For a Reputable Company

January 1, 2006

Lynn Lewis
27827 Sandra Street
Shawsville, VA 24162

Dear Ms. Lewis:
_______________(COMPANY) is known as one of the "most admired" companies in the _______________(FIELD) industry and one that aggressively recruits bright and talented people with a passion for work and great attitudes. Your renowned reputation was certainly evident in our recent meeting. I believe that I also demonstrated that my background and history evidence my passion and work ethic. I would like a further opportunity to substantiate my talent in person.
In our interview I mentioned that I have earned a reputation as a valuable and cooperative co-worker by being fair, honest, and willing to help others when needed, and effectively resolving conflicts at appropriate times. I have also gained experience in assisting new managers and other staff to become familiar with policy and operations.

Based on our discussion, my interest in this position is even more enthusiastic. I would welcome the opportunity to proceed to the next logical step.


Drew Sterling