Changing Industries

January 1, 2006

Glen Hill
86038 Ceder Street
Seattle, WA 98136

Dear Mr. Hill:

It's been almost _______________(NUMBER) years since we attended _______________(INSTITUTION). I hope things are going well for you. Since that time, I've been considering a move into the _______________(FIELD) field. The industry is on the upswing now, and I am confident that my skills and experience can be put to good use in a company committed to carving its niche in the marketplace.

If you are in search of a strong candidate for a senior-level position with your corporate staff, you may want to take a moment to consider my credentials. My background in _______________(FIELD), coupled with significant contributions in the _______________(FIELD) area, may well be of interest to you.

Next week, I'd like to call and set up an appointment with you. By then, after you've read my resume, I think you'll see that I would make a valuable addition to _______________(COMPANY).


Drew Sterling