January 1, 2006

Glen Coleman
81559 Polaris Street
Worcester, MA 02375

Dear Mr. Coleman:

As one of my major professors, you have contributed a significant amount to my understanding of __________(FIELD). In your final class last semester, you offered to help any of the students with their job search. Since you know the quality of my writing and my command of ___________(FIELD), I would be honored if you would provide a letter of reference for me.

I am targeting a position as a __________(TITLE), and anticipate that my demonstrated command of __________(FIELD) and __________(FIELD) will play a crucial role in meeting the requirements of the job. As you mentioned in evaluations of my coursework, I have shown that I am able to communicate well in either written or oral form and have built a reputation for delivering professional quality results. With a solid theoretical foundation for my professional career, I look forward to applying the skills I have developed in school to advancing the field of __________(FIELD).

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance in my job search. I will contact you soon to confirm that I can include your name on my reference list, or you can reach me at _________(PHONE/E-MAIL) or _____________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling