Broad Range of Responsibility

January 1, 2006

Sally Mitchell
57648 North Deer Drive
Thousand Oaks, NJ 08060

Dear Ms. Mitchell:

_______________(NAME) was employed by _______________(COMPANY) from _______________(DATE) through _______________(DATE). During this time, he/she was responsible for _______________(ACTIVITY). In addition he/she retained responsibilities for the _______________(TITLE) Division.

_______________(NAME)'s position at _______________(DATE) was _______________(TITLE), a position that encompassed a broad range of _______________(FIELD) and _______________(FIELD) responsibilities. He/She successfully _______________(ACCOMPLISHMENT), and made a significant contribution to the management of the division.

_______________(NAME) is an effective manager with an open communications style. He/She established good rapport with subordinates, peers, and superiors at the division and corporate level. I found him/her to be a good team player and a reliable professional.


Drew Sterling