Increased Duties

January 1, 2006

Maria Taylor
72579 Greene Common
Arlington, TX 76016

Dear Ms. Taylor:

As I mentioned in our conversation over coffee, it is time for me to expand my range of professional responsibilities. I am considering opportunities both within and outside the company, and would appreciate a reference from you.

In order to advance my career, I am seeking a _______(TITLE) position where I can assume additional duties, motivate others to succeed, and solve problems effectively. In my role here at __________(COMPANY), I have enjoyed the many opportunities to encourage my staff to perform at their highest levels. One tangible sign of our success was receiving the __________(TITLE) award for __________(ACTIVITY).

Thank you for considering my request for a reference. I will call you early next week to find out if I can include you on my reference list, or I can be reached at _______(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling