Emphasis on Leadership

January 1, 2006

Ron Aliotta
37985 Seventh Place
Annandale, NH 03461

Dear Mr. Aliotta:
After a/an _______________(NUMBER) year career as a/an _______________(TITLE), I have seen many examples of great leadership. What separates the truly successful from the rest is how important they feel their contributions are to the goals of the corporation. Are you looking for a/an _______________(TITLE) who can motivate a team to implement plans that not only meet but exceed growth and financial goals? If so, I am the person who can deliver these contributions.
As an experienced professional with excellent _______________(SKILL) skills, I am interested in becoming a/an _______________(TITLE) at _______________(COMPANY). I am attracted to your firm because of the praise you have received from professionals in the field. Here is what I can contribute to your firm.
Should you have an appropriate opening which parallels my background, I would appreciate a personal interview. I look forward to hearing from you.


Drew Sterling