General Manager

January 1, 2006

Louis Wallis
30667 Deer Ridge Place
Mission Viejo, MD 21740

Dear Mr. Wallis:

I am seeking a/an_______________(TITLE) position with a/an_______________(FIELD) firm, which would utilize my years of experience handling all facets of _______________(ACTIVITY). I am also capable of managing large project teams and overseeing budgets of up to $______(AMOUNT). Enclosed is a copy of my resume for your review.

As today's economic and competitive pressures place constraints on business, _______________(FIELD) professionals with a diverse background can provide greater value when budgets are tight. In my position at _______________(COMPANY), I quickly learned to evaluate and measure data, organize material and information methodically, delegate responsibilities to get the best result, work within a set budget, and meet or exceed expectations.

I will follow-up with you next week to see about your interest in scheduling an informational interview. If you have any questions, please call me on my cellular phone at ___________(PHONE/E-MAIL) .


Drew Sterling