New High School Graduate

January 1, 2006

Nick Doyle
6616 Polaris Road
Sun City West, FL 34731-3523

Dear Mr. Doyle:

This year I have graduated from high school and my entire working career is before me. I am proud to say that during my senior year of school I set high goals for myself, and I achieved them, and I left behind me a legacy to the school, an event named in my honor.

I take great pride in my work and view it as a reflection of myself. My work ethic is very strong. I do not believe in doing a half-effort job, and I consistently strive to achieve outstanding results in all my endeavors. I offer the following highlights for your consideration:
¤ Overall Winner & Best Speaker, Lion's Youth of the Year, Club Level; Overall Winner, Lion's Youth of the Year, Zone Level; and numerous others. Polished personal appearance, and vital ability to give entertaining and informative presentations.
¤ Recipient of 12 awards and 2 nominations for academic and personal excellence including Winner Quest Newspapers' Young Star of the Month - Arts & Education Category, 2003; Nominee T.J. Anderson Award for a 12th grade student displaying excellence in both leadership and academic pursuits; Subject Award for Drama; Subject Award for Film and Television; Award for Excellence in a Personal Endeavor.
¤ Outstanding customer service skills and ability to work autonomously within challenging environments as demonstrated throughout part-time positions held since 1997. Consistently received senior management recognition for outstanding speed of service, product knowledge, ability to placate unsatisfied customers and friendly service.
¤ Initiated and funded public speaking competition to encourage junior speakers, which was later named ÒThe Drew Sterling Public Speaking CompetitionÓ. Assisted 7th grade students in their transition into high school and coached younger students in sports and public speaking.
¤ Excellent senior year academic results achieving outstanding recognition. Elected School Captain.

Realizing that this summary, in conjunction with my attached resume, can only offer you an overview of my open, friendly disposition, my advanced communication and people skills, and my creative originality, I would welcome the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss ways in which I can work within and contribute to the success of your organization.


Drew Sterling