Strong Personal Characteristics

January 1, 2006

Herbert Peter
55256 West Lake Terrace
Suite 247
Seattle, WA 98136

Dear Mr. Peter:

I bring a unique blend of tenacity, humor, flexibility, leadership skills, and other motivating qualities, and I am able to give you a lot for your employer investment. I am adept at both oral and written communication and interact effectively with individuals of all levels. I have earned a reputation as a valuable and cooperative coworker by being fair, honest, and willing to help others when needed; effectively resolving conflicts at appropriate times; and assisting new managers and other staff to become familiar with policy and operations.
I am looking for a growing firm where I can contribute my skills and dedication. I believe I would be a valuable asset to _______________(COMPANY).

If it appears that my qualifications meet your needs, I will be happy to discuss my background in a personal meeting. I will be contacting you in the near future to follow up on the status of my application.


Drew Sterling