________(FIELD) professional considering a career move. I have strong __________(SKILL) and __________(SKILL) skills, a demonstrated track record of progressive responsibilities, and outstanding __________(ACTIVITY) management skills.

I work hard to achieve corporate goals and competently realign competing priorities to ensure achievement of ambitious goals. Creative and innovative, I design unique, quality __________(ACTIVITY) strategies. I have expertise in:

NVP Modeling
P&L Impact Modeling
Strategic Customer Relationship Management
Business Consulting
Complex Life Insurance Products
Consultative Selling
Innovative Solutions Design
Tax and legal implications of benefits and compensation plan designs and financing tools

My many years of management experience lend themselves to a management position in a medium- to large-sized corporation, but I am open to other opportunities. I would prefer to remain in the __________(LOCATION) area. I am currently considering positions offering over $______(AMOUNT) a year.

I have enclosed my resume for your review. Should you be conducting a search for someone with my background at the present time or in the near future, I would greatly appreciate your consideration. I would be happy to discuss my background more fully with you on the phone or in a personal interview.


Drew Sterling