Personal Recommendations A

January 1, 2006

Emmuel Klein
17645 Hellman Lane
Arlington, TX 76016

Dear Mr. Klein:

At lunch the other day I ran into _______________(NAME). He/She mentioned your name and suggested that I get in touch with you. _______________(NAME) and I go way back and have known each other for _______________(NUMBER) years.
I have taken the liberty of enclosing a resume with this letter. With a _______________(DEGREE) in _______________(FIELD) and _______________(NUMBER) years of experience in _______________(FIELD), I am especially interested in utilizing my experience to help solve the needs and problems of the business community.

I will plan to contact you in the near future to determine if you are aware of any openings in this field. I would certainly appreciate any suggestions or counsel that you may have and sincerely hope with your busy schedule that we may have a moment or two to discuss my career potential.


Drew Sterling