Ideal Place to Work

January 1, 2006

Susan Mitchell
1753 Sacramento Ave.
Suite 115
South Easton, DE 19720-1295

Dear Ms. Mitchell:
I ran into _______________(NAME) the other day and he/she mentioned that your firm is looking for people who are smart, ambitious, outgoing, and interested in a wide spectrum of opportunities. Your atmosphere is said to be stimulating, cutting-edge, fast-paced, and exciting. I can't imagine a better description of an ideal place to work.
After many years in the _______________(FIELD) field, I have decided that a career change is due in order to use my interpersonal skills to their fullest potential. I offer a potential employer the ability to manage, build and quickly understand business. I have experience, intelligence, the capacity to understand essential elements of corporate structure, and the willingness to work hard.

I will be available any time to visit _______________(LOCATION) to more fully discuss with you my career possibilities with _______________(COMPANY). I will call you the morning of _______________(DATE) to follow-up this letter.


Drew Sterling