Internal Candidate

January 1, 2006

Donna Gordon
58879 Second Ave.
Apt. 474
New Castle, CA 91360-0396

Dear Ms. Gordon:

Enclosed is my resume for the position of ___________(TITLE) that is currently vacant at ___________(COMPANY). After much consideration and some encouragement from ___________(NAME), I have decided to apply. I am ready for the move into management. I have been at ___________(COMPANY) for a year now and understand the mission, vision, values and operating procedures. I am actively involved with the front desk and routinely challenge them to excel. I know the employees, the clientele, and the system and have several ideas for improvements and enhancements to our current business and operating practices. I know I will excel in this position and make a positive impact on our corporate bottom line.

Along with my resume, please also consider the following characteristics and skills:

Strong self-initiative and drive to succeed
Outstanding team player with ability to motivate others
Willing to work hard to achieve Wingate success
Exceptional customer service skills establishing customer loyalty

I work well with others and have succeeded in everything I have tried. I would like to use my skills as the ___________(TITLE) at ___________(COMPANY). As a dedicated employee, I know what it will take to continue and improve our current service and customer base.

Thank you for reviewing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Drew Sterling