Focus on Responsibility

January 1, 2006

Glen Coleman
81559 Polaris Street
Worcester, MA 02375

Dear Mr. Coleman:

After ____________(NUMBER) years handling _____________(ACTIVITY) in the __________(FIELD) industry, I am ready for a change. I am interested in applying for the ____________(TITLE) position that is advertised on your Web site, and have enclosed my resume for your review and consideration.

As a/an _______________(TITLE), I was responsible for _______________(ACTIVITY), ______________(ACTIVITY), and _______________(ACTIVITY), which are responsibilities similar to those of a _________________(ACTIVITY). I am also skilled at _________________(SKILL), ________________(SKILL), and _________________(SKILL). This experience makes me an ideal candidate for a/an ________________(TITLE) position at __________________(COMPANY).

This position is the ideal next step in my career. I am looking forward to utilizing my skills, abilities, and experience in this new and exciting area. I will call you next week to discuss this position and to see about your interest in setting up an interview.


Drew Sterling