Extensive Experience

January 1, 2006

Warren Lange
58823 Acher Lane
South Easton, DE 19720-1295

Dear Mr. Lange:
In response to your advertisement in the _______________(DATE) issue of the _______________(PUBLICATION), I would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the position of _______________(TITLE). Enclosed you will find my resume which details my extensive background in the _______________(FIELD) industry.

The position of _______________(TITLE) requires experience with _______________(ITEM), _______________(ITEM), and _______________(ITEM). In my _______________(NUMBER) years with _______________(COMPANY), I was responsible for _______________(ACTIVITY). My work reflects a high level of motivation, efficiency, and ability to meet objectives.

Though my resume is quite detailed, it cannot fully profile the manner in which I have been successful. I hope to accomplish this in a meeting with you where we can exchange information, get to know one another, and examine whether there might be an employment opportunity that is mutually beneficial. Can a personal interview be arranged? I thank you for your time and look forward to meeting with you soon.


Drew Sterling