Transferable Skills B

January 1, 2006

Scott Wilcox
69238 Seventh Circle
Houston, RI 02886

Mr. Wilcox:

I am applying for the _______________(TITLE) position listed in the _______________, and have enclosed my resume for your review. My ________(NUMBER) years experience as a _________(TITLE) and my achievements in _____________(FIELD) indicate my ability to succeed as a _____________(TITLE). Although my background is in __________(FIELD), I believe that many of the same job characteristics apply.

The ______________(SKILL), ______________(SKILL), and ______________(SKILL) skills I have developed over the years are highly transferable to a ____________(TITLE) position. Each job requires ________________(SKILL) and ________________(SKILL), and the ability to _________________(ACTIVITY). Given the opportunity, I can bring the same level of success as a _______________(TITLE) as I did in my role as __________________(TITLE).

Based on the skills and abilities detailed in my resume, and their correlation to the requirements of the position, I am confident you will find me a strong candidate. I will contact you next week to discuss the possibility of scheduling an interview. If you would like more information, please call me at __________(PHONE/E-MAIL) or e-mail me at ______________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling